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Phuket Law: Long-term leases unenforceable, again

PHUKET: An investment in real estate in Thailand on a leasehold basis is commonly used by foreigners due to the stringent rules that are in place to restrict foreign ownership of land and apartment units in Thailand.

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Jerrold Kippen

Sunday 14 May 2017, 11:00AM

If you have a void lease agreement, you have nothing. Photo: Creative Commons
If you have a void lease agreement, you have nothing. Photo: Creative Commons

Under Thai law the maximum lease term is 30 years, which may be renewed upon expiration of that term. Because 30 years is a relatively short duration, leases marketed to foreigners typically provide for an initial 30‐year term plus two additional successive 30‐year renewal terms – or “30+30+30 leases” as they are often referred to.

The problem for investors in such a lease is that the renewal terms are generally not secured. Should the owner of the leased property changed during the lease the remaining renewal term(s) is not enforceable against the new owner. Thus, to address this issue developers have marketed “secured leases” to foreigners.

However, five Phuket trial and appellate judges found such leases to be legally void in 2015 as we wrote about at that time. It was these judges’ opinion that such a lease is the legal equivalent of a purchase and that such a lease agreement is entered into by the parties in order to conceal another contract: a sale and purchase agreement for the same immovable property.

Now, in yet another surprising decision, the Phuket trial court has ruled that leases of immovable property with a term of 30 years with two successive 30-year renewal options themselves are invalid for the same reason. In this court’s opinion, any 30-year lease with two 30-year renewals is void because it is not a lease but rather a sale.

What is also interesting – or perhaps, disturbing – is that in both the secured lease case and the recent case involving simple 30+30+30 leases, neither the plaintiff nor the defendant ever argued that they intended to conceal a sale and purchase agreement, the courts found and concluded this on their own.

In the recent 30+30+30 case, the relevant law that the court was relying on is Section 155 of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (“CCC”) which states:

A declaration of intention made with the connivance (wrongdoing) of the other party which is fictitious is void; but its invalidity cannot be set up against third persons injured by the fictitious declaration of intention and acting in good faith.

If a declaration of fictitious intention under paragraph one is made to conceal another juristic act, the provisions of law relating to the concealed act shall apply.

In lay terms what this means that if two parties are “faking” in front of other people a contract (for example, a lease agreement) but they really mean to and are entering into a different contract (for example, a sale-and-purchase agreement), then the fake contract (in this example, the lease agreement) is void, that is, legally it never existed.

C and C Marine

A “lessee” that entered into such a void “lease agreement” would then have no right to the relevant immovable property itself and could be forced to vacate the premises at any time as provided by Section 172 of the CCC:

A void act cannot be ratified, and its nullity may be alleged at any time by any interested person.

The return of a property arising from a void act shall be governed by the provisions on Undue Enrichment of the Code.

As we discussed in our article regarding the court decisions on “secured leases”, it makes no difference if the lease itself was already registered at the land department or not. The finding that a lease is void means that it never legally existed and, therefore, as far as the law is concerned, a void lease cannot be, nor ever could have been registered. Even if the legally void lease went through the land office formalities of registration, with registration fees paid, papers signed and stamped by the land officials, it simply does not change the legal non‐existence of the void lease. If you have a void lease agreement, you have nothing.

What about the “actual” agreement the parties entered according to the Phuket court, the sale and purchase agreement? Doesn’t the “lessee” at least have rights under that finding by the court? Not according to the court because, as Section 456 of the CCC provides that:

A sale of immovable property is void unless it is made in writing and registered by the competent official.

And in the courts on both the secured lease case and the recent simple 30+30+30 lease cases concluded that since the “sale” was not made in writing nor registered with the competent official it too was void, never happened as legal matter.

This is now the second case that we are aware of in which Phuket courts have declared long-term leases void. This must be extremely disturbing to many foreign investors investing or intending to invest in real estate in Thailand. Even though the present government is discussing an extension of the current 30-year lease to a maximum of 50 years, the problem of void leases will remain.

DUENSING KIPPEN is an international law firm specialising in business transaction and dispute resolution matters, with offices in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand and affiliated offices in 45 other countries. Visit them at:



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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Jor12 | 15 May 2017 - 18:39:52 usual your ruminations are way off the radar. Your "frauded/criminal behaviour" terms have no relevance to the facts, as you have any idea of what these terms mean. Your advice is also laughable.

The Phuket News

Kurt | 15 May 2017 - 15:05:37

Of course, there is no Phuket Law. There is only Thai Law.

So, are al these foreigners with property buying contracts in which is clearly written 30+30+30 years lease be frauded by property agents, thai lawyers and Thai land offices?

A combined criminal behavior/scam by Thai lawyers/officials? 
And property agents played the game along?

This is another matter in my chapter.."Don't trust thai".
I wrote here last week about.

I understand now why some properties on Phuket are sale 'discounted', some even 10 million! 
For 'quick sale'. hahahaha.

On Phuket for sure now:  Do not buy, rent.
Let the thai not take you for a property-ride.

The Phuket News

RogerFox | 15 May 2017 - 13:00:44

Another angle - there is an excise tax on rental income in Thailand. Every year during a 30-year lease the owner is required to pay that tax to the Revenue Dept - lessors/sellers typically don't sick around and do that ... and the result is that the underlying freehold is seized to pay the tax and auctioned off. And that means when the 30-year term is up a new owner is involved, and that owner is certainly not going to be bound by these twitchy renewal options. 30 means 30, and if you make a 30, you should insist that the entire 30-years of tax is paid by the seller/lessor at the front end of the deal. Also - you really shouldn't get involved in anything that involves you or anyone else telling a pack of lies to government or anyone else.

The Phuket News

Andy | 14 May 2017 - 15:54:53

Maybe I and others will now receive an apology from the real estate "experts" on here who deride us as "fools" for saying, "Do not buy, rent."

The Phuket News

Andy | 14 May 2017 - 15:50:36

Why do people get taken in by these dubious methods to get around the law here? The law is 30 years and that is that. Now they are relying on the goodwill of the leasor (possibly a new legal entity) to let them remain in their home. Good luck with that. The best one could expect will be a hefty fee for a new legal 30 year lease.
This should be the final nail in the coffin for the vastly inflated property prices here but it won't be, there are more lambs arriving to the slaughter daily. 
Caveat Emptor.

The Phuket News

Christy Sweet | 14 May 2017 - 15:29:17

Thai law provides for 30 years maximum  on a residential lease. Period. Plenty of "lawyers" made lots of moolah writing up fancy leases 30 ++ which were simply fraudulent and really the Land Dept should have refused to register them. Now the leases are coming up for the second terms and investors are finding out foreigners calling themselves "counselor", but acting as lawyers, (which btw, is an occupation reserved for Thais) are and were under no professional obligation to be honest. They have no license to hold them accountable. They conned ya.
 Amazing Thailand. 

The Phuket News

Jor12 | 14 May 2017 - 15:26:32

once burned...Courts cannot nor do they change the law. That is the prerogative of Parliament. Courts merely interpret the law. Precedents of higher Courts are constantly challenged and sometimes overturned, or parliament itself changes the law in view of the interpretations of Higher Courts. If you are advised by Lawyers, ultimately it's your decision to go ahead with any proposition.   

The Phuket News

once burned | 14 May 2017 - 11:40:11

Been there. Been burned. You CANNOT be protected by what wver the best and most honest lawyere advises you to do. Why? Because Thai law does not operate, by establishing legal precedents means that the Courts can change the law, retroactively. This needs to be shared around the world.

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