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Truck driver dodges charge for dangerous load as 33 tons of rice flip semi-trailer onto its side

Truck driver dodges charge for dangerous load as 33 tons of rice flip semi-trailer onto its side

PHUKET: The driver of a fully-loaded semi-trailer has escaped any charges for a dangerous incident that truck and trailer, full loaded with rice, flip onto its side beside the bypass road yesterday afternoon (May 23).

By Waranya Prompinpiras

Friday 24 May 2019, 04:31PM

Phuket City Traffic Police were alerted to the incident at 4:07pm, said Capt Bancha Kuenun, Phuket City Traffic Police.

The truck had overturned at the entrance to the Namsang rice trade warehouse on the bypass road, he added.

“The incident did not block traffic,” Capt Bancha noted as important.

“The driver suffered was only a little injured. He had a little bruising,” he added, without naming the driver.

The truck was carrying 33 tons of rice, Capt Bancha explained.

Mitsu Tiansin Motors

“The driver drove the truck from the grass area beside the warehouse up onto the ramp that leads to the warehouse, but the truck leaned over and tipped onto its side because of the angle of the driveway,” he said.

“I told the truck driver that if he wants to move the truck like that again and needs to have the outside lane closed to traffic, to please let me know.

“But as the rice was removed from the truck one sack at a time, and the truck was lifted up back onto its wheels without block traffic, I did not have to close the road,” Capt Bancha said.

“As for the loading of the rice, the driver is not considered guilty because he used canvas to cover the rice completely,” he added.

“The incident did not affect anyone else, so I did not charge him,” Capt Bancha said.

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Rorri_2 | 27 May 2019 - 09:06:31

Whatever happened, I doubt the cop could charge him as it happen did not happen on the road... could be private property.

Kurt | 26 May 2019 - 10:51:49

.." He used canvas to cover the rice completely, so I didn't charge him"....  Seems the semi trailer truck company 'bought' a lot of RTP understanding. Not a single word about a possible dangerous overload of this semi trailer.  Lucky that the semi trailer not had to drive over Patong Hill. It never would have made it safely. At least failing brakes + may be flipping over.

Kurt | 25 May 2019 - 10:05:24

What is the official load capacity of such semi trailer truck?  Is 33 Tons not  a 'overload' ?
Lucky other road users that this 'accident' not happen en-route during the journey to Phuket.
Was the truck 'top-heavy' due to a 'overload' , completely covered by canvas or not?

BenPendejo | 24 May 2019 - 18:48:11

Sounds like some elementary school yard logic there. This incident easily could have had much different consequences had it spewed into road crushing a passing motorbike or cause a serious accident.  As per usual, nothing learned by anyone, no changes to future approaches to the warehouse...of having spotters or any other precautionary measures.  Just keep hoping for luck, I guess.


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