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Phuket Immigration confirms 24-hour reporting lifted for more foreigners, 90-day reports remain unchanged

Phuket Immigration confirms 24-hour reporting lifted for more foreigners, 90-day reports remain unchanged

PHUKET: Phuket Immigration today confirmed that the categories of foreigners who are no longer required to complete 24-hour reporting requirements has been expanded.

By The Phuket News

Friday 21 February 2020, 06:56PM

An officer explains immigration requirements to a foreign woman at the Phuket Immigration office in Phuket Town today (Feb 21). Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot

An officer explains immigration requirements to a foreign woman at the Phuket Immigration office in Phuket Town today (Feb 21). Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot

The news follows a notice posted on the Immigration Bureau official website that is marked as posted online last Friday (Feb 14), but not noticed by the public until today (Feb 21).

Lt Col Udom Thongchin, Deputy Chief of the Phuket Immigration Office, told The Phuket News today that most of the order repeals the old law and formalises changes already confirmed in September last year. (See story here.)


The latest order – marked as effective as of January 28, 2020, but signed by Royal Thai Police Commissioner General Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda on January 14, 2020 (see here) – repeals Section 37 of the Immigration Act B.E.2522 (1979).

However, the new order simply repeats the definition previously defined by Section 37 with the exact same provisions, as such:

2.2 Notification of moving residence shall be notified the police officer at the local police station where such alien stays within twenty-four hours from the time of moving out. In case of changing residence and if the new residence is located in the different locality jurisdiction of the previous Police station, such alien must notify the police officer at the local police station where the new residence is located within twenty-four hours from the time of arrival too.

2.3 If travelling to any province and staying there longer than twenty-four hours, such alien shall notify the police officer at the local police station within forty-eight hours from the time of arrival.

The new order also lists which foreigners are still required to complete 24-hour reporting, and lists which foreigners are exempt.

The order repeats the definitions of which foreigners were already exempt from the 24-hour reporting requirement, as follows:

  • Diplomatic or consular mission
  • Performing the official duties
  • Tourism
  • Sporting
  • Business
  • Investment under the concurrence of the relevant ministry and department
  • Investment or activity relating to the investment subject to the provision of law on investment promotion
  • 6.8 Transit journey
  • Being a person in charge of conveyance or a crew of conveyance entering through a port, station or locality in the Kingdom
  • Study and observation
  • Mass Media
  • Missionary work under the concurrence of the relevant ministry and department
  • Scientific research or teaching practice in a research or an educational institute in the Kingdom
  • Skilled craftsman or specialist

However, Lt Col Udom confirmed to The Phuket News today that Sections 6.16 – 6.22 of the new order are actually new – and foreigners described in those sections no longer need to do 24-hour reporting.

The foreigners no longer required to complete 24-hour reporting are defined as follows:

  • 6.16 Alien, who is a parent, spouse or child under patronage and being a part of a household of Thai national or Thai permanent resident, stays in the Kingdom for supporting or receiving support from the said Thai national or Thai permanent resident.
  • 6.17 Performing duty for state enterprise or public charitable organization
  • 6.18 Elderly person entering for retirement purpose
  • 6.19 Person who used to have Thai nationality entering for visiting relatives or returning to stay in the Kingdom
  • 6.20 Alien entering for receiving medical treatment
  • 6.21 Trainer entering for training athlete as requested by the government
  • 6.22 Litigant and witness entering for court proceedings

90-day reports unchanged

Lt Col Udom also confirmed to The Phuket News that despite the flurry of excitement across the internet today about the new order, the 90-day reporting requirement remains unchanged.

“Regarding the 90 day reports, everything remains the same,” he said.

“Foreigners can report on online. I don’t think there are any problems problem with that,” Lt Col Udom advised.

“If a foreigner has problems with the Immigration online reporting portal (click here), they can file the report by registered post or just come to see us here,” he said.

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Kurt | 26 February 2020 - 11:57:28

The Phuket Government should simply know who Thai are living/staying on Phuket. Something normal and important for many reasons.. This should not only count for the few foreigners on Phuket who are 'strapped' in TM-28 and 90 day reports.

Kurt | 26 February 2020 - 10:32:19

@Sir Burr, You are right. I also not afraid for terrorist happenings on Phuket. But that 30% muslim idea is not valid, as in the south percentage is higher, and there it's war.Point is that 'insurgents' could use Phuket as a safe heaven to hide among 200,000 not registered thai between their 'works' in the south.

