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Patong floods amid heavy downpours

PHUKET: Heavy downpours in Patong left many streets in the tourism town flooded last night, with some streets still affected this morning (Oct 14).

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Friday 14 October 2022, 11:48AM

Areas affected by flooding included inside Patong Police Station, along Sai Nam Yen Rd, in front of Patong Hospital, the Banzaan Market, Phra Metta Rd, and in front of the Jungceylon shopping mall.

In many areas cars could slowly continue their way through the floodwaters, but motorbike riders were not so lucky.

Floodwaters in some areas reached 50 to 70cm deep, with the town’s drain network unable to cope with the deluge.

Some reports noted that the flooding was exacerbated by a high tide impeding the flow of water from drains emptying into the bay.

Patong Police at 4:50am today were ordered to assist in moving government vehicles out of the area urgently and report the impact of the floods to the Phuket Provincial Police Incident Service Center.

By 7am this morning, most of the floodwaters had dissipated, leaving local residents, business owners and municipality workers with trash, mud and other debris to clean up.

Of note, many of the drain grates along the mains roads needed to have trash cleared from them so runoff could be inducted into the drains below.

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christysweet | 19 October 2022 - 10:02:25

The US Pentagon  has known polar warming would be a de stabilizing  force since the early 70's Musk was a toddler then. In 1976 US Pres J Carter had a plan to wean USA off oil by 2000. Big Oil swung into action and  got Reagan elected and it's been downhill ever since.  

Taswegian | 19 October 2022 - 05:24:27

Climate change, the get rich quick scheme trumpeted by carpetbaggers like Elon Musk. How many of their dire predictions have come true? Try any number between Minus 1 and zero...

GerryT81 | 18 October 2022 - 18:53:47

Uhuhuh Christy. Doomsday is looming. First there was Covid and now there is never ending rain. We're all damned . Time to build an ark !

christysweet | 18 October 2022 - 15:13:05

History is full of cultures that suffered badly from climate change- what if it doesn't stop raining? What if the ' season' is also innundated with rain and flooding- what then Phuket?  Don't  get comfortable - big changes are ahead.

christysweet | 18 October 2022 - 14:53:51

What's that? Rainwater runoff from the streets  flows into the bay as a matter of natural course?   Tourists swimming in oil, dirt, piss, puke, crap and assorted garbage.  As gross as it gets.  

Kurt | 18 October 2022 - 12:28:25

@harald, everyone of us who see/experience the functioning of police, Immigration, public transport on Phuket is a 'expert'. :-)    By the way this very moment visa agents are still running in out Immigration office. And that while the Immigration laws stipulate that passport owners must apply in person. To let a agent doing it for you costs 12,000 till 20,000 Baht.

harald | 17 October 2022 - 17:37:26

this Kurt is not only a police and immigration "expert" but now. "expert" too in flooding. drain systems and so on :-D why such people live here, where everything is supposed to be so bad and bad, is really a mystery to me. people like him would certainly be in great demand as an all-round "expert" in the usa, where there are never floods, sewage pipes and sewers are ...

Kurt | 15 October 2022 - 00:51:24

Drain grates and drain lines should be cleaned before and continuesly during wet season, not after flooding. Thai have to change that traditional handling into so called anticipating proactive thinking/doing. Why they never learn their lessons? And the debris shows that they not keep Patong clean. Look at that canal behind Patong hospital, what a filty dirty stinky open sewage.


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