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Visiting Austria From Thailand: What Are the Latest Restrictions?

Visiting Austria From Thailand: What Are the Latest Restrictions?

Austria is updating its rules and restrictions for foreign nationals who wish to visit. Check out this page to find out the latest info about visiting Austria.

By In Conjunction

Friday 1 October 2021, 03:41PM

The effectiveness of vaccine campaigns is beginning to have a huge effect on the travel industry. Where before, countries were forced to close down their borders to limit the spread of the coronavirus, now, there is an encouraging wave of reopenings, which is exciting news for travelers.

Many countries are customizing their border restrictions based on both vaccination rollout and COVID-19 transmission rates from each individual country. Austria, for example, has a multi-tiered system whereby it categorizes rules and regulations for people visiting every respective country around the world.

As these regulations are subject to change at any moment, travelers must pay attention to the most up-to-date information. One of the best ways to do that is to familiarize yourself with the local embassy of the country or countries you wish to visit.

For example, if you are a Thai passport holder hoping to take a trip to Austria, you can stay informed about what is required to enter Austria via the Austrian embassies in Bangkok and Phuket.

For more information about the current entry requirements for visiting Austria, read on.

Who Can Enter Austria Without Having to Quarantine?

One of the main factors for travelers deciding whether or not they want to jump through the extra hoops required for international vacation during the pandemic is if they will have to quarantine upon arrival. For most people, spending the first five to ten days locked inside their hotel room does not exactly scream relaxing.

However, governments are understandably pleading with their visitors to comport themselves responsibly when it comes to the transmission of the virus. Above all else, that means adhering to the guidelines currently in place.

At the moment, the Austrian government has three separate categories, each with its own sets of regulations. These include vaccination requirements, testing requirements, and, of course, requirements for quarantine upon arrival.

Currently, the nations whose citizens are allowed to enter Austria without facing the possibility of quarantining are largely inside of Europe. However, European nations are not the only ones.

In fact, citizens of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Jordan, Macau, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Uruguay, and Vietnam are also allowed to visit Austria without quarantining.

Citizens from the countries listed above are eligible to enter Austria provided they show proof of one of three things. A negative viral COVID-19 test, that they have been fully vaccinated, or that they show proof of having recently (90 days or fewer) recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

As more and more of the larger nations around the world being to open up their borders for foreigners, expect this list to continue growing.

C and C Marine

Which Countries Are Required to Quarantine Upon Arrival in Austria?

For passport holders of countries who are not listed above, there are stricter requirements to visit Austria.

Currently citizens—or those travelers who are flying from the following nations—are not permitted to enter Austria except for business or medical reasons:

Brazil, Chile, Suriname, and Costa Rica.

Should anyone from these nations be cleared to enter Austria, they will be required to quarantine upon arrival for ten days. Note: Provided that they are exhibiting zero COVID-19 symptoms, they will be allowed to take a test after five days of quarantine and join the public provided that they test negative for the virus.

What About the Rest of the World?

As of the writing of this article, the remaining nations, which include Thailand, fall into a third hybrid category, one that is subject to change. For example, depending on their vaccination rates and incidents of COVID-19, their placement in this category is subject to change.

Passport holders from these nations are allowed to enter Austria depending on their current vaccination status or their ability to provide proof of a recent recovery from infection.

Those travelers who can provide proof of either a recent infection or of being fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine upon arrival.

Those who only have a negative COVID-19 test will have to quarantine after entering Austria. The quarantine will last either for ten days or for five days with a second negative test.

How Long Does the Austrian Government Accept the Vaccine for?

Austrian health officials consider any person who has received two doses of an approved vaccine to be fully vaccinated after two full weeks have passed. In the case of certain vaccines, only one dose is required for full coverage.

As the enduring efficacy of a fully vaccinated person is not entirely clear, the Austrian government has decided to accept proof of a second vaccine for 360 days. This does not yet mean that they will require a third dose, only that they wish to take the time to learn more about the future of COVID-19 vaccines.

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