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Phuket Marine Office urges water safety for Loy Krathong

PHUKET: The Phuket Marine Office has issued a notice for all marine transport operators to observe safety protocols for the upcoming Loy Krathong festivities next Thursday (Nov 22), including reminding boat captains not to be drunk at the helm.

By Tanyaluk Sakoot

Friday 16 November 2018, 07:01PM

Boat passengers are banned from drinking alcohol, too, the notice, issued today (Nov 16), warned.

The notice was addressed to all pier operators, boat captains and even to passengers in Phuket looking to board a water vessel during the festival.

“Regarding Loy Krathong on November 22, when krathong will be floated in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and water sources near people’s homes, I want every pier, captain and passenger to be aware of safety procedures and follow the rules,” Phuket Marine Office Acting Director Wiwat Chitchertwong announced in the warning.

“I repeat to all officials and staff who look after piers to set up enough lights at the terminals, make sure there are enough life jackets for everyone, and that officials and staff keep a close watch on tourists.

“The number of people boarding any floating vessel must not be over the limit, and officials and staff must pay attention to prevent tourists from falling in the water,” he said.

Meanwhile, boat owners must check the boat before allowing tourists on board to make sure there are the correct number of life jackets, swim rings or tubes, and fire extinguishers on the boat. The boat’s capacity must be clearly marked on the boat, and that number must not be exceeded,” he added.

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Pressing the safety point home, Mr Wiwat also noted, “Captains must wait for the boat access points to be clear before pulling the boat away from the pier. If the boat is to be driven close to access points, captains must reduce. Captains who are drunk are banned from any water transportation vehicles.”

Addressing passengers, Mr Wiwat noted, “All passengers must put on a life jacket for safety, in case an accident happens on the water. Passengers must wear suitable clothing and sensible shoes that are easy to take off and swim. Sneakers or shoes with shoelaces are not recommended.”

Mr Wiwat also reminded passengers, “Do not stand too close when the boat is docking, and avoid standing in dangerous places on the boat while the boat is moving, such as at the very back of the boat on on the rooftop.

Mr Wiwat also noted, “Passengers must not drink alcohol.”

“Everyone must follow the rules and instructions of Phuket Marine officials, please,” he said.



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Kurt | 18 November 2018 - 12:07:16

Talking to thai officials about INTERNATIONAL rules is waist of time. 
1: Or don't know about international rules.
2: Or prefer ' we do it our own way' insular thinking. Actually is not 'thinking safety' but about money.
Money thinking/dealing cost a lot of energy, no time left for safety thinking. ( We have crocodile tears afterward)

Kurt | 16 November 2018 - 20:23:37

Marine boat operators, don't worry, just hold your breath during 22 Nov only. '''Captains should not be drunk that day'''' .Next day 'captains' can be drunk again. How many marine office employees are deployed that day to control the follow up the rules and instructions for just that day?

Asterix | 16 November 2018 - 19:35:15

According to International Maritime Organization (IMO)
1/- all speed boats working as transport boat for passengers should have a life-raft with a capacity for all the passengers and crew members.
2/- All speed boats should not go at more than 12 nautical miles from port or shoreline.

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