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Officials aim to halve deaths on Phuket roads by 2027

Officials aim to halve deaths on Phuket roads by 2027

PHUKET: Phuket officials have announced a policy to try to halve the number of deaths on Phuket’s roads within the next five years.

By The Phuket News

Wednesday 15 June 2022, 09:58AM

Phuket Vice Governor Anupap Rodkwan Yodrabam revealed the goal during a meeting of the Phuket Province Road Safety Administrative Center Committee at Phuket Provincial Hall yesterday (June 14).

The goal is to reduce the rate of road accident deaths to 12 people per 100,000 population by the year 2027,  Vice Governor Anupap told the meeting, held at the Phuket office of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM-Phuket).

The lofty goal would see Phuket’s current resident population of over 500,000 suffer “only” 41 road deaths a year.

However, Phuket has already suffered 42 deaths and 7,079 people injured in road accidents so far this year, according to the Thai Road Safety Council.

Last year, while under severe travel constraints greatly hampering the arrival of tourists on the island, Phuket suffered 70 deaths and 13,138 people injured in road accidents.

In 2020, Phuket suffered 106 deaths and 16,859 people injured in road accidents.

Vice Governor Anupap pointed out that achieving the goal would require a concerted effort by all agencies involved.

CBRE Phuket

“Operations such as strict enforcement of the law by responsible officers and the prosecution of violators for non-compliance with the law to receive the maximum penalty so that drivers strictly comply with the law,” was one of the key requirements, he said.

Other actions included making road crossing areas safe, such as by ensuring drivers have reduced speed before reaching the crosswalk, as well as providing clear traffic markings on the road surfaces.

More clearly visibly traffic warning signs were required, for both drivers and pedestrians, to be able to see clearly, were also required.

Road safety awareness activities at schools were needed to ensure safety, especially at school crossings, V/Gov Anupap said.

“Awareness campaigns are needed to educate drivers of the losses that may occur from undisciplined driving and not following traffic rules,” he added.

All local municipalities are to hold such activities every month, and inform the committee of their efforts to improve road safety over the past month on the fifth day of each month, V/Gov Anupap said.

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JohnC | 16 June 2022 - 09:23:22

The only way they will ever successfully half the road death toll is to half the number of people using (abusing) the roads of Phuket. And stop RTP officers doing traffic control at busy intersections. All they do it make the traffic jams even worse. Arrest and lock up ANY parent who let's their children use their motorbikes too.

Wilko | 15 June 2022 - 22:34:49

Why do they say things like this? They don't seem to understand why the deaths occur, they have no knowledge of road safety - even though advice is freely available . it ISN"T the drivers, it ISN"T the police it is a combination of these and several other factors. If they tackled the emergency services and got people to hospital on time, they'd save hundreds of lives, if they reg...

Kurt | 15 June 2022 - 19:10:59

Today,13:00hrs, standing in front of Police boot Chalong Circle a RTP LT( 1 star on shoulders). Observed in 7 minutes about 30 Thai on motorbike without helmet passed by him at 3 metres distance. He didn't blink a eye. As long this is attitude RTP, that long nothing will change Thai traffic behavior. They just laugh about such RTP officers. Good for nothing. PM, hello, Reform!

Capricornball | 15 June 2022 - 17:42:09

Phuket officials can aim wherever they want, but with the RTP being the party responsible for compliance, they can kiss off any hopes of change.  The police need to change...which they never will, so nothing will ever change.  Only financial punishment will bring change, as locals don't really care about anything else.

harald | 15 June 2022 - 15:33:55

By the way, when I look at the numbers, I only see confirmation of what I knew from the start. compared to road traffic, covid is relatively harmless and therefore i never wore a mask and i remained unvaccinated, except for a short while at immigration or shopping

harald | 15 June 2022 - 15:28:06

i live and drive here on phuket for over 10 years with my various honda click 125i and have never had an accident, and i have never been asked to pay by the police because i always have my crash helmet on and my driver's license with me. I know such police officers who allegedly only enrich themselves during controls through rumors spread by other farangs :-D 

BigaAResort | 15 June 2022 - 14:25:50

how many times I had hear promises like this in the past 30 years ,many! there is only one thing that work for me,I sold my car and take from now on  a private taxi,sitting next to the lady driver watch here driving and now I knew !! there is no way that my  logic , common sense can ever adjust to Thai stile driving ! Horst

christysweet | 15 June 2022 - 13:17:24

Yada yada yada..More police pocket enriching harassment of lower income scooter users whose choice to not wear a helmet in no way impacts other drivers while the most dangerous and prolific  offenders, speeding taxis and tailgating commerical  trucks  will continue their selfish, hazardous habits.

Kurt | 15 June 2022 - 12:03:05

Just bla-bla. Such need a mentality change among road users. We will not see tthat happen.  And, the officials from now are gone in 2027 and so their today's aim. Just empty self-glorifying words. Suggestive activity, but in real handsitting.

Fascinated | 15 June 2022 - 12:01:09

'strict enforcement by responsible(!!!) officers' and 'maximum penalties'  are you sure this isn't 1 April? Realistic fines and punishments need to be introduced- remember the minibus that wiped out 4 other vehicles outside Cherng Talay Cop shop? B500 and on his way. I stopped at a crossing yesterday only to incur the ire of the driver behind me. Even the pedestrian was confuse...


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