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Phuket officials silent on expat vaccination registrations

Phuket officials silent on expat vaccination registrations

PHUKET: More than two weeks after the Thai Ministry fo Foreign Affairs announced to the world in English that foreigners, and specifically expats and retirees staying the country, will from today (June 7) be able to register to receive a state-provided COVID-19 vaccination, Phuket officials have remained silent on whether or not expats living on the island may in fact register from today.

By The Phuket News

Monday 7 June 2021, 12:14PM

The Phuket Must Win web portal continues to feature its ’Vaccinations for expats or migrant workers’ option on its home page, but whther it is accepting registrations from non-working expats has yet to be confirmed. Image: Phuket Must Win

The Phuket Must Win web portal continues to feature its ’Vaccinations for expats or migrant workers’ option on its home page, but whther it is accepting registrations from non-working expats has yet to be confirmed. Image: Phuket Must Win

Natapanu Nopakun, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Information and Deputy Spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, on May 21 announced, “Thailand attaches importance to the vaccination of everyone in Thailand according to the level of risk, regardless of nationality.

“We practice what we preach. No one is safe in Thailand until everyone is safe, everyone is vaccinated,” he said.

“Foreigners will be able to register at the hospitals where you have your own health records by using their passport or social security number,” Mr Natapanu explained.

“This is going to be effective across the country,” he said.

“Aside from being able to do this at a hospital that already has your health records, it can be done at other designated hospitals, other designated centres as determined by the Ministry of Public Health,” he added.

However, Phuket officials have never publicly announced that expats in Phuket will be able to register in accordance with the announcement broadcast in English from Bangkok on May 21.

Mr Natapanu has since recognised that provinces are allowed to operate their own registration procedures.

Phuket officials have maintained that all people in Phuket must register through the Phuket Must Win web portal(www.ภูเก็ตต้องชนะ.com) in order to receive a state-provided vaccination, though the system was ‘temporarily suspended’ while officials checked people not registered as living in Phuket being registered through the system.

For foreigners in Phuket, it has been a stop-go-stop experience, with officials announcing that foreigners can register through the portal, then later confirming that only foreigners issued work permits may register, as was allowed last month.

As of midday today (June 7), Phuket officials have not made any announcements that expats not working in Phuket may register to receive a state-provided vaccination on the island, not even with a post in Thai language through the official Facebook channels.

The Phuket Must Win web portal continues to feature its “Vaccinations for expats or migrant workers” option on its home page.

However, The Phuket News has yet to see any formal confirmation that the option is now accepting registrations for non-working expats in Phuket through the formal channels: the Official COVID-19 Information Center Phuket (operated by the Phuket office of the Ministry of Interior); the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO); or the Phuket office of the Public Relations Department (PR Phuket).




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JohnC | 08 June 2021 - 09:19:22

@christysweet. Like many many people I would buy Chinese anything long before buying the rubbish made in the land of the freaks and the home of the greedy (Racistland).  America makes the ugliest most uneconomical "cars" in the world. A joke to the modern world.

Sandbar | 08 June 2021 - 07:23:00

It would not be In Thailands interests either immediately or in the future, both economically and humanitarian to ignore thier responsibilities of vaccinating all foreigners regardless of thier situation. Countries of expats would not accept it!

Fascinated | 07 June 2021 - 19:30:34

Anyone else shocked and stunned at this non-announcement. Par for the course from the current xenophobe Gov. Get on the bus, get off the bus. @Maverick- no whinging when it is par for the course. Want to place a bet on it being sorted within a week?

ematt | 07 June 2021 - 18:59:48

Christy don’t be so negative. Sinovac is safe, effective, and approved by WHO. It has been independently researched outside of China. It is a very traditional type of vaccine (unlike the mRNA), with a proven technology - same as your annual flu shot. Please, protect yourself and those around you. Get the vaccine. 

Dave_C | 07 June 2021 - 17:50:39

BKK has it's own app and has nothing to do with the Phuket Must Win app which is definitely not accepting non working expat registrations at this time. 
If I remember correctly. you were the one whingeing at TPN editorial comment yesterday!

maverick | 07 June 2021 - 17:05:24

So the app is working in BKK and over 60’s have been invited to register - only a matter of time before it surfaces in Phuket 

maverick | 07 June 2021 - 16:48:50

The whingers and whiners are out in force today - teething problems probably they can’t figure out technology - if it’s delayed a week - so what they can jab us all in a week....

Dave_C | 07 June 2021 - 15:20:03

Even though today was specifically announced as the start day for registrations for non working expats, I can confirm that, after contacting the local government office, they had no information on when this would be possible.

GerryT81 | 07 June 2021 - 14:50:52

@Christy      Sinophobia ?

GerryT81 | 07 June 2021 - 14:47:51

@Foot   " If the wait is long enough ,many will leave or just die" Sorry Foot, but in some cases it would really be a blessing.

ericphuket | 07 June 2021 - 13:55:30

I just lat call the provincial health office who cannot answer the question. I want to pay for the vaccine no problem.  But this is the first time even wanting to pay under the table in Phuket that this is not working

Foot | 07 June 2021 - 13:48:17

There has never been an actual program to vaccinate retired ex-pats. They aren't wanted here because of their ideas to improve things. If the wait is long enough, many will leave or just die. And the problem is solved.

Christy Sweet | 07 June 2021 - 13:24:39

A blessing in disguise to not be vaccinated by either China researched and produced vaccine with dismal efficacy. Would you buy a car made in China? 

CT Resident | 07 June 2021 - 12:49:58

There is no possibility to register. We all know that and most of the expats I know are advising everyone they know not to visit Phuket. We are the people most at risk from Phuket tourists as we have not been nor will be vaccinated before they come even though the vast majority of us are over 65. Praying that the sandbox is not a disaster but a resounding failure!


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