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The truth about the world without glasses after the age of 50: Your dream, the truth and the possibility

The truth about the world without glasses after the age of 50: Your dream, the truth and the possibility

Throughout my 10+ years of experience as a surgeon on this island, I have found that even the world has changed and medical technology has remarkably improved compared with what we had 10 years ago. The mysteries and questions that my patients end up in my consultation room is always be the same: Is it possible for me to see and do things without eyeglasses? And how?

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Sunday 4 December 2022, 11:00AM

Surely, I totally understand this pain and annoyance. I have listened to all the complaints about my patients living with glasses, and their urge to get rid of them, for more than 10 years. I understand that living life with glasses is not a big thing since no one is going to die from that, but it is a “real” annoyance and not funny.

You will “need” glasses all the time while you awake since you can’t see with your own eyes. Every time you want to read something you need to find your glasses. Still can’t even read your phone even if the font size is super big. Exercise, bicycling, swimming, diving will need glasses and it gets foggy. You can’t see your golf ball and need glasses. Wearing make-up needs eyeglasses. Working in front of a computer needs glasses. Put them on and take them off all the time like crazy. Have 10 pairs of glasses and end up keep losing them.

Yes, I understand how you feel especially if you have to live with this reality for half of your life.

Back to the same question: Is it even possible to see without glasses? And… how?

The truth is: Yes, it is very possible, but you need to understand and adjust your expectations properly since this is not magic from bedtime stories but pure medical science and technological advancement.

Before I continue, here is the deal. I will tell you what it looks like: First, if you are looking for a treatment that guarantee your perfect vision without glasses or something that can make you read and see perfectly in every distance and every condition or risk free procedure, please stop here since it doesn’t exist and is not real. But if you are looking for a solution that can make you see, read and allow you to do your beloved activities 85-90% of your life with your very own eyes or a procedure that will greatly expand your range of vision and reduce the need of eyeglasses to a bare minimum – this may be your answer, please read on.

The most well-known treatment to achieve vision without glasses is “Laser Vision Correction” which you may know as “LASIK”, but unfortunately the procedure will be less advantageous for people after the age of 50. This is because LASIK will only correct your distance vision but will not work for reading up close. Yes, this means that after LASIK you may be surprised that you will be stuck with reading glasses anyway; that is why you will find that most good candidates for LASIK are age under 40.

However, the better procedure to correct vision after the age of 50 is “Refractive lens exchange” (RLE); you may simply call it “Lens replacement surgery”. This procedure does not like any other form of vision correction treatment since it is very capable of improving your focus for both distance and near vision without glasses.

As its name implies: the procedure is simply to swap out your aged-non functioning natural lens with a Multifocal lens implant (the latest generation is called “Trifocal Lens implant”). If you feel a bit surprised or confused, let me put it simply: it is just like when you go to a glasses shop to update your glasses prescription, but it happens inside your eye.

Trifocal optics lens design is really cutting edge, but at the same time it is already mature technology. It can be considered one of the “big leaps” in the world of Ophthalmology. How it works is very different from your multifocal or progressive glasses with which you need to look through the top potion to see far away and the bottom area to see close-up. The trifocal implant is engineered in a way to provide both a distance focus and a near focus at all times, and your brain will naturally find the correct focus by itself. In short, it works like natural eyes. Since the implant is constructed from non-degradable material, the procedure is supposed to happen only once in a lifetime.

The procedure or implant can’t guarantee that you can totally throw away your glasses – no procedure can, but it helps to make things a lot easier, simpler and more convenient. In general, it is supposed to let you perform almost all of your daily activities (reading labels, menus, cooking, using your smartphone, swimming, playing golf, exercising, sailing, riding a bike, driving – you name it!) without glasses, and that helps my patients break through the limitations of the need of eyeglasses and more enjoyably live their lives freely as they wish.

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I can’t put all information about the procedure here. There is a lot more to learn. Please go to or scan QR code for further information.

If you are interested and wish to make your consultation, please email


Dr Captain Wiriyaluppa, MD.

BrightView Center

Dr Captain Wiriyaluppa, MD. has been recognised and received the “Zeiss Trifocal Award” from Carl Zeiss Co., Ltd. as among the top two doctors who have implanted the most Carl Zeiss Trifocal lenses in Thailand.

The Zeiss Trifocal Award is given only under specific criteria to top specialists with exceptionally high experience of implanting Trifocals lenses.

Scan the QR code to see the Private event for “Zeiss Trifocal Award”  on Oct 20, 2022 at Courtyard by Marriott Phuket Town:

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