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Phuket pubs, bars to stay closed for July 1 Sandbox reopening

Phuket pubs, bars to stay closed for July 1 Sandbox reopening

PHUKET: Patong Mayor Chalermsak Maneesri has confirmed that pubs, bars and other entertainment venues across Phuket will be closed for the July 1 reopening of the island to receiving vaccinated international tourists.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Thursday 10 June 2021, 05:29PM

Patong Mayor Chalermsak Maneesri confirmed the news today (June 10). Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub

Patong Mayor Chalermsak Maneesri confirmed the news today (June 10). Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub

“For the entertainment venues in Phuket, from a meeting of [Phuket] officials, they altogether agreed to keep the venues closed in the first period of July, as we had a cluster from that kind of venue.

“Phuket Governor and the TAT Governor have not allowed them to open,” Mayor Chalermsak told The Phuket News earlier today (June 10).

Mayor Chalermsak, who took office only on Apr 28, plainly admitted the current economic situation in what was once Phuket’s busiest tourism town.

“The economic situation in Patong is very bad right now,” he said.

Mayor Chalermlask said that he was to meet representatives from hotels in Patong today “to share their problems and what they want the municipality [to do] to help to welcome tourists”.

“So far to support the Phuket Sandbox, our staff have gone out and knocked on people’s doors and encouraged them to register and get vaccinated in order to complete vaccinations of 70% of the people on the island. I have gone to facilitate the vaccination at Jungceylon shopping mall every day,” he said.

“We will send staff to hotels and other places to check whether staff at those places are vaccinated or not, to ensure that not only that they are kept safe, but also that tourists are kept safe,” he said.

“For entertainment venues, from the meeting with Phuket Governor and TAT Governor, the venues will remain closed for the first period of Phuket Sandbox because recently there has been a cluster from those types of establishments,” he confirmed.

“To develop Patong, I will try to finish the resurfacing of the beachfront road before the new year, as after we had the electricity cables [and communications cables] installed under the ground, the road was damaged a lot,” Mayor Chalermsak said.

“I will also make the view of the beach better, by clearing the signs and cleaning up the beach. Right now, it is monsoon season, we will have a lot of marine trash wash ashore,” he added.

“I will develop environmental tourism and start by creating a footpath from the Seaview Patong Hotel [at the southern end of Patong Beach] to Tri Trang Beach and make the area into a botanic garden. The request to the use the land has been already filed with the national government,” Mayor Chalermsak said.

“Additionally, I will try my best to help vendors and business operators by negotiating for discounts on ground rents, so they can keep their business going,” he added.

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Christy Sweet | 12 June 2021 - 13:12:04

Good tip from Kurt, if it is not printed in The Royal Gazette, it ain't happening. Every expert said this would drag on for 2 years- why does Thaidom think it's  different especially when current use vaccine efficacy is insufficient? 

Christy Sweet | 12 June 2021 - 13:01:09

It's not the bars, nor the  alcohol, it's the prostitution that clusters are emerging from which is what happens when you have an underground economy that cannot be regulated. Stop criminalizing sex workers make it legal, tax it- but that doesn't pander to corruption so it won't happen. Thailand might ultimately benefit from a China mandated Maoist reset- just hope I'm  not her...

Kurt | 12 June 2021 - 10:05:18

Help needed from Mayor for vendors and business, who are bitten from 2 sides ( no tourists, high rentals) operators to get rent discounts? Do the owners of land and shops, etc. not yet realize themself that they have to lower such to normal Thai prices, and that exorbitant high Phuket rate times are over for ever?

Kurt | 12 June 2021 - 09:41:24

Tip for foreign tourists: Hold on to the Thai Royal Gazette. As long the July 1 sandbox reopening of Phuket is not published in the Royal Gazette there will be no sandbox reopening.. For the next 2 weeks such a publication is not expected. Perhaps during the last weekdays in June (?).

Kurt | 12 June 2021 - 00:54:05

Phuket Officialdom is or simply intellectual not equipped or to lazy to 'tailor' measures/decisions in situations like this. Just for them the easy way out with a 'order for all'. Never mind the people around. We will keep them calm with goodies and telling them to be patient.

Pascale | 11 June 2021 - 11:58:01

So, because there has been a cluster emerged from one or two entertainment venues, every entertainment venue can't open for an unspecified time ? Is this a collective punishment  ? This Governor and his cronies will be remembered after his departure for having destroyed the most businesses on Phuket ever. Shame on you, Mr.Governor !

