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Phuket announces ‘5T’ model for receiving tourists, includes mandatory US$100k health insurance

Phuket announces ‘5T’ model for receiving tourists, includes mandatory US$100k health insurance

PHUKET: Phuket officials have announced their ‘5T’ model in order to safely allow foreign tourists into Phuket from Oct 1, which includes mandatory US$100,000 health insurance coverage.

By The Phuket News

Thursday 27 August 2020, 01:10PM

Phuket Vice Governor Phichet Panaphong announced the 5T model yesterday (Aug 26). The measures to be implemented in Phuket are under great scrutiny, as they are to be rolled out elsewhere in the country, if they prove successful.

Vice Governor Phichet explained that tourists wanting to come to Phuket must be approved by a Royal Thai Embassy and have evidence of COVID-19 test proving they are COVID-free within 72 hours before departing. Alternatively, they must present a ‘Fit to Fly’ or other documents proving they are free of infection.

Also, tourists must have health insurance coverage of US$100,000 in case medical treatment is required, V/Gov Phichet said.

“They must acknowledge that after arriving, they must remain at a hotel recognised as an Alternative Local State Quarantine (ALSQ) venue for 14 days, and they will be tested two times during their stay at the hotel. The first test will be conducted sometime on days three to five of their stay, and the second test will be conducted on days 11 to 13 of their stay,” he said.

“The Phuket government has cooperated with hotel owners, medical staff, police, the military and other relevant people to prepare and work best under the orders of the CCSA [Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration in Bangkok],” V/Gov Phichat added.

Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPHO) Chief Thanit Sermkaew explained that the Phuket government had devised a “5T” policy, “in order to be an effective pilot province for welcoming foreign tourists”. 

The 5T policy was described as follows:

Dive Supply Co., Ltd.

Target – selecting target groups of foreigners as approved by CCSA and choosing venues as ALSQs

Testing – all tourists must be tested before coming and after arriving

Tracing – using an app to know where the tourists are in real time

Treatment – having enough medical staff, medicines and equipment to take care of them

Trust – publicizing information about the readiness and the effective preparations for creating trust and confidence among local people and foreigners

“Under the 5T measures, I confirm that Phuket is ready to be the pilot province and role model to welcome foreigners from abroad as ordered by CCSA, in order to stimulate national economy with high safety of local people,” Chief Thanit said.

Of note, the 5T policy and its measures must be submitted to the CCSA in Bangkok for approval, before they can be put into effect.

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skip | 30 August 2020 - 18:01:24

i cant see any tourists coming under those conditions. 2 weeks in quarantine at a price of course,then 2 weeks in quarantine on return to their country of origin at a cost of around $3000 in australia. by the way, the inaccurate PCR test takes a few days to get the results, so a test within 72 hours in not feasible. a blood serology test will prove infected or not. 6 weeks for a 2 week holiday.

Kurt | 29 August 2020 - 10:54:38

Thai Authorities should demand a Holiday Travel, Health and Accident Insurance for the holiday travel from foreigners. Such Insurance covers everything. No need to come up with that funny 100K insurance demand. If they just look a bit into how matters insurance wise are arranged abroad for holiday travels, that would things ease a lot.

drmokie | 29 August 2020 - 02:46:20

An older man, such as myself, cannot get health insurance. That’s why I occasionally return to the USA like I did 3/7/20. What can I do? Surely Thai officials have thought of this. I support 9 people in Thailand and have for the last six years. My requests fall on deaf Thai officials ears

Hayat | 28 August 2020 - 19:09:38

I believe this approach is fair and reasonable, phuket might not be fully equipped to contain any spread, while they are trying to revive tourism, they must also be aware of their resources and ability. I don't understand the big hate! 

DJW | 28 August 2020 - 16:44:22

As a resident of Phuket this is really disappointing to here. We will have a second wave in Phuket if thIs goes ahead, and the
Government will lock us down again. An Island is easy to isolate...shut the airport down and close the bridge again. The Thai staff will not isolate at the hotels. They will spread the virus throughout the Island from contact with the tourists. Complete idiotic idea!

LALALA | 28 August 2020 - 16:06:28

again..welcome in LALALAND.... it is simply ridiculous.... hope the flights out of BKK to Dubai announced by Emirates will happen

fedepar | 28 August 2020 - 13:42:28

Elder people, and people with pre-existing pathology, cannot have a 100.000 $ insurance, and many have      unlimited health covers that are not "insurance". What about hese people ?

Kurt | 28 August 2020 - 09:55:07

This is about foreign tourism, yes? I see a photo with thai text.  Can it be more clear that Thai officials really not understand how to handle foreign tourism? Text in thai language? Complete off the world. Not creating confidence and trust.  Is it just thai money making thinking/filler with a new 5T slogan?   Foreigners look through that nonsense.

Kurt | 28 August 2020 - 09:45:02

Red in BP that medical tourism is not getting of the ground as Thai officials regimental planned. This is not about Thai 'planning', it is first about understanding foreigners thinking. They are the one who have to come and spend money in their way of thinking. There is to much advantage taking thinking among Thai officials towards any form of 'tourism' this moment.

Kurt | 28 August 2020 - 08:54:20

Thai Officials, with demand for $100,000 insurance have no knowledge/any idea that in many countries are unlimited health care schemes( for which people pay a premium). Besides that, additional travel-health insurances are available. Why Thai Officialdom not 1 time try to look over the border and are not always so directed inward, show lack of knowledge.

Dukkkman | 28 August 2020 - 06:22:18

I will not visit under those conditions. I have been coming to Phuket for 15 years with my wife and we stay for 2 or 3 weeks. A big part of our visit is to see our Thai friends . locked in a hotel will not be my holiday .My tourist baht will not be spent. So sad

drmokie | 28 August 2020 - 03:08:47

Thai gov’t extremely stupid. Health insurance is too expensive to come to Thailabd

Dicko | 27 August 2020 - 19:37:52

How and why are "target tourists" selected? Money, politics? Testing.. haha yeah right, we've all seen the accuracy of testing here to date. Tracing.. will never work, just need to turn your phone off. More importantly how many Thais with zero PPE will be exposed to these tourists during the 2 weeks of their hotel stay and take that infection into their communities? 

Svcoquette | 27 August 2020 - 17:47:12

Many foreign tourists will not be able to prove the $100,000 US medical coverage. As retired Americans we are covered by government sponsored Medicare with no set coverage limit. Many countries have similar plans or socialized medical coverage. Better to require foreign tourists to prove they have the financial means to look after themselves. 

ericphuket | 27 August 2020 - 16:17:07

Useless money and time, nobody is accepting these unsane rules

Foot | 27 August 2020 - 16:13:25

Unless someone has to come to Thailand, why would any tourist visit when it's so much expense and effort?
Affordability? No
Beaches? No. Many countries have beautiful beaches.
Attractions?  No.  Many countries have great attractions.
This plan is doomed to fail because tourists don't have to come to Thailand.

JSombra | 27 August 2020 - 14:21:57

'Alternatively, they must present a ‘Fit to Fly’ or other documents proving they are free of infection.'

Bad idea, should be actual tests, FTF certs are useless. There is good reason vast majority of infected in Q. are Thais as they are not tested before boarding. Its not just about safety but also public perception, you want minimum of cases even in quarantine

jm | 27 August 2020 - 13:52:37

5 zero is the number of tourists under those rules.


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