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Teens attacking man in video not a street gang fight, assures youth

Teens attacking man in video not a street gang fight, assures youth

PHUKET: A local youth who recorded and posted online a video showing members of his ‘group’ attacking a man alone at Saphan Hin at night has defended the posting of the video, saying people needed to see what had happened to understand the situation. The youth also claimed that the youths seen in the video attacking the man were attacked first.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Tuesday 17 January 2023, 05:34PM

The posting of the video, about two minutes long, received harsh criticism online.

The person who posted the video responded with the explanation that the group attacking the man were sitting in the school playground at Saphan Hin minding their own business at about 9:20pm at night (date not confirmed) when two youths, a male and a female, collided with a car driven by the man who was seen being attacked in the video.

Several of the members of the group went to offer assistance, the youth said. “Negotiations should have gone smoothly at first. They only talked about damages for repairing the car. But in the end they couldn’t agree,” he explained.

The group sitting in the playground told the man that they were all witnesses to the collision, the youth said. The man driving the car was in the wrong, he claimed.

The man allegedly threatened to hit some of the youths in the group, the youth added, while also claiming that the man smelled of alcohol.

A fight ensued, he said.

The members of the group that “offered assistance” (sic) tried to flee, but were pursued by the man, the youth said.

The person who recorded the video tried to intervene was also pursued. Once clear, the youth said he called the police.

Officers from Phuket City Police arrived and ended the attack, he noted.

The man who was assaulted by the gang of youths was taken to Phuket City Police Station, the youth confirmed.

Police have yet to comment publicly on the incident.

Saphan Hin at night has for decades been notorious for youth street racing gangs ‒ among which some sit in the school playground and imbibe substances including alcohol. 

Spahan Hin has also for many years served as common ground for street racing gangs to engage in their own violent interactions.

Most residents in Phuket Town have long known to keep out of the area at night.

In this latest incident, the youth who posted the video said he wanted to be clear that the video did not show a pre-arranged fight between two street gangs.

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PlasticJim | 19 January 2023 - 10:36:03

Saphan Hin has been "no go" area at night time as long as I have been here 20+ yrs, whole area is very popular for local addicts, drunks, predators and misbehaving youth and young adults... nothing new about it. Only thing is new that things what are going on there are reported and posted on social media.

Kurt | 18 January 2023 - 09:41:16

The Phuket Governors are doing good to inform tourists that Phuket Saphan Hin is in evening/night a "No Go" area!
Inform the Expo-28 international investigation/check teams as well. 'Safety first', right?

Capricornball | 17 January 2023 - 20:28:59

So, the place is notorious for ill-mannered youth running amok, and the residents just know to stay away. Yet another prime example of what you get when you have an utterly impotent and worthless police force. Kids get to carry on with their illegal activities, and residents and park users get deprived of a nice place. Thanks RTP for helping to make Phuket worse for everyone.

Fascinated | 17 January 2023 - 19:11:38

Ahh, good to know it was just gratuitous violence not gangs. I'll sleep safer for that.


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