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With no Phuket lifeguards on patrol, Chinese tourist drowns at Patong

PHUKET: A 64-year-old Chinese tourist has been pronounced dead after after he was pulled from the water unconscious at Patong Beach this morning (April 4).

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The Phuket News

Wednesday 4 April 2018, 12:49PM

Chinese tourist Teng Yiding, 64, is rushed off Patong Beach with a weak pulse this morning (April 4). Photo: Patong Municipality Fire & Rescue Dept
Chinese tourist Teng Yiding, 64, is rushed off Patong Beach with a weak pulse this morning (April 4). Photo: Patong Municipality Fire & Rescue Dept

The tourist, Teng Yiding, 64, from the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning, which borders North Korea, was pulled from the water just after 11am.

A Patong Municipality Fire & Rescue Department officer at the scene, who asked not to be named, told The Phuket News that he was notified of the incident by Patong Police at 11:15am.

Patong Municipality Fire & Rescue Department staff and Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers were soon at the scene.

“When we arrived a lifeguard (sic) was trying to revive the man. They were administering CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), but his condition was still very worrying and his pulse was very weak,” the municipality rescue official said.

“We carried him off the beach as quickly as we could and rushed him to Patong Hospital,” he added.

“His family is at Patong Hospital now. Patong Police are now investigating what caused the incident,” the municipality rescue official said.

QSI International School Phuket

The municipality rescue official later confirmed to The Phuket News that the “lifeguard” on duty was actually a qualified former Phuket lifeguard who was still patrolling Patong Beach free as a volunteer.

The death of tourist Mr Teng, in front of his wife, Wang Enmei, 62, while on holiday in Phuket, comes amid a now deadly embarrassing fiasco of Phuket being unable to organise having qualified lifeguards patrolling the beaches.

At last report, the company that now has a B13 million contract to provide Phuket lifeguards – Bangkok-based consultancy LP Laikhum Co Ltd – has yet to publicly confirm that any of its lifeguards are actually on patrol at Phuket beaches.

According to the contract, quietly offered and award in February, LP Laikhum was obligated to provide lifeguards at Phuket beaches on Mar 1. (See story here.)

Meanwhile, Phuket Vice Governor Thawornwat Khongkaew told The Phuket News late on Monday (April 2), “Their first showing will be on April 5 when LP Laikhum lifeguards will line up on Surin Beach to show the Governor they are ready to start work.” (See story here.)



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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Kurt | 04 April 2018 - 20:47:35

RIP Chinese tourist, and condolences to his family

However, the Patong Municipality 'rescue' Official did twist the truth, as good they are all the time. On the edge of a lie
There was NO 'lifeguard' on duty!
It was a FORMER lifeguard who just strolled the beach by himself, unpaid
My most respect for that ex lifeguard who is not employed as lifeguard quite some time now

The Phuket News

goingeasy | 04 April 2018 - 19:01:21

Let the governor tomorrow (sic) say an RIP for this, another , victim of this unbearable situation.
The line-up is a farce. You should have been doing your job since March 1st.
Big thank you for the responsible acting volunteer.

The Phuket News

Rorri_2 | 04 April 2018 - 15:51:56

 "Probably had a heart attack" wow, critical of others for making assumptions, but ok for you, could be many other reason, heat, low blood pressure, illness etc.
"If there are none, don't swim. Simple really" there are many unpatrolled beaches, world wide, do you really suggest do not swim, surely you jest.

The Phuket News

Jor12 | 04 April 2018 - 14:58:28

Probably had a heart attack, whether lifeguards there or not. If there are none, don't swim. Simple really.

The Phuket News

crispy | 04 April 2018 - 14:29:57

Yes the statement was right a fiasco but they will line up on april the 5 bit late for this poor fellow , compensation to be paid to family for the inaction of the life guard co and praise for the guard who tried to save the mans life,maybe he should be in charge and not beurocratic officials.       

The Phuket News

BenPendejo | 04 April 2018 - 13:48:48

Well there you have it, chalk up another unnecessary death to a tourist. Sounds like a pretty cut and dry case of breech of contract by LP Laikhum Co Ltd, and perhaps some fault by Thai officials for awarding such a shady contract in the first place. All of this bumbling incompetency cost an innocent man his life, and has caused incomprehensible grief to his family. Let the finger pointing begin.

The Phuket News
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