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Swiss man, 57, killed by Phuket passenger van

Swiss man, 57, killed by Phuket passenger van

PHUKET:  A 57-year-old Swiss man was killed when the driver of a passenger van lost control while coming down a steep hill north of Promthep Cape this morning (Dec 13). The van swerved across the road and struck the Swiss man on his motorbike before slamming into a roadside power pole.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Monday 13 December 2021, 03:19PM

Acting Lt Col Ying Pimprapat of the Chalong Police was called to the scene, on the coastal road south of Nai Harn Lake, at around 8am. Acting Lt Col Ying was told that a foreign tourist had been seriously injured in an accident.

Police along with paramedics from Rawai Municipality and an ambulance from Chalong Hospital arrived at the scene to find the Phuket-registered commercial passenger van, fitted with green licence plates, on its side beside the road.

The driver, Somchai Kobkoi, 44, was waiting at the scene.

A Phuket-registered Yamaha N-Max scooter-motorbike destroyed by the force of the impact was beside the power pole, which bore marks from the impact.

The Swiss man, from Lostallo, near the Italian border, was on the ground, seriously injured, unconscious and unresponsive, beside the motorbike. 

Emergency responders performed CPR and rushed him to Chalong Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Acting Lt Col Ying reported an “eyewitness” explaining that the passenger van, registered as a taxi vehicle, was travelling downhill at high speed when the driver lost control.

The van swerved across the road and struck the motorbike driven by the tourist, then slammed into the power pole broadside, leaving the van on its side beside the road.

Acting Lt Col Ying said the witness statement was recorded as evidence, and that officers will check any CCTV in the area to confirm the exact cause of the collision.

The body of the Swiss man was taken to the morgue at Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket Town.

The Swiss Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of the accident so that the man’s relatives can be informed of his death, Acting Lt Col Ying said.

* The Phuket News has confirmed the identity of the Swiss man who died in the accident but is withholding from publishing it until it has been confirmed that his next of kin has been notified.

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Timothy | 19 December 2021 - 10:53:02

The serial apologist is probably the only person who believes all the excuses Thai drivers use in lieu of taking responsibility for the carnage they have caused. Never their fault. Always: gravity, bad road, a hill, darkness, rain, a curve, brakes, falling asleep. Witness saw this idiot driving fast and killing the Swiss guy. Will the Thai be charged accordingly? I doubt it. 

christysweet | 18 December 2021 - 18:28:26

 C'mon. An eyewitness states the van was travelling downhill at a high rate of speed. The only mechanical failure was the one from his conscience to his wallet. 

christysweet | 18 December 2021 - 14:05:54

The reason is  drivers speed excessively because traffic laws are not enforced. Avoid by driving during lunch  hour and never after 4 pm 

maverick | 18 December 2021 - 12:45:33

Gilles that’s a very reasonable question, mechanical failure can also not be ruled out or an animal running out - but as usual some folks like to jump to conclusions - either way is a tragedy for this man a long term resident, and his Thai family

Kurt | 18 December 2021 - 11:07:32

Gilles Lavoie, The 'logic' answer of the thai driver will be: 'I don't know'. One has to live here to understand their domestic logic thinking. He will never admit it was his fault that he lost control of his Van. Simply not fit to drive such car, beside question or he had a valid driving license, not under infuence of alcohol/drugs, etc. It cost life of a swiss man. Very sad.

Gilles Lavoie | 18 December 2021 - 10:02:42

We need to know the reason why the driver lost control to help understand how to avoid as much as possible

christysweet | 16 December 2021 - 10:32:47

I find the food delivery trucks racing to 5 star hotels on route 4018 to be the worst offenders. They will get less than a meter from your scooter  to intimidate you off the road. 

quinault11 | 16 December 2021 - 08:43:25

van and tuk tuk are very very very dangerous in thailand

maverick | 14 December 2021 - 11:59:47

Kurt@ not correct - drivers off tour buses between BKK and Pattaya on death alley road used to flee all the time after road accidents involving tourists 

christysweet | 14 December 2021 - 11:06:00

When 3 boys on a scooter crashed into me, they began to run until they saw I was 'whitey'. Then their pals showed up to scare me into leaving,  and finally police helped their parents intimidate me out of a fair payment for the damage. 

christysweet | 14 December 2021 - 11:02:45

The only reason Thailand isn't rated # 1 in traffic fatalities is they  don't count later deaths in hospital. #LieLand 

Kurt | 14 December 2021 - 10:01:02

@Timothy, a Thai driver only flees the accident scene when he hits/kill another Thai. He than fears the anger of a village mob. Killing a foreigner doesn't bring that risk of being molested/attacked. No need to flee the scene.

Timothy | 14 December 2021 - 09:16:35

Here we go again. I read a couple days ago about a tourist being killed in a minivan crash in Chiang Mai, now another in Phuket. Notice that they don't flee the scene like before. Probably because they know nothing will happen to them. Slap on the wrist and back on the road. 

maverick | 14 December 2021 - 08:01:09

More chance of being shot by a gun toting crazy in US guess that’s why many Americans come and live here 

Wiesel | 13 December 2021 - 21:48:07

It is a straight street with a little downhill part.

Kurt | 13 December 2021 - 19:06:30

R.I.P Swiss tourist.  Lucky idiot irresponsible Thai van driver.  As soon de body of the swiss tourist, if not a diplomat, left Thailand the Thai driver will be 'released' of everything after some 'mediation'.. Police files/reports land in lowest drawer.  It was just a farang, right? Over and out! Never hear of it again.

Capricornball | 13 December 2021 - 18:22:50 didn't take any time at all for the roads to be infested with these angry, aggressive public transpo morons, taxis, vans, mototaxis...all of them. I already miss the peace and quiet we've enjoyed for the past couple years, and sorry to say, but I dread the end of Phuket as we had it. RIP to the innocent Swiss guy, but there will certainly be more to come.

christysweet | 13 December 2021 - 18:10:12

One minute you're enjoying the fine weather, cruising along then a selfish, careless driver takes your life away. I myself almost got killed twice today  from this exact sort of driver.  

Nasa12 | 13 December 2021 - 17:49:07

R.I.P Swiss mann.  And of course, they took this taxi driver for both drug and alcohol testing at the hospital.  Which is the law in LOS after such an ugly accident.


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