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Phuket ‘red card’ system gets nod, other provinces to decide for themselves

Phuket ‘red card’ system gets nod, other provinces to decide for themselves

PHUKET: Pol Lt Gen Pakpoompipat Sajjapan, Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, has approved of the ‘red card’ system launched by Phuket Immigration for deporting foreigners caught breaking the law.

By The Phuket News

Tuesday 7 March 2023, 06:32PM

Phuket Immigration Chief Pol Col Thanet Sukchai. Photo: Phuket Immigration / file

Phuket Immigration Chief Pol Col Thanet Sukchai. Photo: Phuket Immigration / file

However, the system is not to be deployed nationwide by policy, Phuket Immigration Chief Pol Col Thanet Sukchai told The Phuket News today (Mar 7).

Col Thanet flew to Bangkok late last week to discuss the new system with Lt Gen Pakpoompipat after the system was announced by Pol Maj Gen Praphansak Prasansuk, Commander of the Immigration Region 6 office, which oversees Immigration affairs in Phuket, at a press conference last week (Mar 1). 

“The Immigration Bureau commissioner agrees with the idea, but the system is not to be ordered to apply in other areas,” Col Thanet said.

“The commissioner acknowledged the system and said it was good. For other provinces, it will depend on other local immigration offices to decide whether they would like to adapt the system to their areas or not,” Col Thanet added.

“This system adds more work for Phuket immigration officers, by issuing the yellow and red cards, so we cannot expect other areas to do the same as Phuket. It is a lot of extra work,” he said.

“It is like a school that is mindful of its students. They do not just call the parents only once and expel the student right away for making trouble. We still tell them what must not be done and give them a chance,” he explained.

Col Thanet noted that in some provinces immigration officers do not give even a single warning to “trouble-makers” before revoking their permit to stay for just the first offense.

“Some other places do not even warn you. The immigration office revokes the permit to stay immediately when a foreigner is caught behaving inappropriately,” he said.

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“In Chonburi, foreigners rode motorcycles and made trouble disturbing people. The immigration office revoked their permits to stay right away without warning.

“Chonburi immigration did not give the chance to talk and inform them that their behaviour had disturbed the public and filed a warning to the embassy, as we do here,” he added.

A meeting will be called soon to explain the system to diplomatic staff and honorary consuls on the island, Col Thanet said.

“In the past when immigration revoked permits to stay of foreigners, there was no news of it reported, so no one knew what would happen if their behavior affected the peace of living of others,” Col Thanet said today**.

“After the news [of the new card system] was released, embassies and consuls questioned why we had to give the cards, so when the Governor returns to Phuket we will arrange a meeting with them. The date should be the middle or end of this month,” Col Thanet added.

“The consular representatives will also have to explain why they let the people from their countries continuously make trouble,” he said.

“The [card] system will nurture foreigners to understand how they should live in Phuket.” Col Thanet concluded.

** The Phuket News notes that Thai and English media in Phuket for decades have had a very strong record of reporting foreigners being deported when the news is made public.

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Kurt | 09 March 2023 - 03:55:33

@ Fascinated, do we have to see now more of your comments, also as a sort of 'whingers complains'? Or is your reaction just about readers writings you not agree, and not like to read? Just ask. Anyway, here is a lot going on within the RTP and Immigration, right?

Fascinated | 08 March 2023 - 13:01:12

Immigration do nothing- serial whingers complain. Immigration do something- serial whingers complain. Getting more and more like Thiageezer on here every day. I was always told that when in another country I was an Ambassador for mine- others clearly don't have the same perspective.

Nasa12 | 08 March 2023 - 10:10:02

Amazing how an immigration office can make its own laws.  Without having this publicly approved from Bangkok.  But this is probably a way to threaten and scam tourists and long-stay people.

PlasticJim | 08 March 2023 - 09:58:57

This card system should be extended for locals who doesn't hold Phuket ta bien ban. 

Kurt | 08 March 2023 - 09:49:56

I am sure the Phuket Corps of Consuls will fine and diplmatic tel Col Thanet what is HIS job, and not THEIRS during coming meeting. The Col. needs to be told what is his place. He will leave that meeting speechless.

JohnC | 08 March 2023 - 09:31:10

What a load of BS. Consular reps have to explain why THEY let people from their countries make trouble???? Doesn't this guy know anything about how tourism works. How did he ever get to be head of Immigration! (Bought the position?). Shouldn't the RTP be the one explaining why it's officers are incapable of doing their job to stop potential trouble makers rather than seeing them as cas...

H2538 | 08 March 2023 - 06:36:56

"Nurture foreigners to understand how they should live in Phuket"
Not need that Thai Rath Tv and other media tells me daily exactly how society lives not here but all over the country, so from what I see foreigners have plenty of latitude before we are generally close to any reason for prejudgment and card punishment.

Kurt | 07 March 2023 - 21:34:48

Consulair representatives (Consuls) are not a papa or mama, not controlling their country men. The idea only, hehehe. Their function/job is to offer consulair assistance if requested. Col Thanet is quite hard headed. Is there no one from Thai Min. of Foreign Affairs who can educate him about consulair matters? His present thinking is ridiculous.


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