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All Phuket beaches closed

PHUKET: All beaches in Phuket have been closed by order of the Phuket Governor to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

By The Phuket News

Saturday 28 March 2020, 10:58PM

Local residents and tourists enjoying Nai Harn Beach. Photo: Phuket Lifeguard Service

Local residents and tourists enjoying Nai Harn Beach. Photo: Phuket Lifeguard Service

The order, following the decision of the Phuket Communicable Disease Committee, which Phuket Governor Phakaphong Tavipatana chairs, came after 8pm tonight (Mar 28).

The order is effective immediately, and will remain in effect until at least April 10.

In a separate order, one of several issued tonight, the committee also ordered Bangla Rd in Patong closed to all persons and traffic, except local residents, also effective immediately.

Patong Municipality was designated the authority to work with the Phuket Provincial Health Office to test for the virus in the Bangla area and to clean and sanitise any risk areas in the vicinity.

The move to close the beaches follows Governor Phakaphong earlier today issuing an order that “kindly asked and sought the collaboration of local residents and tourists (both Thai and international) in the Province of Phuket to remain in their residence from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., with the EXCEPTION of urgent errand.” (See story here.)

The order tonight also call for the Provincial Labour Office and DEPA to collaborate and use an app to help with disease control surveillance of workers from Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia who are unable to return home due to travel restrictuions

It also repeated the measure to screen all people passing through the Phuket Check Point at the north end of the island, which all road traffic onto and off the island must pass, and repeated its warnings of overcharging for face masks, hand sanitiser and other essentials, and for spreading fake news.

All zoos and other places where all kinds of animal shows are shown were ordered closed today. Any person who violates the order is to be punished under the Emergency Decree Act, the orders tonight warned.

People organising any social activities or ceremonies, “such as traditional ceremonies, auspicious ceremonies, charity ceremonies, funerals, Songkran ceremonies or family activities as well as activities or ceremonies organised by the government or in accordance with the official requirements”, were urged to follow the government’s guidelines to ensuare such activities were appropriate and in accordance with disease prevention measures as stipulated in Article 11 of the Emergency Decree Act.

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friend | 10 April 2020 - 16:27:02

from the 11 april is is possible to go to rhe beach??? pls answer

bfranklin | 07 April 2020 - 23:26:30

Research 5G poisoning!

There is no reason Thailand should be shutdown for so few deaths... Italy has found that +90% of deaths are from chronic underlying conditions.

Look up "Event201" run by vaccine hoaxster Bill Gates and John Hopkins University. This pandemic exercise took place in October '19 with the exact scenario happening now.


vegasbaby | 01 April 2020 - 18:46:34

The best outcome for hotel closures is that less raw sewage will flow into the sea...

Kurt | 31 March 2020 - 08:19:53

@Morfeu,  I feel for you. Spending money for something what supposed to be a great holiday. You only can save money when you manage to take off from Phuket before airport closure on April 10th. Note: Keep your visa valid!

malczx7r | 30 March 2020 - 22:10:34

That has to be the dumbest comment ever, sun and seawater kills it, so a person speaking and  exhaling over you from 2 feet away will be fine if you have your feet in the seawater? If sun kills it, why are there so many cases in Asia where it's sunny and hot already!!

Morfeu | 30 March 2020 - 21:59:31

What about the foreigners that came to Phuket for the beach, sun and relax? I’m here already for more than one month and now trapped, not allowed to get back home in Europe. This is very unfair. The beach, if you keep social distance, is harmless. Furthermore, heat and salt doesn’t help the virus. So, why to close the beaches? 
I really want to go home and spare my money, not spending it in T

Sipods | 30 March 2020 - 17:06:39

It breaks my heart. 

Christy Sweet | 30 March 2020 - 14:35:32

The virus is not "alive" but more of a bot.  It latches onto bacteria which facilitates its long transmission period. What's vital now is for  people to stay home. 

Rorri_2 | 30 March 2020 - 13:33:04

M.D. by name, certainly not be profession, very hi UV levels will kill the virus, but also people, outdoors levels are not enough, also, salt water won't work as the virus is in your lungs, though drowning might work. So, beach goers coughing, snezzing, touching will contaminate.

Rorri_2 | 30 March 2020 - 12:35:23

Fascinated, mate, some "official" celebrations/events cancelled, Songkran is NOT cancelled, maybe it is you that needs to pay attention.

Kurt | 30 March 2020 - 11:00:00

Is there any medical proof that sun and salt water kills this Corona Covid-19 virus what is a lung disease? So far I have not heard a medical professional underlining that on BBC World or CNN.

Andy | 30 March 2020 - 10:30:59

A few people on Layan and Nai Thon beach this morning, it is impossible to police this stupid idea 

Kurt | 30 March 2020 - 10:25:43

@F. Songkran celebration is cancelled, but are the free Sonkrang holidays cancelled, or are the people free?  If free, with the present beach closing order they can go to the beaches during Songkran.  And Dek, at 10 of April this virus threat is not over. Closure of Phuket Bridges till end April already shows reality understanding.

M.D. | 29 March 2020 - 22:24:54

That is ridiculous. The sun, and salt water kills the virus. Would you rather lock up people in non ventilated rooms, than let them be somewhere where virus cannot be spread? 

Fascinated | 29 March 2020 - 21:49:19

Errr if you paid attention Insp K you would be aware that Songkran celebrations were cancelled weeks ago.

Andy | 29 March 2020 - 20:00:56

Stupid is as stupid does

DeKaaskopp | 29 March 2020 - 16:29:58

"until end of May" Of course this comes from someone who sits most of the time home alone anyway.

Kurt | 29 March 2020 - 11:47:27

2 Week beach closure only? When Government orders beach closures among the many different time periods for other things, at least include Songkran period. Don't give Thai hope that Songkran can be as normal as usual.  This virus crisis is not over by Songkran days. Number of patients still increasing. Make 1 time window for everything, start  with... until end of May.

Burhou | 29 March 2020 - 10:22:11

Can truck loads of Myanmar workers carry on travelling around Phuket and continue working?

Kurt | 29 March 2020 - 10:15:22

Patong Bangla Rd closed to all persons and traffic, except local residents.
Are the Bangla Rd local residents now obligated to be 2 weeks in self -isolation?

Banff | 29 March 2020 - 01:52:24

A smart move. The beaches are primarily used by foreigners on holiday and any tourist that would come to Thailand for a vacation during a global pandemic needs to see a psychiatrist


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