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PHUKET EXPOSED: Able Wanamakok

Able Wanamakok, TV Host, MC, MD of AWPR & Marketing

Friday 20 April 2012, 04:56PM

Able Wanamakok.

Able Wanamakok.

Tell us about what you do:

I am currently one of the TV hosts for a travel show for the Andaman part of Thailand called Window on Thailand. I get to meet tons of amazing and interesting people from all over.
I also MC events and that is in front of a live audience. If you have stage fright then it would be a hard job. Most important about being an MC is that you must be articulate and quick on your feet. You can’t be mute or skip a beat. Everything must flow and it helps
when you study up beforehand.

Then my other job is that we do PR for businesses. We help enhance a business virtually like Facebook fan page, Twitter and YouTube or a physical store that needs publicity.

What were you doing before you moved to Phuket?
I am originally from Hong Kong and moved to US when I was 10. I grew up in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business at Bowling Green State University and got my first job as a CMT at Hyatt Regency Columbus.

How long have you lived on the island and why did you move here?
I have lived in Phuket for six years now and love it here. I moved here because my husband (Best) is Thai and he wants to move back to his home land and we also saw a lot of work opportunities here.

What is the best thing about living in Phuket?
Initially is of course the sun, beach and excellent food; but living anywhere
new is about integration into the society. I grew up with a strong Asian influence because my grandma is the person that I’m very close to but growing up in the States made my mentality very foreign (my friends call me a banana – yellow on the outside but white on the inside!) and I find many like-minded people here in Phuket.  

What do you do to relax?
I meditate and exercise. These are the only things that really relaxes me. I realise after having two kids that balance in life is very important.

What hobbies or sports are you most interested in?
I love rollerblading.  That’s my favourite sport (if it’s considered a sport). But the roads here don’t allow me to rollerblade much, so I run. I also love technology
so I’m well-connected online.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I remembered going to the park with my parents as well as going to Shallow Bay to play sand and swim in HK. But I had to have McDonald’s breakfast beforehand.

Diamond Resort Phuket

Favourite food or dish?
I like different foods from different cultures. I love real Chinese food and tom yum kung. I also love Italian food and once in a while need my burger fix.

What kind of music are you into?
I like hip hop for dancing and anything contemporary. Currently my favourites are Adele, Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas.

What is the best tip you have for people moving to Phuket?
Keep an open mind and think positive because anywhere you go there is good and bad. You’re bound to have things that’s different from your country.

The person you admire the most?
I always find attributes of different people whom I admire so its not just one person. But if I have to pick, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Her traumatic past taught her to be who she is today. She used the media and her experience for the greater good of the world.  She certainly broadened my mind and those of many others.

Where in Phuket would you take someone on a first date?
This is something I haven’t had to think about in a long time. But if I have a first date, I would take him to a theme park to ride roller coasters and then finish the day off  being wet at a water park.

If you could come back as any other person who would it be and why?
I chose this life... so I wouldn’t choose to be anyone else.

Favourite place on the island?
I love Nai Harn beach, and being at home with my family because it makes me happy.

What’s your favourite night out?
Having a date with my husband or chilling with my girlfriends with a nice dinner, and then listening to music somewhere in Phuket Town.

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