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Phuket marks 82 new local infections

PHUKET: The Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) marked 82 new local COVID-19 infections on the island yesterday (Aug 13), bringing the total number of people recognised as infected with COVID-19 in Phuket since Apr 3 to 1,831.

By The Phuket News

Saturday 14 August 2021, 09:00AM

The PPHO report, marked as accurate as of 9pm last night, also marked two more Phuket Sandbox arrivals confirmed as infected.

The 82 new local infections bring the total number of new local infections on the island in the past seven days to 438, as follows:

  • Aug 7 - 40 new cases
  • Aug 8 - 81 new cases
  • Aug 9 - 61 new cases
  • Aug 10 - 37 new cases
  • Aug 11 - 104 new cases
  • Aug 12 - 33 new cases
  • Aug 13 - 82 new cases

The current total of 1,831 infected in Phuket since Apr 3 does not include nine people infected with COVID-19 in other provinces and 21 returning from other countries and testing positive.

The current Phuket tally also does not include 38 COVID patients brought back to Phuket under the “Bring Phuket people home” policy, or the 57 Phuket Sandbox arrivals who have tested positive for the virus after landing on the island since the Sandbox scheme began on July 1.

According to the PPHO COVID report for yesterday, 711 people were now under medical care or supervision, 32 more than the 679 reported for Thursday.

However, the report also marked 1,185 people in total being discharged from medical care for COVID infection since Apr 3 ‒ somehow 32 patients less than the 1,217 reported yesterday.


The report posted last night was in a different format than used previously, and records 24 people suspected of being infected with COVID-19 after testing positive by antigen test kits (ATKs) yesterday (Aug 13).

The 24 suspected cases, which have yet to be confirmed by RT-PCR tests, bring the total number of people now being held at “COVID-19 Care Centers” across the island 146.

Of note, the daily report issued yesterday, reporting infections for Thursday (Aug 12) did not mark any people identified as testing positive through ATKS, or any people held at COVID-19 Care Centers.

The PPHO daily COVID situation report posted last night also reported that Phuket currently has in total 816 beds available for COVID patients, with 577 of the beds occupied, an increase of 66 on the day before, and 259 beds still available.

The report also marked that of the COVID patients in care 24 were designated as ‘Red patients’ (+4 from yesterday); 228 were designated ‘Yellow’ patients (+7) and 305 were ‘Green’ patients (+39).

The PPHO COVID report for yesterday marked no new deaths attributed to COVID-19, leaving the total number of deaths in Phuket attributed to COVID-19 since Apr 3 at 14.

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Kurt | 15 August 2021 - 03:45:07

@jamstock,  The answer is simple. The herd immunity has not arrived yet.  :-)  Gives Phuket Officialdom more time to add bureaucratic a few more colors. We wait for light red, light yellow, light green. Heard something about blue too. Herd immunity would spoil the Officials color play.

maverick | 14 August 2021 - 15:41:46

Jamstock@ without data is all conjecture migrants and market workers are transient population hard to know if they are vaccinated cases don’t seem to have found their way into the tourist areas or we would probably have seen mass testing which seems to be focused on Phuket Town 

lelecuneo | 14 August 2021 - 15:16:31

you all get retck

Kamala Pete | 14 August 2021 - 14:36:11

@Jamstock, excellent question. I suspect it has something to do with the uselessness of Sinovac, with which most local Thais were jabbed. It doesn't work against Delta, and doesn't work against any variant after about three months. Chinese lolly-water.

jamstock | 14 August 2021 - 12:16:38

Why are cases going up if most of Phuket has been vaccinated? How many of the new daily cases include vaccinated people?

Kamala Pete | 14 August 2021 - 11:41:38

Lelecuneo - screw your head in! Your constant whining about locals enjoying a beer is becoming very tiresome. I'll bet that you were the school sneak who ran snitching to the teachers to earn a pat on the head. Local businesses are struggling for every baht - leave them alone!!

maverick | 14 August 2021 - 10:40:38

Silly Silly post get a life that doesn’t involve driving around looking for restaurants serving a beer in a coffee mug - the rule is to prevent large social gatherings - which incidentally have now been driven underground in people’s homes either ban sales of alcohol completely or let folks get on with their lives 

Kurt | 14 August 2021 - 10:40:17

The 'infection venom' is in the tale of the not reported/not included figures. Who are they thinking to fool with artificial/incomplete figures, only good for suppression their own panicking? Who trust Phuket government and the TAT figures?

lelecuneo | 14 August 2021 - 09:20:28

meanwhile all local restaurants and local hotels are still serving acohol freely....only ones to respect the law are few of those SHAPlus hotels where the most safe ( tourist ) stay.... it does not make any sense and they are pushing tourist to travel to local places and get infected this way... silly silly rules from governor and useless police that dont want to enforce it...what a F is the point


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