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Phuket marks 225 cases, five more deaths

PHUKET: The latest Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) daily COVID situation report has marked 225 new local infections confirmed across the island yesterday (Sept 24) bringing the total number of people recognised as infected with COVID-19 in Phuket since Apr 3 to 9,950.

By The Phuket News

Saturday 25 September 2021, 09:00AM

The PPHO report, marked as accurate as of 8pm last night, but posted online after midnight, reported four new infections among Sandbox tourist arrivals.

The report also marked five new deaths attributed to COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths in Phuket attributed to COVID-19 since Apr 3 to 69. Of those, 49 occurred this month, with 18 deaths in the past seven days.

UPDATE: The PPHO this morning (Sept 25) posted details of the deaths reported for Sept 24, as follows:

1) Case 8672, Male, 84 years old (Group 608*), no history of congenital disease, was  a high risk contact with his grandchildren, 2 doses of AZ vaccination.

2) Case 8934, male, 85 years old (Group 608*), had high blood pressure, heart disease, risk history unspecified, not vaccinated.

3) Case 9678, female, 74 years old (Group 608*), suffered kidney disease, diabetes, risk history unspecified, not vaccinated.

4) Case 9830, male, 77 years old (Group 608*), suffered high blood pressure, diabetes, was a smoker, not vaccinated.

5) No case number revealed, male, 44 years old (Group 608), suffered high blood pressure, diabetes, was a high risk contact, had received one vaccination injection of Sinovac.

Meanwhile, the 225 new local infections bring the total number of new local infections on the island in the past seven days to 1,653, as follows:

  • Sept 18 - 242 new cases
  • Sept 19 - 228 new cases
  • Sept 20 - 237 new cases
  • Sept 21 - 254 new cases
  • Sept 22 - 239 new cases
  • Sept 23 - 228 new cases
  • Sept 24 - 225 new cases

The current total of 9,950 people infected in Phuket since Apr 3 does not include 10 infected with COVID-19 in other provinces and 23 returning from other countries and testing positive.

The current Phuket tally also does not include 42 COVID patients brought back to Phuket under the “Bring Phuket people home” policy, or the 105 Phuket Sandbox arrivals who have tested positive for the virus after landing on the island since the Sandbox scheme began on July 1.

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According to the PPHO COVID situation report for yesterday, 4,184 people were under medical care or supervision, an increase of 104 from the 4,080 reported the day before.

The report also marked 5,892 people in total being discharged from medical care for COVID infection since Apr 3 ‒ 103 more than the 5,789 reported yesterday.

The report recorded 82 people suspected of being infected with COVID-19 after testing positive by antigen test kits (ATK), but the total number of people reported as currently being held at ‘COVID-19 Care Centers’ across the island rose by 170, from 1,338 to 1,508.

The report did not confirm how many people who tested positive by ATKs were confirmed infected by RT-PCR tests or how many people had been released from ATK detention at ‘COVID-19 Care Centers’ and allowed to go home.

The PPHO daily COVID situation report also marked that Phuket currently has in total 2,418 beds available for COVID patients ‒ an increase of just eight from yesterday.

Meanwhile, the total number of hospital beds actually occupied by COVID patients in Phuket increased by 95, from 1,958 to 2,053 ‒ representing 84.90% of the total number of hospital beds available being occupied.

Consequently, the number of hospital beds reported as remaining available fell by 87, from 452 to 365, representing 15.10% of the total number of beds designated for COVID patients.

The report marked that of the COVID patients in care 35 were designated as ‘Red patients’ (zero change from yesterday), 347 were designated ‘Yellow’ patients (zero change), and 352 were designated as ‘Green’ patients (+35).

The PPHO has not released an updated map showing the locations of COVID infections across the island since last week. The most recent map was posted publicly Thursday last week (Sept 16). It was dated Sept 15 (Wednesday) but marked as accurate as of 6pm last Tuesday (Sept 14), and marked five COVID deaths on the one day. 

* ‘Group 608’ has become Phuket officials’ preferred term for higher at risk patients, comprising people over 60 years old along with those suffering from any of the seven recognised medical conditions that place patients at higher risk of developing serious signs of infection, plus women more than 12 weeks pregnant.

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wtfb | 25 September 2021 - 13:42:29

The Sandbox was supposed to demonstrate how tourists could come to Phuket and help the local Thais thrive as w. I love being in Phuket now and really enjoy seeing the island when it is so quiet. But the continuing restrictions are deadly. Places like Karon are dead and derelict. I see people without homes and food living anywhere they can. Who do these restrictions protect? The Sandbox has failed.

wtfb | 25 September 2021 - 13:15:54

@Graz. Completely agree. Green/asymptomatic can isolate at home. They don't need to be in these "camps" unless we are not being told the whole story. Look after the RED/YELLOW and the rest can look after themselves. Lift the restrictions! 

DFPhuket | 25 September 2021 - 11:44:31

The most important statistic is missing. What is the vaccination status (and if vaccinated, with which type) of the red and yellow patients?

Graz | 25 September 2021 - 10:26:30

Red/Yellow remain flat and appear manageable.  Focus care on that segment, isolate Green/asymptomatic, and continue the vaccination drive.  Beyond that, I see no reason not to remove restrictions for Phuket.  The eco damage far exceeds the Covid damage at this point.  Those uncomfortable with reopening are free to sequester themselves at home.  

Kurt | 25 September 2021 - 10:03:29

225 New cases. How many are Foreign tourists, Migrant workers or Thai? We need to see foreign tourists/foreign residents figures to analyze the need of quarantining fully vaccinated ( with quality vaccines) healthy foreigners. Thai Mafia, well connected with Government, fill pockets with SHA Q-hotels regime at cost of many Thai sufferings.

maverick | 25 September 2021 - 09:25:36

No District data so Numbers are still being managed to clear up backlog of unreported cases 


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