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Police officer involved in Thepkrasattri crash loses life

Police officer involved in Thepkrasattri crash loses life

PHUKET: Thalang police confirmed today (Mar 9) that an officer involved in a road accident on Thepkrasattri Rd last Friday has lost his life.

By The Phuket News

Thursday 9 March 2023, 04:45PM

Capt Tianchai Kobkua, a 56-year-old deputy inspector at Thalang Police Station, succumbed to brain injuries sustained in the accident, having undergone emergency brain surgery at Vachira Phuket Hospital.

The incident occurred around 7:30am on Mar 3 at a U-turn point near the Housing Village on the northbound section of the busy road in Srisoonthorn when a motorcycle being ridden by the police officer collided with an Isuzu pickup truck.

Upon receiving notification of the incident, rescue workers and police rushed to the scene where they discovered Mr Tianchai lying on the road unconscious. The emergency workers administered urgent first aid before rushing the injured man to Thalang Hospital.

Following initial diagnosis there from a resident doctor, it was determined Mr Tianchai needed to be transferred to Vachira Hospital Phuket as he needed to undergo emergency brain surgery to treat his injuries.

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Despite their valiant efforts, doctors were unable to save Mr Tianchai and he was confirmed officially deceased yesterday, with Col Pisit Chuenpetch, Superintendent of Thalang Police Station, announcing the news publicly this morning.

Mr Tianchai’s body was transferred from the hospital to Wat Srisoonthorn around 8am this morning where a funeral service was held at 3pm today.

Police did not confirm details on the pickup involved in the crash and whether the driver stands to face any form of official charges, nor did they reveal whether investigations into the case are ongoing.

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christysweet | 10 March 2023 - 11:13:30

Awful way to go. RIP   Folks don't be the second or third mistake in the chain that leads to 'accidents'. Be careful  out there, high season = worst drivers in this universe on Phuket roads, many impaired. 

Fascinated | 10 March 2023 - 10:35:37

Caution- Clouseau at work again. I suggest people look up the word 'investigation' in the dictionary before offering armchair prophecies. Sad how a certain commentator has to turn everything into an anti-Thai rant- come what may a man has died. 

Kurt | 10 March 2023 - 10:13:33

Tip: Have a info sheet in your car/motorbike with info: Name, Passport, blood type+Rh factor, Tel nrs of  family/friends, Consul, medical insurance. Have your preferent Phuket hospital registration card on you. Have all same info registered in 'your preferent hospital. In life treatening situations is time saving info essential. It can make the differents between life/death.

Kurt | 10 March 2023 - 09:55:18

Thalang hospital is more of a first aid station, treating simple non life threatening things, stabilizing traffic victims who afterthat immidiately be transferred to real hospitals. Sure, sometimes victims should directly brought to real hospitals, but who will make that medical decision at location of traffic accident? Now the protocol is: First Thalang hospital.

JohnC | 10 March 2023 - 09:17:32

There is nothing here about whether or not the officer himself may have been the one in the wrong and the actual cause of the accident. But then that would have to be covered up and the pickup driver blamed because as we all know RTP officers are never in the wrong....

Timothy | 10 March 2023 - 08:21:19

We read many times about how a critically injured person is sent to Thalang before being transferred to Vachira. Many lives are lost because of the added time spent doing these transfers. Instead of wasting tons of money on vanity projects, it would be nice to see Thalang hospital upgraded so it could treat more serious injuries. 

Capricornball | 09 March 2023 - 17:01:34

Of course the police didn't divulge anything.  They pick and choose whatever they want to say about anything. What it likely indicates to me is that the truck driver paid fast and dearly to make this 'misunderstanding" disappear. Again, right and wrong doesn't matter, as financial settlements are top priority. They may also be protecting the deceased man's reputation for some ...


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