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Phetchaburi Police Chief complaint sparks probe into late trading by Phuket Town nightclub

Phetchaburi Police Chief complaint sparks probe into late trading by Phuket Town nightclub

PHUKET: Police say they are investigating an entertainment venue in Phuket Town for late trading after the Phetchaburi Police Chief, who has a residence on the south side of town, called 191 to complain about loud nightclub music at 4:30am yesterday (Feb 21).

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Monday 22 February 2021, 11:57AM

The investigation follows Maj Gen Uthai Kawindechathorn, Chief of the Phetchaburi Provincial Police, posting a video on his personal Facebook page yesterday, with a long post calling for police in Phuket to step up their efforts to prevent such public disturbances.

"Let a picture tell the story, on holiday at my house in Phuket and tomorrow I have to wake up early to go back to Phetchaburi, trying to sleep while hearing loud music with a heavy bass sound,” Maj Gen Uthai wrote.

“Actually, I thought it should stop at 3am. Come on, I understand [that during] this crisis time sympathy is important to all people but until 4:30 am, I could not stand this anymore.

“I rode my kid’s bike to take a [video] clip and called 191 in the event of an offense. The music stopped at 04.45am. I wonder whether next time I come home [to Phuket] if I would better to bring my officers from Phetchaburi here to investigate and arrest venues as in cases like this that [where venues are] open until 4-5am in the morning, with a loud music disturbing residents in the area, not concerned about disturbing anyone. 

“It is obviously an offence and police will catch the owner as well as their supporters.  Let’s see who will answer for this… Please do not let people be distrubed [like this], you [the police] get salaries from the citizens’ tax so please be concerned about the public,” Maj Gen Uthai noted.

Phuket Provincial Police Commander Maj Gen Pornsak Nuannu and Phuket City Police Chief Col Teerawat Liamsuwan responded through a post by the Phuket office of the Public Relations Department (PR Phuket) yesterday.

“Police have been arresting entertainment venues in Phuket for disturbing people, in accordance with the policy of the Royal Thai Police,” Maj Gen Pornsak said.

“In particular, the owner of the bar named as H20 in Phuket Town has been arrested two times (Feb 18 and 19),” he said.

UWC Thailand

Of note, the H20 nightlife venue, located on  Soi Limsui Zhu, was highlighted in the video posted by Maj Uthai.

The Phuket News contacted the three venues seen in the video. The operators of all three venues said they provided music at night, but also said that they stopped the music at midnight and closed their venues at 2am in accordance with their entertainment licences.

Phuket City Police Chief Col Teerawat said that officers had inspected entertainment venues last Friday (Feb19) in accordance with the Phuket order that entertainment venues must close by the specified time. 

“Officers found that a bar named as ‘H20 Club 552’ violated the Phuket provincial order regarding the COVID-19 control measures, operating without a license and selling ​​or providing services for baraku and electric baraku,” said Col Teerawat. (See story here.)

However, according to the PR Phuket report, both Maj Gen Pornsak and Col Teerawat made no specific mention of whether or not police actually responded to Maj Uthai’s call at 4:30am yesterday morning.

The PR Phuket post included photos of police raiding unspecified nightlife venues, but did not specifically clarify which venues the photos show being raided or when the photos were taken.

“The Phuket Provincial Police will have Col Akit Darnpitaksart as an investigator to examine further the facts of the incident, and will proceed with legal action as soon as possible within three days,” Maj Gen Pornsak said.

“All entertainment operators must be under the law. Additional penalties will be prosecuted if any violations are found, including entertainment venues that appear like this news,” he added.

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Kurt | 22 February 2021 - 13:18:44

Well, the Petchaburi Maj Gen Uthai now experience himself what it means for normal citizens, who want to sleep at night but can't, that the Phuket police not enforce laws, and are or lazy or corrupt to allow night after night this illegal happening. Well, this is Phuket, Maj Gen Uthai, what can we do?

Kurt | 22 February 2021 - 13:09:04

Wait, wait, can Maj Gen Pornsak order Col Akit to investigate also the illegal opening times of bars/clubs at Patak Road, 500 metres from Chalong Police Station? Don't be surprised finding out all venues are owned by family of police officers.

Galong | 22 February 2021 - 13:08:36

@Fascinated I'm not disagreeing with you, but he is a police chief and the area around H2O is not fancy. Did you notice the name of the province on the licence police truck parked on millionaire's mile in Kamala?  If you don't read Thai (not a big deal if you don't), but it would be interesting to see where that truck was from.  Cheers.

Fascinated | 22 February 2021 - 12:34:13

I'm sure he doesn't turn a blind eye to naughty behavior in Phetchaburi. Nice he can afford a holiday home here on a copper's salary- another wife who's a 'successful business woman' I suppose. I was up millionaire's mile in Kamala the other day and saw a police truck parked in the drive of a very nice house for the night as well.

Galong | 22 February 2021 - 12:06:39

It's past time for 'outside of Phuket Province' authorities to investigate why Phuket authorities don't enforce laws. I'm sure most of us know why local cops don't enforce laws. I would actually like a functioning police force.  I don't want a police state, but a modicum of law enforcement would be a refreshing change.


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