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Nok Air plane slides off runway in Chiang Rai, all flights cancelled

Nok Air plane slides off runway in Chiang Rai, all flights cancelled

CHIANG RAI: A Nok Air Boeing 737-800 slid off the runway while landing at the Mae Fah Luang international airport in the northern province of Chiang Rai in heavy rain on Saturday night (July 30).

By Bangkok Post

Sunday 31 July 2022, 04:21PM

Rescuers and medics help passengers leave a Nok Air plane after it slid off a runway at Mae Fah Luang airport in Chiang Rai on Saturday. Photo: Warangkhana Wongchai / Facebook 

Rescuers and medics help passengers leave a Nok Air plane after it slid off a runway at Mae Fah Luang airport in Chiang Rai on Saturday. Photo: Warangkhana Wongchai / Facebook 

No people were injured in the incident, reported the Bangkok Post.

According to an announcement issued by the airline on Saturday, Nok Air Flight DD108 (Don Mueang - Chiang Rai) with 164 passengers and six crew members on board departed from Don Mueang airport at 8:03pm and arrived at Mae Fah Luang airport at 9:06pm.

While landing, the aircraft slid off the runway because of the heavy rain but the pilots managed to safely bring the aircraft to a halt. All of the passengers and crew members were safely moved to the passenger building. Nobody was injured.

An investigation was underway into the incident.

According to the announcement, the company took good care of the passengers by providing them with snacks and drinks while waiting for their luggage.

However, some of the passengers posted comments on Facebook, saying that they were not provided with any refreshments as announced by the airline.

Nok Air said on Sunday that all flights to Chiang Rai were cancelled.

CBRE Phuket

The Mae Fah Luang airport also said the runway would be closed on Sunday between 6am and 10pm due to the incident.

As a result, Thai Smile, Thai Vietjet and Thai Air Asia will on Sunday transport their departing passengers by bus from Mae Fah Luang airport in Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai international airport, from where they can further travel by air to their destinations.

Passengers continued to air anger at the low-cost airline about its claims it had helped passengers on the plane and others with flight bookings.

Many complained about a busy signal at its call centre 1318, saying they tried calling for hours without anyone picking up.  They only heard an automated reply apologising for inconvenience as the line was busy.

They also criticised Nok Air for failing to take care of passengers with outgoing flights after other airlines arranged buses to take their customers to the airport in Chiang Mai. 

A Facebook user named Warangkhana Wongchai said after the incident, crew members kept most passengers in the aircraft for about an hour, allowing fewer than 20 to leave. They were eventually permitted to disembark only after mounting complaints from passengers saying they found it difficult to breathe in the cabin, she said.

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Pascale | 05 August 2022 - 16:30:44

@ Kurt  Regarding Aviation safety.net.  All information you read there at this time are available from news,social media or unofficial sources as stated under "Confidence Rating" by the same website ! So there is still no official report regarding this incident. 
Regarding " Disaster". Still can't find  any "Aviation" related website calling it a disaster. Probab...

christysweet | 04 August 2022 - 16:04:00

Read it again-  the nose gear collapsed during efforts to free it from the mud- as did the left side main carriage. Guess they won't be using that plane tomorrow. 

christysweet | 04 August 2022 - 16:01:01

 "Walk away from..' is just a pilot's  saying. Chuck Yeager famously added; "and a great landing is when you can use the plane the next day..." I am satisfied as to  the decision to keep the passengers on board due to insufficient equipment  to transport them  en masse, and heavy rain / lighting. was around the airport. 

Kurt | 04 August 2022 - 11:16:30

Pascale just googled 'disaster' in general.   However, international Maritime- and Aviation protocols defined their 'disaster' thinking/meaning.
Flight school taught Christy walking away from crashed aircraft is a good one, litterarely, not includes keeping doors closed and 144 passengers sitting in the dark, without ventilation 1 hr, to safe money on slides deployment.

Kurt | 04 August 2022 - 10:49:57

Aviation-Safety.net clearly reported that the nose landing gear collapsed! Did not read yet or the aircraft has been removed. Is there equipment for available at that airport?

Dave_C | 03 August 2022 - 13:59:53

I don't believe you Christy. Your flight school would never have taught you that. The aircraft slid off the runway. Fire risk with potential foreign object damage.

christysweet | 03 August 2022 - 12:36:12

Aviation-Safety.net has pictures showing the plane was intially in a  normal position  and that later  pics circulating in Thai meida are after the  nose gear sunk into the mud. No landing gear ever collapsed. PPrune.net is also a good source of info  

christysweet | 03 August 2022 - 10:34:00

I  doubt that claim. Only a poor professsional makes a determination  before all the facts are in. My flight school taught us any landing you walk away from is a good one. 

Pascale | 02 August 2022 - 19:00:21

Please Kurt, google the meaning of the word " Disaster ". And now please get a grip and let real experts do their investigation into this accident. All your assumptions are meaningless.

