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Road safety campaign for long weekend

PHUKET: Phuket government officials and law enforcement agencies have been ordered to ensure road safety measures are enforced during the upcoming four-day long weekend starting this Thursday (Oct 13).

By The Phuket News

Tuesday 11 October 2022, 10:04AM

Phuket Vice Governor Anupap Rodkwan Yodrabam passed on the order at a meeting of the Phuket Road Safety Committee held at the Phuket Provincial office of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM-Phuket) yesterday (Oct 10).

Vice Governor Anupap explained that the directive came from the national Road Safety Administration Center, instructing provincial road safety committees to implement measures in order to achieve target values for road accident fatalities at the provincial level.

Official reports of the meeting did not explain what the target values for Phuket were.

However, according to the national Thailand Road Safety Committee (ThaiRSC) Phuket already so far this year has recorded 78 deaths and 12,897 people admitted to hospitals for injuries sustained in road accidents.

For all of last year, Phuket marked 71 deaths and 13,076 people injured in road accidents on the island.

Phuket recorded one death and 53 people injured in road accidents yesterday alone (Oct 10).

Officials are to enforce road safety measures throughout the long weekend from Oct 13-16 and report their effectiveness to the national road safety database, Vice Governor Anupap explained.

The practice has already been followed during previous long weekends this year from July 13-17 and July 28-31, he noted.

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Vice Governor Anupap gave special mention to enforcing road safety regulations regarding crosswalks.

People found breaking traffic regulations regarding crosswalks are to face the full extent of the law, he said.

“Officials are to prosecute violators not complying with the law to receive the maximum penalty. Drivers are to strictly comply with the law so that crossing areas are safe, such as reducing speed before reaching the crosswalk,” he said.

Vice Governor Anupap also ordered officials to ensure that clear traffic markings on the road surface were provided and that warning signs were clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians.

“Officials are also to raise awareness of the loss that may arise from undisciplined driving and not obeying traffic rules,” he said.

The reports of the road safety measures deployed this weekend , and their results, will be used in helping to formulate road safety policies in the future, he added.

All reports must be submitted by Nov 4, he said.

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Kurt | 13 October 2022 - 08:52:22

About clear seen warning signs, Gov Anupap should have a look at underpass entrances, see the to late shown SMALL signs that motorbikes are not allowed to drive underpass. It is a real farce as it is now.

Pooliekev | 12 October 2022 - 14:43:49

My advice would be............drum roll.....dont break the law and you wont get fined.

JohnC | 12 October 2022 - 09:14:46

Just another smoke and mirrors show to try and convince (con)  Phuket residents that the Governor and the RTP actually care about the people they are employed to serve and protect. When locals receive the exact same treatment as foreigners we will know they are finally being realistic. Until that day they will continue to be ridiculed.

Capricornball | 11 October 2022 - 23:27:45

Blah Blah Blah...same same, different long weekend.  Nothing will be done, nobody will change their habits, police won't do anything except set up their usual "donation stations" to fleece farangs... and some people will die and many will be injured. Officials will all lie about it then pat themselves on the back for a great success.

Fascinated | 11 October 2022 - 13:35:40

They should be campaigning EVERY day to make the roads safer and not have to be ordered to do their jobs.

Kurt | 11 October 2022 - 11:52:15

Seen yesterday at Chalong circle, a police man was guiding the traffic ( for what?)  A car hitted a foreigner motorbike. The car driver not even downed his blinded window and drove on. Only the farang was taken aside, checked on papers, Which seem to be ok, he went off 'unharmed'. Not by car, not by RTP.

Kurt | 11 October 2022 - 11:30:21

Who doesn't laugh after seeing the Photos with this article. A mass meeting about something what suppose the most normal thing during 365 days of the year. Pathetic.

Kurt | 11 October 2022 - 11:27:09

@Prab,  Well, it is good to read that the RTP is ordered to enforce the traffic laws during long Thai weekends. Something what actually should be done 365 days a year. This moment check points between Patong and Karon and on Patak Rd Chalong. Many motorbikers stopped and halted. Most of them foreigners. Thai without helmet drive by. Guess the 'order'is not for them. 

Prab | 11 October 2022 - 10:26:33

anyone could easily seat near a police checkpoint and simple observe their practice and even filming them and see how they let any Thais pass by with any sort of bikes and how they target farang indiscriminately all the time.. Patong or Chalong round about is perfect for  viewing lol.. there is even a nice local restaurant opposite so the show is there daily to be seen 

Prab | 11 October 2022 - 10:22:23

is this basically only apply to farang? LOL.. without international licence? or will they finally also apply it to: people going around 3 or more in one bike and without elmet, or underage teens 12-14 driving bijkes? or who ever goes on the opposite side of the road ( without any elmet), or any short cut on U turn etc...  and so on.....  this is a farce to say the least 


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