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No demerit points for speeding in Phuket, for now

No demerit points for speeding in Phuket, for now

PHUKET: Motorists fined for speeding or any other moving violations are currently not losing any demerit points from their driver’s licences as the whole demerit-points system has yet to be launched, Phuket Traffic Police confirmed today (Jan 25).

By The Phuket News

Monday 25 January 2021, 03:45PM

Even being caught by a speed camera will not result in points being deducted from a driving licence for now, but will when the demerit-points system comes online mid-year. Photo: The Phuket News / file

Even being caught by a speed camera will not result in points being deducted from a driving licence for now, but will when the demerit-points system comes online mid-year. Photo: The Phuket News / file

The system was to be launched in December 2019. Officers in Phuket had been trained and were ready to start using the system, but the whole project – hailed as a milestone for its potential to help greatly reduce the carnage on Thailand’s roads each year – dragged to a halt within weeks.

The system is now expected to be brought online sometime in the middle of this year, Phuket City Traffic Police Deputy Chief Lt Col Rungrit Rattanaphakdee told The Phuket News today.

“The demerit point penalties for traffic violations have not yet started. The system does not work because we are waiting for the Department of Land Transport database to be connected to all police stations in Phuket, and nationwide,” Lt Col Rungrit explained.

“The system is expected to be operational by the middle of this year,” he added.

Lt Col Rungrit said that the system for police to use has already been set up so officers can enter details of traffic violations.

“Police officers can access a national database connecting every police station in the country. They can see details of all tickets issued for moving violations and update the system with new entries, including which driver has been caught,” he said.

“Once the Department of Land Transport database connection with the police is finished, officers will be able to search a driver’s history, see any previous traffic violations and the number of points left on their licence,” Lt Col Rungrit explained.

The officer at the Phuket Land Transportation Office (PLTO) responsible for overseeing the project in Phuket was not available to answer questions when contacted by The Phuket News today.

The question of whether or not drivers were automatically having points deducted from the licences for speeding was raised after people started complaining of being fined for speeding on the bypass road despite not exceeding 100km/h.

Lt Col Rungrit confirmed today that anyone fined for speeding on bypass road will not lose points for now, but will when the demerit-points system comes online.

“When the system comes online, any tickets issued automatically by speed cameras will result in points taken being automatically deducted from the licence of the registered owner of the vehicle,” he said.

“If the owner of the vehicle wants to dispute that, and present evidence that they were not driving the vehicle at the time, they will have to present their claim to the court,” Lt Col Rungrit explained.

Lt Col Rungrit today also confirmed that the official speed limit on the bypass road was indeed just 50km/h, as he confirmed last week.

However, Lt Col Rungrit today also made it clear that police will now issue speeding tickets for motorists driving faster than 80km/h on the bypass road, as opposed to 100km/h, which for years was the unofficial speed limit along the busy road.

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DeKaaskopp | 27 January 2021 - 14:59:49

"Dek,you forgot the 80kmh"   Kurt,I did not forget the 80's.  The 70 was followed by ... ! Don't you know the meaning of .... ?

Kurt | 27 January 2021 - 12:59:08

@Dek, you forgot the 80kmh.
@Wiesel, Not 'everybody', just speeding motorbikes. No horning. Nothing wrong with motorbike design ( that is not the subject). But much wrong with Thai who drive them. Thai Death toll among motorbike riders speaks. Therefore speed limiters would prevent a lot of death and miserable disableAbility. Driving into parked lorries speaks.

Wiesel | 26 January 2021 - 14:38:52

@Kurt: If everybody try to overtake you or some even give hornsignal to you than it is not because they want to say hello. To slow or just much different speed than all the others is also dangerous.  And why you think Motor-Bikes are not safe for the speed they can do? Are you much smarter than the people they develop and produce this vehicles?

DeKaaskopp | 26 January 2021 - 14:30:25

" When i drive 50,60 ,70.."  Kurt,why should a bike with 135cc not overtake you when you drive 50kmh  or 60kmh. Those bikes are designed for such speed. Looks like you don't know much about motorbikes. Your comment doesn't make any sense !

Kurt | 26 January 2021 - 11:05:22

When I drive 50, 60, 70, 80kmh, 135cc motorbikes, not designed for very high speed, are passing by me. Lucky me they not hit me at behind while they 'busy with phone instead concentrating on traffic. Why have the 135cc motorbikes no speed limiter? Will save lives.

PhuketRe | 26 January 2021 - 08:06:33

That is just plain stupid. For what? Anyway 50% of motorbike drivers dont have driving license and 80% of deaths are on motorbike or due to alcohol - not speeding. Making 50km/h limit on bypass is just stupid - its good road with normal speed 100km/h. Dont go this western stupid way with controlling everything - want to make roads safer - educate Thai people about not drinking, driving rules and h

Kurt | 25 January 2021 - 22:42:53

Several years ago they wrote, with trumpets & drums, about that many millions costing 'automatic speed fining and fine mailing'. A simple system. Till today they can't make it work. Now they fantasize a even more difficult database system. We don't have to worry, it will not work. To 'high tech' for them, and it would make them to have to work! Yulk.

Sandbar | 25 January 2021 - 17:50:54

Does this new demerit points system apply to the local taxi drivers? Because the "God Father" wont be to happy of the amount of fines coming his way!

lokjang | 25 January 2021 - 16:01:03

So it's the named owner of the vehicle who will get points deducted rather than the actual driver. How's that going to work when here anybody with a license can drive the vehicle not just the owner? 


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