Dave_C | 02 August 2022 - 15:40:12

Christy. I am an Airline Pilot and Kurt is 100% correct. The aircraft should have been evacuated as soon as possible. End of story.

christysweet | 02 August 2022 - 12:13:45

Of course there is going to be an CAAT investigation into this mishap (and likely the US NTSB too,)  and the pilot will be asked to explain his actions and decisions  and that is entirely routine. If passengers left the plane on their own  that hardly bolsters an argument  they should have been allowed to evacuate  without  sufficient staff or  equipement to keep them safe.  

DeKaaskopp | 02 August 2022 - 12:08:31

@Nasa12     You copied a comment from BangkokPost. How about writing your own comment next time?

Kurt | 02 August 2022 - 11:13:22

christysweet, hold your horses. :-)  CAAT already started investigation why captain kept 144 passengers more than 1 hour on board in a dark cabin without ventilation. He not knowing/be sure a fire could have broken out. The 20 passengers after safely sliding of, they opened a door ( ignoring the order to remain in seat), were not walking on the tarmac, but stayed at other side of plane

Kurt | 02 August 2022 - 11:02:43

If the aircraft was in good technical condition, than this disaster is a human error. 
Pilots get prior dept Don Muang a weather briefing. They knew what weather was 1 hour after dept Don Muang was going to hit airport of arrival. In such circumstances they should be holding/waiting to touch down or deviate to other airport. Ignoring safety rules/protocols? Try a disaster.

christysweet | 02 August 2022 - 10:27:01

This is why you don't want open drainage ditches running parallel to a runway  like Phuket still has. Had this plane gone into one, then what was a mishap  could have easily turned into a flaming 'disaster ' (which is not a term used in IATA 's lexicon,) a la the 1-2 Go crash. 

christysweet | 02 August 2022 - 10:16:25

No. Read it again, the rule is once an evacuation is ordered by the pilot,  it must take no longer than  90 seconds and 'disaster' is not a term used to determine the severity of aircraft mishaps or incidents. 

christysweet | 02 August 2022 - 09:55:12

You do not want panicked passengers running across a tarmac where they can get hit by approaching vehicles. If the plane is safe- as determined by the pilot- it is a far better choice to wait for appropriate staff and equipment. 
Agree the safety culture is dismal so  I do not  fly on any Thai budget airlines since the One-Two Go crash of 2008 

Kurt | 02 August 2022 - 09:44:35

International Aviations + CAAT protocols say that such a plane must be evacuated within 90 seconds via all functional slides if possible. And according these protocols it is a disaster. Sliding of runway and collapsing under carriage. Defenition 'Disaster' is regardles yes/no personal casulties.

Nasa12 | 01 August 2022 - 18:12:39

9 Signs of Incompetent Management: Declining profits, High turnover, Overconfidence, Inadequate quality control, Poor customer service, Ineffective communication, Inconsistent guidance, Negative media coverage. Wait and watch to see how many of these ultimately are true.

christysweet | 01 August 2022 - 12:30:00

 'Disaster'? No one died or was even injured. The pilot has reasons for waiting probably as s/he is aware 'emergency' evacuations often cause injuries. I'm only arguing against conjecture and ignorance stated as fact,  not excusing anything. 

christysweet | 01 August 2022 - 11:58:52

Please point out  where it says "all passengers must be evacuated immediately if the plane slides off the runway.." No such 'rule' exists because it's ridiculous. We do not know why those 20 got off before everyone else. You are stating as fact 
 uniformed comments about this incident. Did the pilots make a mistake? Probably  but we don't know- yet. 

Kurt | 01 August 2022 - 11:44:06

During such a airdraft disaster the first thing to do is by al means a very fast aircraft evacuation. I now question or the slides of this aircraft were operational. What I heard from my friend-passenger justify my questioning. No sweet excusing talks, Christysweet.

Kurt | 01 August 2022 - 11:36:47

@christysweet,  I was writing: "Crew AND rescue services". Why? Call centre 1318 didn't response! Line was 'busy'. Obviously Sunday, that time, no one was in call centre. Indeed, I am not a pilot, but know a bit about international procedures regarding aircraft evacuation. Nothing justified not deploying slides. Evacuating 20 passengers, and keep 144 on board? It's unbeli...

christysweet | 01 August 2022 - 10:51:25

Yet the umbrellas are upright over their heads, not blocking a camera's view.  Of course we don't know when this pic was taken. We don't know a lot in fact about the entire situation so leaping to conclusionary judgements is not appropriate 

christysweet | 01 August 2022 - 10:48:48

Kurt, you are not an airline pilot and do not know the condition of the aircraft.  So your opinion stated as fact simply does not sway mine. YOu  blamed the ground   staff for not evacuating the plane and that was what I was addressing in my comment.   


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