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Police oppose bail for Bangla shooter

Police oppose bail for Bangla shooter

PHUKET: The Patong Police Chief today confirmed that police have appealed to the court to deny bail to the Phuket police officer now facing an attempted murder charge for shooting a noodle vendor on Bangla Rd in Patong early Tuesday morning.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Thursday 25 February 2021, 05:57PM

Patong Police Chief Col Sujin Nilabordi confirmed the news today (Feb 25) as Pornthep Channarong was taken back to Bangla Rd to re-enact his actions that led to the shooting of noodle vendor Aroon Thongplab early Tuesday morning.

Mr Aroon was shot in the stomach by Pornthep, who was off duty as a corporal with the Phuket Provincial Police at the time, while he was walking along the street after collecting a noodle bowl from a customer just before 6am.

Pornthep was heavily drunk at the time of the shooting. He has since been dismissed from the police force, while Mr Aroon remains in intensive care at Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Wearing a face mask, baseball cap and bullet-proof vest, Pornthep was under close police protection as he quickly conducted his re-enactment today on Phuket’s usually busiest tourism street, before being escorted back to Patong Police Station.

Col Sujin told reporters that Pornthep had confessed to the shooting and co-operated well with police, though he said he was drunk at the time and did not remember the incident.


“The suspect’s relatives have already met the injured person’s relatives in this case to coordinate help and remedies,” Col Sujin said.

While getting in the police pickup to be taken back to Patong Police Station, Pornthep told reporters, “I’m sorry.”

Col Suchin today highlighted that the commanders of the Region 8 Police and the Phuket Provincial Police had both issued orders to the superintendents of all police stations on the island to “supervise officers” in carrying firearms and to “strictly monitor subordinates on drinking and behaving according to the order of the Royal Thai Police”.

Any officer found failing in maintaining discipline, especially regarding these issues, were to face “decisive action”, he said.

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skip | 27 February 2021 - 00:16:58

police officers should not carry firearms off duty and this should be made law if it is not already law. they should be checked in and out before going on and off duty. this is standard common practice in many countries. 

Capricornball | 26 February 2021 - 14:30:09

Watching the video made me sick and disgusted. The news channel ran it over and over, and each time I was increasingly appalled by this miserable piece of s#!t of a human. To just haul off and shoot an innocent human is by itself, off the charts...but then to go back and punch, kick and drop him on his face was way over the top. This guy needs to be eliminated from society.

Dukkkman | 26 February 2021 - 12:54:14

What a circus, the shooter says he was so drunk that he cannot remember, and yet here are the Thai police trotting him out for a re enactment. There cannot be bail for attempted murder. Did they get him to re enact all the alcohol that he had drunk ?

JohnC | 26 February 2021 - 09:05:41

This should be interesting. I am keen to see how they police the police. Most cops seem to be drunks around here and I can't count high enough to say how many "off duty" officers I have seen carrying their pieces at nightclubs, bars, etc., for the very stupid simple reason they believe it makes them macho, big men compensating for the tiny size of their penises and brains. 

Foot | 25 February 2021 - 22:55:48

They failed to mention that this guy then walked back to the victim and shot at his head!  He missed, but, then started kicking him.  How could there be any thought of bail?  


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