Sir Burr | 26 February 2020 - 04:35:09

@Kurt, the southern insurgency has been going on longer than Phuket has been a tourist destination, yet, there have been no attacks here. Why? Maybe because 30% of Phuket's native population is Muslim? Maybe because their cause will suffer a huge step-back if the violence involves tourists? Or, meybe there is a deal between the insurgents and the local population? Nothing will change.

Pascale | 24 February 2020 - 15:06:10

K,they could hide everywhere in the country.And if someone is on a "wanted person" list ,he would definitely not report his address. Your country must be the only country in the world where  everyone is registered and lives under that address too.Wake up old man!

Fascinated | 24 February 2020 - 10:42:55

Once again Mr Ed I ask why Insp K is constanly allowed to troll the corridors of your haooled halls? is it just a plot to boost hits on the website? Strange you never answer queries about him

Kurt | 24 February 2020 - 09:09:22

And P, were to place your question about changing laws in other countries?  I this article is nothing about changing laws. Just 'order playing'.

Kurt | 24 February 2020 - 09:02:14

@P, If you not see the danger of insurgents from the south possible hiding among not registered 200,000 Thai in Phuket  Rassada,  well....  Good that the loyal foreign 90-day reporters on Phuket  contribute to National Security of Thailand.

chao ck | 24 February 2020 - 04:24:01

is there special arrangement at this time of cronavirus? too much crowd at immigration department office

Pascale | 23 February 2020 - 17:36:26

"Could be actually from the insurgent deep south" And K,do all those people pose a danger to Phuket society ? Again 5 comments already with a lot of nonsense posted. Btw,they never change any laws in your country ?

Kurt | 23 February 2020 - 13:26:50

Problem with thai Officials you can not trust them as their web site not functions. If they deny receiving your registered mail or your online report, it is you who is in problems. For your piece of mind the only safe way to do 90 day report is at Immigration office.

Kurt | 23 February 2020 - 13:18:08

How many of the 200,000 or more Thai on Phuket, not registered, could be actually from the 'insurgent deep south'? Are the hundred of thousands not registered Thai not a National Security matter? Well, keep National Security up with 90 day reports for the few foreigners.  Keep it up!

Island Man | 23 February 2020 - 08:41:26

Great. the online reporting portal is in Thai.

Christy Sweet | 22 February 2020 - 21:39:45

That reporting rule was.... just obscene in inanity. PS Could someone please teach immigration what "contact" actually means. 

Sir Burr | 22 February 2020 - 16:43:21

I asked at Phuket immigration some time ago and their policy was to only report if you have come back from abroad.

Kurt | 22 February 2020 - 11:20:33

@ Mj,  It is 'culture' in this county to do something first, and later think it over. Instead of thinking, planning, working out things first before implementing. This besides that half the time they don't know what they are doing.  hat is the way it 'works', or not works, like the online 90 day report of Immigration.

Kurt | 22 February 2020 - 10:02:56

Projected on the 200,000 not registered workers in Rassada only, thus for sure a 0.5 million at least all over Phuket, of which the thai government has no idea who that are, makes the 90 day report of a few registered foreigners on the island a laughable thing. National security on Phuket hanging on 90 day reports foreigners, yes-yes. Sleep well.

Kurt | 22 February 2020 - 09:46:13

So,  6.18 means that Retirees living permanent in Thailand do not have to do any longer the TM-28 report after a domestic/international travel, is that right?

Mj | 22 February 2020 - 09:05:59

The Thai Government should feel Shame when they never can do anything correct in the first place.
They establish new rules and after a while they realize it was not a good one and then change again.

SEC2 | 22 February 2020 - 08:48:47

Is the 24 hour reporting exempt for International Travel too?  Or just within Thailand?  This is not clear

Rene | 21 February 2020 - 20:02:22

Unfortunately the online report NOT work since many month or years. After the 1st page you get a message, contact your local Immigration. what a joke !!

CaptainJack69 | 21 February 2020 - 19:38:55

So, just more confusion then? This day that order signed by that guy on another day... meantime the "landlord" is presumably still required to report our residence? Which for most people actualy living here equates to doing it yourself. So all this and we actually are still supposed to report.


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