Kurt | 11 June 2021 - 10:08:03

Phuket Officialdom and TAT are doing this moment their very best to discourage vaccinated foreign tourists to come with all rules, demands, regimental behavior.  Is this with purpose below the official surface or is it pure being dumb?

Timothy | 11 June 2021 - 09:56:15

Don't worry people, ematt says everything is going to be okay. Though he says that about every stupid backward thing that happens here. No vaccine for retired problemo. Super high taxi fares....they should be higher! Sewage in the water, garbage everywhere....It's their country if you don't like it leave! Geez, Thai's can do no wrong. 

Dave_C | 11 June 2021 - 09:52:25

@ematt - marxist process

ematt | 11 June 2021 - 09:15:00

To all the experts, second guessers, and moaners posting below, take a deep breath and relax. It is a process, one step at time. Patience please.

Lukeyang | 11 June 2021 - 05:05:32

I have a question:  Why bother reopen Phuket? What's the point of inviting vaccinated people come to Phuket? If the Governor scared, please tell him to simply close Phuket. Don't bother opening. I can go to the beautiful beaches in my own country. The Governor don't allow the entertainment to reopen, I also don't allow myself to pay good money to go.  Phuket isn't the only plac...

skip | 11 June 2021 - 04:06:52

as i predicted last year in the forum, regardless of 100% vexxination the covid restrictions will never be lifted. expect rolling lockdowns, facemasks, distancing and travel restrictions forever. its not about covid. the country that ignores the WHO sanctions will have economic recovery and personal liberties restored. the winners are the banksters, gill bates and the pharmaceutical companies.

DeKaaskopp | 11 June 2021 - 01:11:10

@Mr.Governor.Please step down !

haimdavid | 11 June 2021 - 00:54:33

without pubs & bars no one will come ! change this decision now!!

Andrew A | 10 June 2021 - 23:40:15

I am so confused, I WAS planning to visit, but now will not... I will not visit a dry place and what is the whole idea of vaccinating so many people, if you are scared of them coming into contact with others. To vaccinate all these people and then tell them, sorry...we won't be needing you is just wrong. 

GerryT81 | 10 June 2021 - 22:51:36

Will the governor hand out  now some of those generous food  
 packages to those who will loose everything after his well thought of decision personally and paid out of his pocket? 

Fascinated | 10 June 2021 - 22:43:50

I think all the sand has run out of the box now. Where is this mythical cluster as we have been told that there have been very few cases over the past couple of weeks. This guy has just nailed the coffin well and truly shut.

Christy Sweet | 10 June 2021 - 22:32:35

Ok So he's really talking about prostitution being a source of a cluster. Restricting alcohol sales is a casualty when sex worker occupations are forced underground and cannot be    regulated.  

Christy Sweet | 10 June 2021 - 22:24:15

Why is the mayor of a municipality making this declaration and not the provincial governor? And please someone tell them a sandbox is where good cats go to defecate. 

Dave_C | 10 June 2021 - 22:21:26

Give them a shovel!
I think low IQ would be insulting to people with low IQ.
I feel for those people who actually tried to make this work only to be cut of by these lunatic generals. Prayut needs something !!! 

JSombra | 10 June 2021 - 21:43:25

Well that's the sandbox dead for July then. Will be nothing but expats unwilling (or unable to afford) to ASQ and Thais. They cut estimates by 50% for July? Should have cut by 75% or more. 

GerryT81 | 10 June 2021 - 21:19:31

If stupidity would hurt,this governor would cry all day.

GerryT81 | 10 June 2021 - 20:38:55

This governor gives actually a sh.. about the people here.His bank account is well feeded every month.He doesn't have to worry about tomorrow.For his constant show of incompetence he gets another province as a reward when the time comes for the next change of governors.

GerryT81 | 10 June 2021 - 20:24:47

"As we had a cluster from that kind of venue" And? They have clusters in factorys.Are they going to close all factorys now.Does the governor or other officials have any brain? If so it will have the size of an ant only.

trevjase | 10 June 2021 - 20:15:50

My Thai staff today were told by Phuket must win help center that expats were not getting vaccine appointments despite being over 60, with a work permit, and underlying health condition. What a farce!!!!


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