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New scheme aims to raise the standard of Phuket taxi services

New scheme aims to raise the standard of Phuket taxi services

PHUKET: A new scheme aimed to improve taxi efficiency standards and service across the island was launched yesterday (Sept 4).

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Saturday 5 September 2020, 01:46PM

Phuket Land Transport Office Chief Banyat Kantha and Phuket Provincial Police Commander Pol.Maj.Gen. Rungroj Tagore Punyasiri led more than 300 public taxi drivers to join the “Hello Taxi Happy Phuket” project at the Phuket Land Transport Office (PLTO).

The inititive enables customers to rate their experience via an app where they can score the driver and service provided. In doing so it is hoped the standards of service will not only be raised but maintained.

“The purpose is to develop standards by providing an efficient and systematic service for both tourists and residents of Phuket,” said Mr Banyat.

“All of the 300 drivers that signed up to the project will adopt the same standards by offering a clean, courteous, safe service with fair prices and clear and transparent rates.

“The motivation for the driver to uphold these high standards is the customer scoring system which will determine their overall level of service.”

Mr Banyat further explained that Phuket province is in the top ten tourist attractions worldwide and it is therefore very important that the public transport facilities are upgraded and maintained, especially when tourists start returning to the island when restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted.

It is hoped the project will prove to be a success and customers will be encouraged to use the “Hello Taxi Happy Phuket” on a more widespread basis in future.

“The first 300 taxi drivers have been selected and will present a new image for everyone to see,” commented the Commander of Phuket Police Maj Gen Rungrote Thakurapunyasiri.

“All will be very presentable wearing the same neat uniform.

“We aim to show that we really have changed and will be offering the highest of standards. The next step will be a rehersal with the developers of the app which we envisage will prove very efficient. We wish all drivers to be proud and work collectively to develop the system with patience and offer the highest standards of service,” Gen Rungrote added.

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LALALA | 06 September 2020 - 11:05:52

Kurt is right...but i would not even use them if they would drive me for free..simply because they driving like idiots

Kurt | 06 September 2020 - 10:14:14

Hollow, empty words. --> "Raise, upgrade standards and maintain, present new image, show we really have changed ( prove it!), etc" . Just the uniform is new, as filler. As long the taximeter  fares are not the same as in Bangkok, that long they not get even the benefit of the doubt. Many expats and retirees will continue to drive each other to and from Phuket airport.

Capricornball | 05 September 2020 - 17:35:39

Ha! I guess this is a worthwhile effort, but generally, a tiger never changes his stripes.  And unfortunately, those new drivers that may actually follow some rules will likely be targeted by the public transport mafiosos with the standard violence and childlike bullying. There should be a measure where any driver caught cheating or speeding gets fired.

Chas | 05 September 2020 - 17:28:14

How about charging the same as in Bangkok?

(Yes, I was joking.)

Galong | 05 September 2020 - 17:27:28

“Hello Taxi Happy Phuket” Oh great, now I've got beer all over my monitor!  Who came up with this silly name, a Japanese schoolgirl?


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