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Phuket man nabbed with over 52,000 ya bah pills, ya ice

Phuket man nabbed with over 52,000 ya bah pills, ya ice

PHUKET: Phuket Police on Wednesday (Nov 7) arrested a Chalong-based drug dealer and seized over 52,000 methamphetamine pills (ya bah) and 784.82 grams of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice).

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Saturday 10 November 2018, 10:20AM

The arrest of Danai Hlankban, 35, was revealed by Col Akanit Danpitaksarn, a Deputy Commander of the Phuket Provincial Police, and Maj Kongpop Posane, Chief of Border Patrol Police Company 425, at a press conference held yesterday (Nov 9) at Phuket Provincial Police Station.

The investigation was launched by Border Patrol Police Company 425 after officers received a tip off that Mr Danai may be distributing drugs in Phuket. Having checked Mr Danai's activities and behaviour, officers found the tip off trustworthy and cooperated with Phuket police to conduct a joint raid.

On Wednesday (Nov 7) the joint task force arrived to a house on Soi Yodsane 1 in Chalong, arrested the suspect and seized over 52,000 methamphetamine pills (ya bah) and 784.82 grams of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice) hidden in a speaker.

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After his arrest, Mr Danai told police that he received the drugs from a man named Sompong Niyumwong (Mr Nung) from Phang Nga as he did six or seven times before. The drugs were delivered to Phuket by a private transportation company, Mr Danai's task was to distribute them among locals. According to Mr Danai, Mr Nung paid him some B20,000 for distribution of each shipment.

Police charged Mr Danai with possession of Category 1 drugs (ya bah, ya ice) and distribution of drugs.

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Pascale | 13 November 2018 - 14:37:14

Many coffee shops closing down,rules of selling weed getting stricter.They are tolerant towards soft drugs,XTC and Speed are categorized as hard drugs.Pressure from outside triggered a harder approach towards dealers and producers.Netherlands was just one example. Ro,don't get paranoid with your gang member/using another account thinking.Just accept that more people oppose K's or your thin...

Kurt | 13 November 2018 - 11:02:35

Pascale, like me, you could have seen BBC World and CNN about the Dutch tolerance, and thai visitors of the coffee shops. EU countries now follow step by step in that. And Canada as well. No need to be dutch to know about 'coffee shops', half the world knows about it. You not? Don't label me wrongly .  :-)  Stay cool. Read BPost today about Thai Government's  'Plan for pot'...

Rorri_2 | 13 November 2018 - 06:04:29

Pascale, or is it a member of that gang, using another account, you should read the full report on drugs in the Netherlands, and why ecstasy and speed are produced at such high levels.... main reason is the Netherlands tolerance towards drugs, in=t is not a high priority of the government, unlike Thailand.... chalk and cheese. 

Pascale | 12 November 2018 - 19:57:32

K,not knowing what's going on in your home country.Usually you tell us so much about it. You know about their coffee-shops and the legalized Marihuana. Even you could tell us that Thai tourists with soldier like haircuts walking in dutch city's. And now you have no info?As an expert? Who you try to fool here ? That's really stupid. And the "uninformed" did stand for the whole...

Kurt | 12 November 2018 - 17:03:19

Khun Pascale, ..Uninformed... as you wrote, well, I can't talk about a european country I have no info or connection with about this matter.. I am sorry. You have to connect yourself with Netherland authorities. Do you think the use of word 'stupid' is nice in here? Well, we all 'level' ourselves, don't we, yes?

Pascale | 12 November 2018 - 15:55:14

K, if you think all would be so easy ,please tell me, how come that a small country like the Netherland's, a fully developed country with a good police force is one of the biggest producers of "Ecstasy" and "Speed" worldwide. If you are so uninformed it would be better not to comment on this subject any longer.Your assumptions making you look stupid.

Kurt | 12 November 2018 - 10:00:33

@ Pascal, think a bit further. Is mr Nung at Phang Nga already arrested? Mr Nung will tell the RTP were he got the drugs from. And so,. climb up the line to the producers. Why not? Probably RTP than bump into high ranking/influentials, To dangerous. They happy just play cat/mouse with simple couriers/street suppliers. Easy and not dangerous for career to handle + a bonus! ( newspaper photo)

Pascale | 11 November 2018 - 16:13:12

...What should they do to stop the flow? Searching every vehicle /person coming to Phuket? You should educate yourself first.Your ignorance is breathtaking.  Any idea how easy the production is? Any idea from what country most of that stuff come from and why it is nearly impossible to win the war against it ? Stop dreaming and read some reports by real experts on that matter.

Kurt | 10 November 2018 - 11:10:51

Just a drop catch, imagine how much volume reach Phuket customers? Again, it is time to 'attack' the producers, the thai rich and influentials who finance and produce. A bit RTP 'sweeping' at end of the line doesn't stop the continues 'drugs train' to Phuket. As simple is that. It's like mopping with open tap. Nice to keep 'busy', but no effective results.


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