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No action on illegal construction at Ao Sane luxury villa as deadline passes

No action on illegal construction at Ao Sane luxury villa as deadline passes

PHUKET: The contractor of a luxury villa project at Ao Sane, on the coastal road north of Nai Harn Beach, has failed to make any corrections to the project after being given 30 days to remove the parts of the building that exceeded the building permit.

By Waranya Prompinpiras

Monday 8 April 2019, 04:45PM

The contractor was given 30 days to remove the illegal parts of the building on Mar 6 after officials from Rawai Municipality inspected the site and found several parts had been built without permission.

“I have issued an order suspending all construction at the site and ordering the project owner to make the necessary corrections within 30 days,” Rawai Mayor Aroon Soros told The Phuket News after the site inspection discovered the illegal construction last month.

Officials had confirmed three specific breaches of the building permit.

“The first is the swimming pool overlooking the sea. The second is the balcony, and the third is a section that connects the buildings, which I had already order to be removed in 2017,” Mayor Aroon said. (See story here.)

The deadline for removing the illegal construction passed on Friday (Apr 5).

“The project owner came to meet at Rawai Municipality. I cannot remember on which date exactly, but it was before the 30 days expired,” Mayor Aroon told The Phuket News on Friday.

“I told he project owner to make the corrections. I explained that the balcony and the section connecting the buildings must be removed. However, I also explained that the owner could still submit an application with Rawai Municipality for construction of the swimming pool to be approved,” he added.

"The project owner left, saying that the section connecting the buildings will be removed. However, as of today (Apr 5), they still have not removed any of it yet. They said that this is because they must be careful when removing the parts in order to not affect the structure of the buildings.

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"About the balcony that I also ordered to be removed, the project owner said that they would remove it after they finish removing the section connecting the buildings,” Mayor Aroon said.

“The project owner must now formally inform Rawai Municipality when the balcony and the section connecting the buildings have been removed, so Rawai Municipality staff can go check the site to approve the work,” he added.

While nothing has been done to abide by the order issued a month ago, Mayor Aroon on Friday also repeated that the swimming pool can stay – if a formal application is filed with Rawai Municipality.

Again, even that has still yet to be done.

“The project owner must submit an application to Rawai Municipality for construction of the swimming pool. If they do not ask for permission, I will order the swimming pool to be removed,” Mayor Aroon repeated.

However, this site is now under heightened scrutiny, Mayor Aroon assured.

“I have now ordered Rawai Municipality staff that they must go to check the site once a week. To check the progress made in removing the unapproved construction and to make sure no further illegal construction not approved in the building permit is done,” he said.

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Kurt | 10 April 2019 - 12:18:44

It is thai crystal clear.  'Non reverse action payments' are done. The construction so far proves that. It is just the press that makes it a bit problematic. Otherwise we can do nicely something illegal, good for many wallets. But with laying now some smoke curtains we will get away with it. Don't worry, be happy. Nothing will be removed. TIT.

BenPendejo | 09 April 2019 - 22:00:50

I could just imagine what would happen if a farang were to get caught doing this type of thing. Probably land confiscated, jail time and gutting him of all his financial resources...which could all be rectified by making a "misunderstanding settlement". This developer will contiinue to kick the can down the road until he encounters the perfect Thai official that can stamp it OK.

Discover Thainess | 09 April 2019 - 14:23:50

If there is no enforcement of laws why bother following them? 

Kurt | 08 April 2019 - 19:24:53

Anyone believed that contractor would do what he was ordered? Of course not. The order was just given for more 'sharing thoughts'. This project will be completed as it was original illegal mend. Just more persuading illegal government  'handling" will be done to complete it without any law enforcement. Beautiful Naiharn monument of corruption after construction completed.

Foot | 08 April 2019 - 18:39:29

Why go one a week?

Why not go on the 10th with a wrecking crew.  If it's still there, take it down.  

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