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3 + 2 Villa for Sale in Rawai

THB 11999000

Thursday 1 November 2018, 10:21AM

This sunny villa is in a very quiet and convenient location. Situated on a cul-de-sac ensuring privacy and security. The villa is decorated in a modern style that blends well with an Asian accent. There are 3 spacious bedrooms, huge beds and air conditioning throughout. Inside the villa you are immersed in the comfort of home, which is not without a share of the aristocracy. It will be nice to be alone here, there is the place for a big family and at the same time nice place to have a fun on weekend with friends, having a loud party at the pool. Inside there are also two additional rooms that can easily be transformed into additional bedrooms, an office, a gym or even a playroom. There is a large living room and an open kitchen with all the necessary appliances. Additionally, there is a beautiful terrace, a modern pool and a barbecue area for outdoor entertaining. There is parking for 4 cars in addition to a garage with electric gates. Furthermore, a unique feature is that the villa has its own water well. The international restaurants with fresh seafood on Rawai Beach are just a few minutes away. Also, Macro and Tesco supermarkets are nearby for convenience. as well as an International School.

Person : Tina
Phone : 094 8411918
Website :


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