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‘Thais, not expats’ get jab priority

THAILAND: Thai people will always be given priority for COVID-19 vaccines, the Ministry of Public Health said yesterday (May 4), denying reports that some expats living in the kingdom would also be allowed to register for free jabs.

By Bangkok Post

Wednesday 5 May 2021, 09:52AM

Thai nationals get priority for vaccine shots. Photo: Bangkok Post.

Thai nationals get priority for vaccine shots. Photo: Bangkok Post.

The ministry said while the government wanted take care of everyone living here, it had no plans to give free vaccines to expats due to very limited vaccine stocks, so Thai people would be the first to get it.

“The vaccines right now are only reserved for Thai people who are now at a high-risk level or living in the severe outbreak areas,” said spokesman Rungrueng Kitphati. “They [expats] should wait for a clear policy from the government.

“In the future, the country will provide more alternatives for vaccines so they could have a chance of getting it. Please don’t worry.

“There will soon be a surplus of vaccines so it will not be difficult to get them.”


On Monday, some expats announced on social media that they had successfully registered to get the vaccine via the Mor Prom Line application.

@joecummings wrote on Twitter he had booked to have his vaccination at McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai in June.

However, the ministry was quick to deny that the government had any plans to give free jabs in June and July to foreigners aged over 60 with underlying health issues.

So far, 1.498 million people in priority groups have been inoculated, including public health officers, frontline workers and people in high-risk areas.

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buitterl | 06 May 2021 - 09:47:31

Let’s get some t- shirts, Farang Lives Matter :-) maybe Thai people can do the knee for us one day.
Not great the current situation ... I am flying to America where all lives matter these days 

Kurt | 05 May 2021 - 15:13:25

Quite a number of on Phuket living foreigners who usually welcome family/friends to stay here a holiday in their home are now telling them not to come to Phuket as they will be not vaccinated and can't offer a safe holiday address. This besides the Thai regimental rulings/ quarantine measures of course.

Kurt | 05 May 2021 - 15:07:17

As usual DeKaaskopp is derailing, insinuating and trying to create a kind of 
 hateful 'atmosphere', always obsessed/picky about Kurt, who didn't ask for a free-jab vaccine. I wrote about the blunt discrimination between all on Phuket living Thai and expats/retirees when it comes to Covid vaccination. The virus doesn't discriminate between Thai and foreigners on Phuket. 

Christy Sweet | 05 May 2021 - 13:47:21

Sinovac? No thanks with its 52% chance of immunity and infamous disregard for safety by its manufacturing govt.. Stay at home and wear masks on essential outings only will give me 95% immunity. I only hope they do not start requiring Sinovac with expats. YIKES Give me Pfizer or similar, please.    

Christy Sweet | 05 May 2021 - 13:13:04

Time to start asking our  Embassies for vaccination outreaches. 

DeKaaskopp | 05 May 2021 - 13:06:04

Please Kurt stop crying a river on here.If you can't wait for your free jab-the vaccine offered here you don't like anyway-maybe it would be better to take a flight back and get your preferred vaccine for free in your home country.They waitibg for you to pamper you all the way you like it.

CaptainJack69 | 05 May 2021 - 12:44:44

At both Jungceylon and Saphan Hin Thai friends of mine have been witness to 'a lot of' white people getting free jabs. Maybe they're all Thai citizens but lets be honest, that's unlikely. At the same time well meaning news outlets have regularly insisted that foreigners absolutely WILL be offered jabs. So which is it? It's as if there are murky and corrupt goings on in Thai off...

Fascinated | 05 May 2021 - 11:59:01

Its quite right that a Gov't should prioritise their own citizens, especially given the areas of the outbreaks. Most foreigners are not at risk at present.  I would quite happily pay for a jab if it wasn't at inflated private hospital prices. 
As for a certain hysterical poster's comments on tourism tourists are not allowed in unless they have had the jabs in their home countries. 

Shwe | 05 May 2021 - 10:57:33

of course, the Thai Goverment does not care if Foreigners get infected they will be treated at private hospitals at inflated prices, who owns these hospitals, the HISOs

Kurt | 05 May 2021 - 10:41:37

"Expats should wait for a clear policy from the Government". No need to wait, it is clear that it is Thai Gov policy to see expats not as inhabitants/country men. The discriminating is openly skyrocketing. Are they not realizing that this will negatively effect foreign tourism? All this on top of the 'normal' thai scamming of foreigners.


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