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Phuket major water rations rolled out as reservoirs run low

PHUKET: Water rations will be brought into effect across major residential and business areas across Phuket from Friday (Feb 8) as officials struggle to conserve dwindling water supplies in the island’s three main reservoirs until the annual rains return in May.

By The Phuket News

Tuesday 5 February 2019, 07:19PM

The Phuket Provincial Water Authority office (PWA) announced today (Feb 5) that water rations will be brought into effect in Rawai, Koh Kaew and areas throughout Rassada, in addition to the water rationing already in effect in Bang Tao, on Phuket’s tourist-popular west coast. (See story here.)

“The cause (for introducing the water rationing) is that the water levels in three reservoirs, Bang Neow Dum in Srisoonthorn, Bang Wad in Kathu and Khlong Katha in Chalong, are dramatically low,” said the PWA announcement today.

“The water levels will not enough if rain does not come in two to three months,” the notice added.

Putting a positive spin on the news, the statement confirmed that water supply will be provided along Saiyuan Rd in Rawai, from “Saiyuan Intersection”* to Yanui Beach, and all areas from Koh Kaew to Koh Siray in Rassada on all even-numbered dates from Friday until the end of February.

To the layman, that means that those exact same areas will not have water supply on all odd-numbered dates.

Likewise, the notice explained that areas that will have water supply on all odd-numbered dates will be “from Saiyuan Rd to Nai Harn Beach”* and “from Mai Khao, Sakoo, Thepkrasattri, Cherng Talay, Srisoonthorn, Pa Khlok to the PTT Station in Koh Kaew”.

Again, to laymen that means that those areas will not have water supply on all even-numbered dates.

“The Phuket Provincial Water Authority office will continue with the water distribution until the drought crisis is gone,” the PWA statement said.

“We apologise for any inconvenience,” the PWA statement said.


“For more information, call the PWA on 076-319173, 082-7901634,” the statement added.

The expanded water rations comes as more than half a million visitors are to arrive in Phuket this week to celebrate Chinese New Year. (See story here.)

They also follow Somsawat Chaisinsod, Director of Phuket Provincial Irrigation Office, warning that Phuket’s water supply reserves were in dire need of expanding or some form of replenishing considering the rapid expansion of development across the island. (See story here.)

The expanded water rations also follow Thamdongrak Kumphet, the PWA official responsible for water supply, flatly denying that the PWA had called for any rationing of water supply following the Cherng Talay restrictions brought into force.

“We have not had any ideas to limit water supply. Our plan is to source water from privately owned water sources. We will have meeting to talk about this issue next month,” he told The Phuket News on on Jan 22. (See story here.)



* The Phuket News has yet to confirm with the PWA what the description of the location actually means.



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Kurt | 06 February 2019 - 16:00:26

Apirath is right! After Hongkong, Singapore started to have 2 systems to houses and apts. One for 'flushing ' and one for consumption. Nothing special, just 4.0 handling. Normal.  Problem on Phuket is, authorities do nothing. Just plan a meeting in March. Which is to late to handle Phuket water shortage with a extra 600,000 tourist here during chinese new year week. Is nobody seeing that? ...

Timothy | 06 February 2019 - 12:04:50

Keep on allowing more and more condos, apartments, hotels, and shopping malls to be built. Allow another mega housing development, the size of a small town, to be built on the road between Baan Jo and Baan Lipon. No thought whatsoever of the resources available to service all this development. Utterly clueless. Total exploitation and greed. 

Foot | 06 February 2019 - 08:55:34

Methods to lessen the problem have been available for years.  It is always decided not to correct things.

Apirath | 06 February 2019 - 06:56:34

In 1955 Hong Kong started using sea water to flush toilets. We should do that too. Why flush down the toilet water that is good for consumption? 

Kurt | 05 February 2019 - 22:20:14

Phuket water rations rolled out. As I predicted/commented  on article "Running on empty".  ( 26 Jan)
And the authorities?... They plan a meeting in March to TALK about this issue. OMG. Talk!
The meeting should be NOW, and source water ASAP! Keep laughing, a meeting in March, may be water problem solution in MAY. Hey, May, than the rains come, problem solved!! That is the secret plan! 

CaptainJack69 | 05 February 2019 - 21:12:32

Anyone who has a water tank wont even notice the supply being turned off for a single day. And as far as conserving water goes it just means that when they turn it back on the demand will double as all those tanks refill themselves.  People need to be taught to use less water, or pay for a truck like so many other people do this time of year.

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