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PM affirms neutral Russia-Ukraine war stance

PM affirms neutral Russia-Ukraine war stance

BANGKOK: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has reconfirmed that Thailand will not take sides in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, ahead of a top-level US-Asean meeting that he will be attending in Washington DC next week.

By Bangkok Post

Saturday 7 May 2022, 09:46AM

Photo: Government House

Photo: Government House

During a media briefing at Government House yesterday (May 6), Gen Prayut talked about his upcoming trip to America for the US-Asean Special Summit from May 12-13.

He said his attendance is required as per other Asean meetings such as the recent Japan-Asean summit and the China-Asean summit, reports the Bangkok Post.

Given Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there might be some opinions about it during the meeting, Prayut said. He added there is a broad range of issues that Asean leaders will want to discuss with US President Joe Biden and his administration.

Thailand supports Asean’s stance over the conflict which promotes the need for peaceful dialogue among the parties concerned, he said.

“I am going as a member country of Asean to discuss the economy, trade, investment and situations in the region. I will put my best effort into it,” said Prayut.

Sinea Phuket

“Do not listen to those who cluelessly voice their opinions. They might have done it out of good intentions but I believe the person whom you should listen to is your prime minister.”

He added that his seven-year experience as PM guaranteed his insight into international affairs and Thailand’s appropriate stance.

Usana Berananda, director-general of the Department of Asean Affairs, said there would be a discussion on Russia-Ukraine at the summit as well as on tensions in the South China Sea and the crisis in Myanmar.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon will be in charge of national affairs while Gen Prayut is away from May 11-15.

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DeKaaskopp | 13 May 2022 - 17:18:32

@Kurt    And do you think if Prayut changes his "stance" it would help to stabilize the prices or the economy ? Lol ! 

Kurt | 13 May 2022 - 10:38:55

Due to this Russian war, Thai oil/fuel/gas/food prices going up in Thailand. Airlines ( tourists) have to fly longer routes to Thailand. More expensive tickets. Prayut's lack of moral stance will soon be replaced by his more 'money stance' feeling. Mark my words.

Kurt | 13 May 2022 - 04:01:25

Prayut calls it a 'conflict'. No! It is a by Russia unjustified and unprovoked war against Ukraine. Prayut stance makes it clear he doesn't support international peace and security by rule based on international order and global economy. Thailand feels already economical impact due to Russian war. When Prayut learns that Thai economy spirals down, he will change stance. 

DeKaaskopp | 11 May 2022 - 12:50:17

Kurt, i bet Prayut has still more knowledge than you. Or how many international summits did you attend ?

Kurt | 11 May 2022 - 03:55:06

...Doesn't get anything done for the sake, beter future of the Thai population. To busy to keep himself and çlass mates in the saddle.

Kurt | 11 May 2022 - 03:48:51

@Dek, why 'he' should not go there? The answer is in your question. Because 'he' not able to contribute anything about international affairs. Has no knowledge. And Coupe plotters/rulers have this moment not very much credit at international political stage. Besides, 'he' not even can handle a domestic promise of  7 years ago, the overhaul of RTP! Has no credit. Doesn't ...

DeKaaskopp | 10 May 2022 - 12:10:36

@Kurt    That meeting isn't only about the Ukraine conflict.So why he should not go there ? For a better understanding of that meeting try to read the article again.Maybe that will help you to understand.

BobTB | 10 May 2022 - 01:38:43

@JohnC Exactly the same sentiment I expressed in a post I submitted on 8 May, but for reasons unknown the editorial team decided to suppress what I wrote.

[BobTB - fyi: only one comment submitted by you on May 8 - already approved -- Ed]

Kurt | 09 May 2022 - 10:15:23

As pm Prayut states that he will not take sides during this week meeting in USA, he doesn't need to go to USA for just to be seen and shake a few hands with photo sessions, of course. He has nothing positive to contribute in USA when it comes to international affairs, something he always stays away of.

JohnC | 09 May 2022 - 09:25:35

He has always been a gutless coward too afraid to stand up for principles but only too happy to stand up when money is promised. Will this country ever have a politician worth looking up to?

Kurt | 08 May 2022 - 19:02:01

Wiesel pulls it in a personal fighting window. That is not what this is, talking about the 'stand' (or better said: no stand) of Thailand. And not even the slightest point making reaction on my comment. Actually Thailand made a very small point by sending Ukraine a miserable $50,000 'support'. What a audacity. Almost insulting.

Wiesel | 08 May 2022 - 12:52:06

Kurt, why you dont just go there and fight?? If somebody should go and fight why you dont go first??? 

Kurt | 08 May 2022 - 10:20:35

Mr Prayut is a opportunist pur sang. He is fishing for money in communist-, and in democratic ponds ( lately in Japan). Filling one financial hole with another. J P Morgan just 'downgraded' Thailand's financial housekeeping again! Future will learn when all these army clowns are gone they leave Thailand in a more deplorable state than they found it at time of their 2014 coup. 

ThorFinger | 08 May 2022 - 08:26:42

Purely self-interest. I understand it but it is still gutless. The world should stand united against this travesty. Putin is a left-over leader from the forgotten past.

BobTB | 08 May 2022 - 01:34:57

"His seven-year experience as PM guaranteed his insight into international affairs"? To me it gives a greater insight into his lack of moral principles if he seriously thinks neutrality between the positions of Russia and Ukraine is appropriate.

Kurt | 07 May 2022 - 22:22:14

.."The person whom you should listen to is your prime minister", he said. He is passionate, caring, empathic,.. about his neutrality! Completely pass by the barbaric murder of Ukrainian civilians, civile properties and more than 500 Ukrainian hospitals destroyd, with people inside!! All these war crimes by Russians are by Thai PM approached with 'neutrality'. What a kind of man i...


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