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‘Flying SorKor’ suspected in Kamala hill grab

‘Flying SorKor’ suspected in Kamala hill grab

PHUKET: Officials will proceed with legal action over the illegal excavation of a hill in the Kamala Hills National Forest Reserve and are investigating whether the land document presented to claim the land is genuine.

By The Phuket News

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 04:11PM

Kathu District Chief Siwat Rawangkul accompanied by a host of other officials, including security personnel, revisited the site yesterday (May 10).

Mr Siwat confirmed that a ban on any further excavation at the site has been put in effect as no building permits have been issued by any government office to allow any form of construction, including earthworks, at the site.

However, by the time officials arrived to first inspect the site last Friday (May 6), all heavy machinery had already been removed.

Of note, officials arrived to inspect the site the day after the construction was reported by Isra News, which noted that officials had been informed of the construction but had yet to take action.

Only after Isra News reported the construction to Wittaya Nawiphan, Director of the Forest Resources Management Region 12 Office, which is based in Krabi, was immediate action taken.

The location of the excavation site has led to some confusion. 

The site is in the far eastern reaches of the Kamala Hills National Forest Reserve, but is located on the boundary between Kathu Subdistrict and Koh Kaew Subdistrict, which also places it on the border between Kathu District and Muang District.

As plainly seen in satellite images on Google Maps, the site is located at 7°56’09.599"N 98°21’44.639"E, placing it high in the hills halfway by direct line between the Tin Mine Museum and Siam Niramit on the bypass road.

Officials have been given seven days to correctly identify which local administration is responsible for the site where the excavation is located, Mr Siwat said.

Regardless, both relevant District offices have issued a ban on any further work at the site to ensure the ban would be legally in effect.

“As for the excavation, there is no permission from both localities, which the authorities will proceed with according to the law,” Mr Siwat said.

C and C Marine

Officers are also investigating the NorSor 3 land-use document presented to claim the land, Mr Siwat confirmed.

The NorSor 3 document appears to have been issued for a plot covering about 40 rai, Mr Siwat said.

However, the construction site being claimed covered only about four rai, he noted.

The practice of using one land title document to claim another plot of land of similar shape is well known in Phuket as a ‘Flying SorKor’, as the practice usually uses a SorKor land-use document to claim land of similar shape but different dimensions elsewhere.

The newly issued fake document is then used to upgrade the status of the land claimed to Chanote title, which is usually beyond dispute.

The Office of Natural Resources and Environment is now investigating the illegal excavation as well to determine whether any environmental laws had been broken, Mr Siwat said.


The Isra News report last week also noted that the site was 90 metres above sea level, meaning any construction, including earthworks, were illegal. 

The Isra report also noted that the original gradient of the slope of the land was more than 35%, meaning that any construction was also furtherly illegal.

Phuket officials have yet to recognise either of these two illegalities.

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mgb | 14 May 2022 - 08:12:12

Phuket was paradise so they dug a hole and filled it with concrete.

Kurt | 14 May 2022 - 05:20:53

Before the next inspection opera show day of that area, a Officialdom warning will go out to remove the heavy machinery again the day before. Just for 1 day so it doesn't need to be confisqated. All involved happy.

Kurt | 13 May 2022 - 10:26:31

@skorchio, seen  lack of interest of Phuket officialdom about this criminal affair  ( They were just forced to visit the side after Isra News ringed the bell twice!) one can expect that the name on the 'flying' land tittle is of a very influencial person who has whole Phuket Officialdom in his pocket. I am open for a  less depressing explanation about the destroying of Phuket's beauty

Kurt | 13 May 2022 - 10:06:10

@Fascinated, what I read from your report is that all Officials, including Chief Siwat have no power to stop these illegal criminal works as they ordered, or they are corrupt and allowing/play along with it. Just a face saving bla-bla ban. Informing the culprits on forehand when they go there for 'inspection', cq press photo session. Why is the area not guarded?

skorchio | 12 May 2022 - 23:25:36

No mention of whose name is on the land title. This is of utmost significance, what is the name on the title? 

Fascinated | 12 May 2022 - 17:51:44

They are at it again at the top of  Hua Khuan Tai Road (top of Soi Fantasea Road) in Kamala today. 6 wheeler and trailer, big logs being processed by the side of the road. Usual lady overseer on these jobs- no one has 'noticed' of course though. Unfortunately too dangerous to take pictures.

Timothy | 12 May 2022 - 09:17:10

Isra News noted that Phuket officials were notified of the construction but did not take any action. They had to go to Forest Resource Management in Krabi. Now you see all these "officials" doing this 'inspection" pretending to be surprised at what they are finding. Phuket is a den of governmental thieves. Every single department. 

JohnC | 12 May 2022 - 08:50:03

Without a shadow of a doubt corrupt land office officials had to have been involved in issuing illegal documents yet again. "Give me enough money and I'll give you anything you want....."

Fascinated | 11 May 2022 - 19:00:10

'Funny' how no one notices the heavy equipment until its after the fact. Its almost as if people were paid to turn a blind eye- the horror!

Mr Ed- is there any reason text in articled cannot be highlighted and copied any more? The coordinates seem pretty far east to be classed as 'Kamala'.

CaptainJack69 | 11 May 2022 - 17:12:39

It's recently become harder to get there because Red Mountain have (illegally?) closed the public access across their land. Might be worth looking into? Loch Palm too.

CaptainJack69 | 11 May 2022 - 17:07:58

Confusing name. When they said Kamala I assumed it was in Kamala. This is one of the many illegal looking excavations I've been watching for years in Kathu. It was dug out like that about a year ago and hasn't really changed since. There's at least 4 more scars in the hills close by and all look to be within the reserved area.


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