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All nine in Phuket suspect shot dead incident charged with attempted murder

All nine in Phuket suspect shot dead incident charged with attempted murder

PHUKET: All nine people, including seven police officers, involved in the fatal shooting of a suspect fleeing police early last Tuesday (Sept 18) have been charged with attempted murder, Phuket Provincial Police Commander Maj Gen Teeraphol Thipjaroen confirmed to The Phuket News today (Sept 25).

By The Phuket News

Tuesday 25 September 2018, 05:22PM

However, Gen Teeraphol also pointed that the charge is still pending an investigation into the shooting, which resulted in the death of suspect Chitnupong Kerjan, a 29-year-old resident of Karon, on Phuket’s southwest coast.

Gen Teeraphol in his report addressed to the Commander of the Region 8 Police, named the nine under investigation as:

  • Capt Prechaphat Sangnoi
  • Sen Sgt Maj Goson Suchart
  • Cpl Somchai Sarapan
  • Cpl Ukkrit Phiboon

– all of the Phuket City Police

  • Maj Sanhawit Sanitwong
  • Capt Jira Churdchai
  • L/Cpl Thotpon Laongthong

– all of the Cherng Talay Police

  • Wiroth Boondhet
  • Pongsak Tongkapong

– both Civil Defense Volunteers (OrSor) attached to the Phuket City Police.

In his opening address in the report, Gen Teeraphol also noted that, “This case happened because the suspect tried to kill the officers.”

Gen Teeraphol later in the same report also said, “He used a gun to shoot at police officers.”

Gen Teeraphol officially informed the Region 8 Police Commander of the protest by Chitnupong’s father, Arun Kerjan, and relatives on Saturday (Sept 22) and their demands, which included for the officers involved in the shooting to be transferred out of Phuket within 24 hours while the incident is investigated (See story here.)

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He also confirmed that on Saturday he had signed an order for the nine to be transferred out of Phuket, effective the next day, Sunday (Sept 23).

“This case is in the public interest. We need to investigate this case carefully and fairly,” Gen Teeraphol told The Phuket News today.

“We are not investigating this case alone. The Phuket Provincial Prosecutor’s Office is joining the investigation as well,” he added.

Chitnupong was shot dead in his pickup truck near the Tonhorm Restaurant on Srisoonthon Rd in Cherng Talay at around 1:30am on Tuesday after a chase by police from Phuket Town after he ran a checkpoint and refused to stop. (See story here.)

Police later that day said that Chitnupong had “raised his gun at police”. Inside the vehicle on the driver’s seat police found a .357 revolver with six bullets inside. They also found a homemade gun with one .38 calibre bullet inside, five .45 calibre bullets and a further six .357 bullets. (See story here.)

Chitnupong also rammed three motorbikes waiting at a red traffic light while evading arrest. The families of those injured have said they will pursue legal channels for compensation. (See story here.)

The Phuket News has yet to independently confirm an unsubstantiated report that claims that Chitnupong was previously wanted on six separate arrest warrants at the time of his death – three issued at the request of Phuket City Police, one issued for the Patong Police and one issued for police in Trang.

The same report claimed that two previous arrest warrants for Chitnupong had expired and a third had been cancelled.

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Jor12 | 30 September 2018 - 13:54:18

Your comprehension is lacking. Gen Teeraphol does not contradict himself. Read the article and comments. I understand the meaning of "righteous" (don't know what rightous means). If you are inferring that police are not lying, what is it exactly that you are saying?

MartinK | 29 September 2018 - 23:51:46

You should all know, from past experience, the RTP are quick to shoot..." Have you any evidence to support this claim? "Just watched the video, the driver certainly is a d....h...d, but is it really the suspects vehicle..."Have you any evidence to support this? "I so a pick up, that is NOT mowing down three motorcyclists" Have you any evidence to support this claim? Why do...

Rorri_2 | 29 September 2018 - 13:17:43

"Well no, you should read the article which states" I specifically sais take it up with Gen Teeraphol , because he is the one who contradicts himself, are you so anxious to put people down that you fail to understand comments... geez. I deliberately put "righteous" in inverted commas for a reason, perhaps you do not understand the meaning. 

Jor12 | 29 September 2018 - 11:18:59

Well no, you should read the article which states, "Gen Teeraphol also pointed that the charge is still pending an investigation into the shooting."  Again you state ""rightous" RTP (presumably righteous). What exactly are you saying then?  Shooting (not only by Police) is justified when your or others life is in immediate danger. 

Rorri_2 | 28 September 2018 - 15:37:13

The very first paragraph states "Charged" take you problem to Gen Teeraphol, who seems confused. You infer I called them liars... it's the way you wish to interpret things, your problem, not mine.

Jor12 | 27 September 2018 - 19:54:55

No they haven't been charged with anything.  It is a charge that is pending investigation. You can't charge anyone without proper evidence. You can, but be wary of the consequences. You infer that Police are lying which is incorrect. The video must show it being his vehicle, otherwise the family would not be taking legal action against the family. All common sense really.

Rorri_2 | 27 September 2018 - 13:25:29

Martin... my original post was with regards to the photo, the video does show a car, you eem to have missed the fact that the cops have been charged... why do you think that is, also, no where did I say the RTP were lying, you seem to read things that simple aren't there. As for your comments, it had NOTHING to do with you, so why did you find the need to comment?

MartinK | 27 September 2018 - 07:27:10

More misinformation. First you said there was no evidence of the bikes getting mowed down. Then it was RTP lying - it's not the same car. Now it's they are lying and video showing him running over 3 people doesn't show him with a gun. Yes bikes are moving, out of the way of the maniac speeding towards them. The article is correctly reported and no I do not know from past experience RTP...

Rorri_2 | 26 September 2018 - 11:58:32

Guys, please, so far we only have the "rightous" RTP word that there were guns, and he raised the gun, towards them. You should all know, from past experience, the RTP are quick to shoot...even for traffic offences. The mentioned video does not show it is his vehicle, in fact the bike are NOT stooped, as reported, at the traffic lights.

Galong | 26 September 2018 - 08:47:55

If you pull a gun on cops, you should be shot, maybe not fatally, but shot. Having several guns in the vehicle made him a dangerous criminal.  I'm glad he's no longer a threat to anyone else.  Good jobs, cops. 

CaptainJack69 | 26 September 2018 - 03:08:44

Attempted murder? Sounds like attempted justice.  The police were actually doing their job. That's one less scum-bag to worry about.

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