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Phi Phi Islands under new ‘special service’ entry fees

Phi Phi Islands under new ‘special service’ entry fees

PHUKET: The Phi Phi Islands national park areas and other popular national park destinations for Phuket tourists have been included in a list of national parks that now charge foreigners extra for entry.

By The Phuket News

Thursday 6 October 2022, 12:17PM

The new parks fees, issued by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP), were posted on the DNP official Facebook page last Friday (Sept 30).

The post, showing only the new order, evidenced that the new fees were quietly signed into immediate effect on Sept 19 by DNP forestry officer Monchanok Wongwijit, on behalf of DNP Director-General Rachada Suriyakul na Ayutthaya.

The new fees have yet to be announced on the official DNP website.

The latest park entry fee announcement notes only prices for foreigners. Under the order, entry fees for Thai nationals to all national park areas remain unchanged.

The order marked that entry to Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand’s first national park and third largest national park in the country, will cost foreign adults B400 and foreign children B200 each to enter.

In the Gulf of Thailand, national park areas near Koh Samet and the Ang Thong Islands now cost foreigners adults B300 each for entry, and foreign children B150 each.

Entry to the Haad Nopparat Thara Beach - Phi Phi Islands National Park, including areas on Phi Phi Don Island, Phi Phi Lei Island and Bamboo Island (Koh Maipai), will cost foreign adults B400 and foreign children B200.

Under the order, the new entry fees have now been expanded to affect access to national park areas in the Koh Lanta area, including Koh Rok island, Koh Ngai island and Koh Ha Island, as well as the popular dive sites at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. Access to DNP protected areas at these locations will now cost foreign adults B400 and foreign children B200.

The latest announcement for national park entry fees follows the DNP in June announcing a slew of price rises for foreigners entering national park areas.

In the June announcement, which announced the restructuring of parks into categories according to entry fees charged, the Similan Islands National Park and the Surin Island National Park, also both popular destinations for Phuket tourists, were placed into a category of their own.

Foreign adults are now charged B500 each time for entering the park and foreign children charged B250 for each visit. Thai national adults are charged B100 and Thai children B50 each.

To download the full schedule of fees (in Thai), click here.

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Kurt | 07 October 2022 - 11:11:37

Seeing the photo of that DNP tourist director I can only sigh.  How this man can sign a 'order', only in Thai language, as the order concerns only foreigners, tourists, expats, retirees. Where is the thinking. And with complete ignorance of world wide powerful cyber/internet forums/info.  What a feudal thinking.

Kurt | 07 October 2022 - 10:22:46

Head line of this article could be also: "Phi Phi Island under renewed foreign tourist scamming and discrimination treath". Without any respect for or thanks to foreign tourist that they choose Thailand as a holiday destination. But how much longer tourists like to go Thailand? Transport, eating ( dual menu prices), visiting locations, it is all being scammed because they are not Thai.

JohnC | 07 October 2022 - 09:53:02

One more reason why foreigners should look to other destinations unstead of Thailand for their holidays. If they actuallly used that money to maintain and beautify their national parks I might be inclined to visit some of them again. Nnobody likes to know they are being charged 5 times as much. so they try to 'hide' the local prices by only writing it in Thai language. A complete rip off!!

Capricornball | 06 October 2022 - 21:36:56

As if all the troubling news about taxi mafia and associated cartels hasn't put enough of a dent into tourism, officials want to double down on the tourist cash cows and crank up the prices everywhere they visit. More tax on tourists, much (most) of which will not go into maintaining the parks, but instead will fill the pockets of greedy corrupt officials. 

charles | 06 October 2022 - 21:18:33

of course that means for Phiphi dive trips they will now be charging 800baht or is there also an increase on the dive fee it was 200baht for park fee & 400 for diving feee or are they going to double the diving fee also. Way to drive away tourism for diving Thailand 

Kurt | 06 October 2022 - 17:03:15

More and more Thailand lift her blinds, and shows real greedy discriminating money face towards foreigners. Foreign tourists:..Be aware! The Thai scamming you starts at arrival, and follows you until you leave again for your home country. Remember, the thai smile is a 'wallet smile', for your money. Not for you as a human.

Nasa12 | 06 October 2022 - 13:17:50

 So what is not special service for foreigners in this racist country. Like police, Immigration, Taxi, tuck-tuck e.t.c. they all have special services and prices for foreigners. 


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