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Phuket marks 256 new COVID cases on one day

Phuket marks 256 new COVID cases on one day

PHUKET: The latest Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) daily COVID situation report has marked a record 256 new local infections across the island yesterday (Aug 30) ‒ up from 162 new cases reported 24 hours earlier ‒  bringing the total number of people recognised as infected with COVID-19 in Phuket since Apr 3 to 4,074.

By The Phuket News

Tuesday 31 August 2021, 09:00AM

The PPHO report, marked as accurate as of 10:50pm last night, also marked two new cases of Phuket Sandbox tourists being confirmed as infected.

The report also marked zero new deaths attributed to COVID-19 for yesterday, leaving the total number of deaths in Phuket attributed to COVID-19 since Apr 3 at 19.

The new local infections bring the total number of new local infections on the island to a new record of 1,351 in the past seven days, as follows:

  • Aug 24 - 156 new cases
  • Aug 25 - 189 new cases
  • Aug 26 - 169 new cases
  • Aug 27 - 209 new cases
  • Aug 28 - 210 new cases
  • Aug 29 - 162 new cases
  • Aug 30 - 256 new cases

The current total of 4,074 people infected in Phuket since Apr 3 does not include 10 infected with COVID-19 in other provinces and 23 returning from other countries and testing positive.

The current Phuket tally also does not include 42 COVID patients brought back to Phuket under the “Bring Phuket people home” policy, or the 82 Phuket Sandbox arrivals who have tested positive for the virus after landing on the island since the Sandbox scheme began on July 1.

According to the PPHO COVID report for yesterday, 1,830 people were under medical care or supervision, an increase of 187 from the 1,643 reported the day before.

The report also marked 2,429 people in total being discharged from medical care for COVID infection since Apr 3 ‒ 71 more patients than the 2,358 reported yesterday.

Blue Tree Phuket

The report posted last night recorded just 10 new cases of people suspected of being infected with COVID-19 after testing positive by antigen test kits (ATKs).

While recording 10 new suspected cases, which have yet to be confirmed by RT-PCR tests, the total number of people reported as currently being held at ‘COVID-19 Care Centers’ across the island fell by 85, from 850 on Sunday to 765 yesterday.

The report did not confirm how many people who tested positive by ATKs were confirmed infected by RT-PCR tests or how many people had been released from ATK detention at ‘COVID-19 Care Centers’ and allowed to go home.

The PPHO daily COVID situation report posted last night also reported that Phuket currently has in total 1,640 beds available for COVID patients (zero change from yesterday).

The total number of hospital beds occupied by COVID patients in Phuket now stands at 1,300 (+53), or 79.27% of the total number of beds, with 340 (-53) hospital beds in Phuket still available.

The report also marked that of the COVID patients in care 34 were designated as ‘Red patients’ (zero change); 316 were designated ‘Yellow’ patients (zero change) and 411 were ‘Green’ patients (+23).

The latest map released by the PPHO showing the locations of the new infections across the island was released yesterday (Aug 30), but marked as accurate as of 6pm Sunday (Aug 29), as follows:

  • Rassada - 981 cases (+53)
  • Phuket Town - 736 (+37)
    (Talad Yai 455, +32; Talad Neua 281, +5)
  • Wichit - 368 (+9)
  • Cherng Talay - 258 (+2)
  • Srisoonthorn - 205 (+5)
  • Kathu - 192 (+8)
  • Patong - 176 (+6)
  • Thepkrasattri - 155 (+4)
  • Chalong - 135 (+8)
  • Koh Kaew - 125 (+10)
  • Rawai - 119 (+3)
  • Pa Khlok - 75 (+3)
  • Kamala - 49 (+2)
  • Karon - 48 (+5)
  • Mai Khao - 45 (+3)
  • Sakhu - 16

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ematt | 01 September 2021 - 11:57:45

One thing I do not understand about Phuket: Why don’t they just put Kurt and Christy in charge of managing the pandemic?  It seems that would solve everything!

Christy Sweet | 01 September 2021 - 10:07:28

Novavax is the solution- high efficacy, none m-RNA and no ultra cold storage needed BUT, an American company so no paying under the table procurement incentives? Approve it and put in the orders, once US FDA approves for emergency use, sometime this month likely, stocks will be impossible to get.

Kurt | 01 September 2021 - 03:00:12

The protection of Thai who are past months vaccinated with Chinese 'sugar water' is running out. Time to start vaccinating Thai all over again with solid vaccines. What a lost of vaccination doings/energy  and proposed 'protection' what didn't meet promises. All for sake of Thai HiSo financial kick backs. People who don't care about 'brothers and sisters'.

Madeinswiss | 01 September 2021 - 00:46:06

Congratulation you need to continue using bad vaccine like sinovac! The government not understand why europe is not using sinovac? 

Kurt | 01 September 2021 - 00:40:54

ematt Should concentrate on 'starving Phuket', as in most of the rest of the world governments take better care of their citizen than Thai Government during this Pandemic. Here it's mostly a charity thing, receiving a bag and wai for it, often forced with a photo of unspeakable in front of them, as we see on thai tv news. No smart social security system. Not in the mind of the Thai ric...

maverick | 31 August 2021 - 18:43:43

Vaccine procurement was poor, hence reliance on Sinovac for younger patients, whilst its efficacy is lower than AZ it has been shown to help, better than nothing need boosters soon. I would not trust the MRNA jabs any more than Sinovac that’s real experimental stuff 

beachshak | 31 August 2021 - 16:55:53

Thailand cannot reach herd immunity with Sinovac, why would anyone think that the very country which caused the pandemic lied about & continues to obstruct any effort to get to the truth of its origins be the answer for a vaccine, China produce garbage, Thailand need legit vaccines yesterday! 

r u sure | 31 August 2021 - 16:15:53

@Ematt but Kurt,as I'm sure you are aware, is superior to most of us, so will not accept the vaccines on offer! FYI mass testing in Kamala today so numbers might shoot up there tomorrow? 

maverick | 31 August 2021 - 16:02:56

Got second jab this morning, walk-in to Patong Hospital took an hour plus 30 mins observation, very efficient they are also doing first jabs of both Sinovac (under 60’s and AZ old farts) no excuses for anyone 

ematt | 31 August 2021 - 13:07:53

Kurt cases are rising all over the world, even in countries with high vaccination rates. Relax, get yourself vaccinated, and enjoy life. 

maverick | 31 August 2021 - 11:55:11

Wasting time on a few foreign tourists is worthwhile if it is a step towards opening up at end of the year, many businesses will not survive beyond that it, Russians will be here in Nov which may breathe life back into Karon and Kata....Patong will take longer,  needs the Chinese and partygoers, they are not coming before CNY, I suspect.

maverick | 31 August 2021 - 11:51:23

Vaccinated people can still test positive nothing to do with vaccinations - vaccines prevent serious illness or death -  wrong conclusion Cases are high here due to mass antigen testing followed up by PCR this is identifying many asymptomatic cases that would otherwise go undetected. 

Kurt | 31 August 2021 - 11:15:34

The daily rising number of Phuket Covid cases proof many things. Not enough Thai/migrant people are yet vaccinated, wrong handling of 'fresh markets', not vaccinating with quality vaccines. To much energy wasted on the few incoming foreign tourists. Treated like they are bricks.


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