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Police lead Bangla work permit checks

PHUKET: Officials are conducting checks on night venues along Bang Rd in Patong in response to a formal complaint accusing venue operators of illegally hiring foreign entertainment performers.

By The Phuket News

Friday 9 September 2022, 11:36AM

Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander Col Akanit Phithaksart, who only two years ago served as Patong Police Chief, led inspections of five venues on Wednesday night (Sept 7).

Joining Col Akanit for the “random” inspections were Immigration officers, Kathu District officials and officers from the Patong Police Station.

The five venues inspected were Hollywood Phuket, Barfunk Phuket, Illuzion Phuket, Sugar and New York Live Music Bar.

Officers questioned foreigners found working as singers, musicians and DJs at the venues, but all the foreigners singled out for checks were found to be working legally.

Regardless, the officers warned the venue operators against illegally hiring any foreigners and to “strictly and accurately comply with the laws and regulations”.

C and C Marine

Col Akanit said that further “random” inspections would continue “to ensure that no wrongdoing is found, especially regarding foreign workers working illegally without work permits”.

The inspections follow a group of disgruntled workers in the local entertainment industry filing an official letter of complaint urging authorities to act on the number of illegal workers across the island.

The group submitted the complaint to the Damrongtham Center (Provincial Office of the Ombudsman) last month, stating that illegal workers were taking jobs of Thais and thus denying them an opportunity to make a living.

Phromphiriya Thammaupatham, 37, representing the group, explained that a huge proportion of people working in Phuket’s service and entertainment venues such as pubs and bars were foreigners who were usually not permitted to work.

“Many people are on tourist visas or do not have the necessary work documents to allow them to legally work here,” he said.

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Kurt | 12 September 2022 - 09:21:04

@pascale. No obsession, just a reality noticing. Read article+comments in BP (10 Sep)..."Curtain falling for old power cliques".   Oh, and always turn away from 'insane'.  :-)

Pascale | 11 September 2022 - 19:56:35

@Kurt  Complete nonsense ! There are many talented Thai's emerging in the last 8 years. Your obsession with the current government is insane , same as your ungifted constant writings.

Pascale | 11 September 2022 - 19:46:15

@JohnC   Complete nonsense ! Filipinos may be the better singer when it comes to perform Songs in English, but they are definitive not the better musicians.And the better dancers ? I guess the only dancers you've seen are those in  red light districts in Manila or Thailand.

Kurt | 11 September 2022 - 12:18:49

JohnC, promising entertaining talents don't get chance to develope in a society that is strictly ruled/'guided' by some overaged generals since 2014, who not realize their time is over. Blocking peoples junction with outside world. 

Kurt | 10 September 2022 - 11:15:11

Why announce they "random' inspections with a over-visible wave of 'Officials' and press, as if they like to warn illegals-->'Hello, here we are, hide yourself until we are gone', so that we can say that there are no illegals in mentioned places. Everybody happy to play his role in such a Thai opera.

JohnC | 10 September 2022 - 10:17:27

The problem is that locals are not very good at entertaining. In all the years I've been here Filipinos have been most of the musicians and dancers in shows because they are so much better at it. If more locals were talented there would be no need for foreigners as entertainers. Sorry to be truthful...

Capricornball | 09 September 2022 - 17:54:11

Seems like a more important and fruitful random inspection would be to have the Army/Navy (not police) conduct a checkpoint search of every public transport vehicle for weapons, drugs and alcohol, and valid licenses. With all the problems the taxi/minivan mafia cause, they are the ones that need to be brought under control to improve Phuket's image on the international stage.

Malc-thai | 09 September 2022 - 13:56:58

When the police walk up bangla as a group being photographed every entertainment bar knows exactly what is going on and warns their staff that are working illegally.. they won't catch or don't want to catch any with these tactics!  

Prab | 09 September 2022 - 13:16:44

Agree with Kurt, this Phromphiriya should be now sued for diffamation and false accusation... make him pay the price of his stupidity once for all... 

Kurt | 09 September 2022 - 12:33:28

What a loose face for Phromphiriya to air nonsense as proved now by the deep going inspection of several government departments, as we read. Thai hysterica. May he keep his mouth shut forever. Actually, he should be arrested for false accusations and heavenly fined for that smearing. + Of course a bit of behavior mediation''. Shall we say B10,000?   :-))


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