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Working from home is the new standard in Phuket
Thursday 18 June 2020, 02:51PM
Thailand, like many countries around the world, is also united with us in universal self-isolation. Due to restrictions on physical movement, many people have begun to look for additional sources of income at home via the internet. This trend is not only being observed in Phuket, but also around the world in general. The modern internet space offers a wide selection of different ways to earn. One promising direction for beginners is online trading on financial markets. If previously trading on the exchange was accessible to only a select few, now almost anyone can earn this way: the Binomo application allows you to trade from any computer or smartphone. A little training is all it takes to understand the basic principles of trading. Binomo operates in Thailand and in more than 130 countries. It is an officially certified trading platform regulated by the International Finance Commission. That is an independent organization that monitors the quality of services provided on the financial markets. Detailed step-by-step instructions for working on the Binomo platform: signing up on the platform and crediting the trading account balance; setting up of the asset chart according to the rules of the strategy, adding tools; opening trading operations according to signals from technical indicators. The goal of the trader is to formulate a correct forecast regarding the direction of price movement. For example, where will the chart of the euro/dollar currency pair go in the next minute: up or down? Let’s say the strategy indicators signal upcoming growth in the rate. Then the trader opens a trade on an increase, investing $10 in it, for example. If in a minute the price does go up, then a profit of about 80-87% is credited to the account, so for $10, it would be over 8 dollars in net earnings. It isn’t difficult to figure out the technical details, since it is all accessible and easy to understand. But relying entirely on luck, like in gambling, is a common mistake of many beginners. The behavior of the market is largely predictable if we approach analysis systematically by using strategies. Online trading is a serious profession. And anyone who has the desire can learn this skill. Investing on Binomo is the best choice for beginners. The platform allows you to learn how to trade with zero financial risk by trading on a demo account. It is identical to the real market, except that instead of real money, you use a virtual balance. After you improve your trading skills and develop an effective strategy, you can switch to a real account and earn real money. Everyone should try trading on Binomo, especially since you can do it absolutely free. And if turns out successful, you would be able to create a stable source of additional income for yourself and basically find a new hobby.