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Phuket taxi driver flees scene after going off-road, hitting power pole

PHUKET: Police are looking for the driver of a white Fortuner registered as a Phuket taxi that ended up buried in undergrowth in a field in Thalang this morning (June 4) after the vehicle wiped out a roadside sign and came to rest after hitting a power pole.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Monday 4 June 2018, 12:48PM

Officers from the Thalang Police along with rescue workers from the Kusoldharm Foundation were called to the scene, on the Don Jom Tao Rd (Route 4030) in Tambon Thepkrasattri, Thalang, at 6:30am.

When officers arrived they found the white Fortuner buried in undergrowth after hitting a power pole after ploughing its way through shrubs from the roadside.

The front of the car had sustained heavy damage from hitting the power pole, but no people were in the vehicle, and no bystanders at the scene presented themselves as the driver.

“The car was heading from Cherng Talay to the Thalang intersection when it appears the driver lost control on the curve, perhaps from falling asleep at the wheel,” said Capt Eakkasak Kwanwan of the Thalang Police.

“We will investigate this further and track down the driver. Meanwhile, the vehicle will be removed from the scene and taken to Thalang Police Station,” Capt Eakkasak added.


UPDATE: Capt Eakkasak Kwanwan of the Thalang Police told The Phuket News on Tuesday (June 5), “The owner of the Fortuner called me yesterday, but he has yet to present himself at the police station in person.

"When he does, he will be charged with reckless driving causing damage to public property. In the meantime, his white Fortuner has been impounded at Thalang Police Station,” he added.


Asked whether the driver, who remains unnamed by police, will be charged for fleeing the scene of the accident, hence making him or herself unavailable for alcohol and drug testing immediately after the accident, all Capt Eakkasak would say is, “I have not decided on that yet.”

Of note, Section 78 of the Road Traffic Act stipulates, “Any person who drives a conveyance or rides or controls an animal and thereby causes damage to other person or property of other person, notwithstanding that it is the fault of the driver or rider or controller of animal or not, must stop conveyance or animal and render assistance as appropriate, as well as present himself or herself before the nearby competent official and inform about the accident without delay, and must also give his or her name, surname, and address and conveyance registration number to the person who suffers damage.

“In the case where the driver or rider or controller of animal escapes and avoids presenting himself or herself before the competent official at the scene of the accident, he or she shall be presumed to be guilty of the offence.”

Further, Section 160 of the Road Traffic Act commands, “Any person who fails to comply with Section 78 shall be liable to an imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or to a fine from two thousand Baht to ten thousand Baht, or to both.

“If the failure to comply with section 78 causes serious injury or death to other person, the offender shall be liable to an imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, and to a fine from five thousand Baht to twenty thousand Baht, or to both.”

To read the Road Traffic Act as posted by the Office of the Council of the State, click here.




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DeKaaskopp | 06 June 2018 - 22:20:44

"Perhaps feeling the financial pinch due to lack of western tourists".Sorry to disappoint you,but i  speculated some years  on rising numbers of Chinese Tourists.Cashed in on that already.No need to work anymore.How about you?Pension still ok,or is it  daily"Khao Pad Gai" only? 

Sir Burr | 06 June 2018 - 13:43:21

"And from 400 characters down to 384 characters? Comment window became also to small".
@kurt. Maybe you should take that as a hint.

Pauly44 | 06 June 2018 - 07:46:41

Or how about " Apologist News" then your comments would be perfectly suited.

Rorri_2 | 06 June 2018 - 06:08:58

"As you changed the style of your website,why not change the name too" wow, not content to trash other peoples comments, now you trash the very site that posts your trash.
Lately you, and your bed mate, seem to be losing the plot, perhaps feeling the financial pinch due to lack of western tourists.

DeKaaskopp | 05 June 2018 - 13:20:15

As you changed the style of your website,why not change the name too? Given the fact that frequently comments with foul language or even wishes for someone to get seriously hurt are published,why not  calling this website:\"Hill-Billy News\" or \"White Trash Mirror\"?

Pauly44 | 05 June 2018 - 10:09:10

Agree with others your new website is terrible! Just another jerk at the wheel like thousands of others treating Phuket roads like an F1 track with selfish attitude and no brain, wish he were seriously injured then he may actually learn a lesson, oops forgot, no chance.

Kurt | 05 June 2018 - 09:03:26

Quite surprised about change of web site setting without any information in advance to readers.
Well, we will get use to it after a while, however it doesn\'t feel as a improvement. Changing for the sake of just changing is fashionable, but does it contribute? And from 400 characters down to 384 characters? Comment window became also to small.
Was it a discourage comment operation?

Foot | 04 June 2018 - 16:09:34

I don't like your new website home page.
It is too confusing and complicated.  The old one was simple and easy to use.
Why change it?

Wilma | 04 June 2018 - 14:54:13

It look like high speed and for sure lost control - just look at the pics.
Drunk driving - The driver having his name on the side of the taxi, scared for losing his driver license an flee the scene, maybe there was drugs in the car, let the drug+dogs check the car.

BenPendejo | 04 June 2018 - 14:40:43

Just a stroke of luch that nobody was injured or killed.  Another renegade taxi a-hole, one of many that continue to operate, simply because there is no enforcement process by the police or anyone else.  One more example of how Thai officials prove they just don't give a s#1^ about public safety, as long as money keeps on flowing.

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