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Musing in the Mire: Good Vibrations-The healing art of Himalayan singing bowls

Musing in the Mire: Good Vibrations-The healing art of Himalayan singing bowls

A quiet, growing community in the southern village of Rawai knows of a little oasis. A tranquil hideaway but a stone’s throw from the street hustle on Soi Saiyuan.Many may also know the wonders of A Spoonful of Sugar Cafe, but unaware of the even sweeter haven that lies just beyond. And its name is Jungala.

By David Jacklin

Saturday 15 February 2020, 04:00PM

Jungala is an alternative and holistic healing centre run by life partners, Wolf and Ploy.

Jungala is an alternative and holistic healing centre run by life partners, Wolf and Ploy.

Jungala is an alternative and holistic healing centre run by life partners, Wolf and Ploy. Their story is as organic as their philosophy. Wolf was exploring Hindu culture in Bali before venturing to Thailand to study Muay Thai. It was whilst in Phuket that he met Ploy, who had just set about opening Spoonful.

Life has a playful path for our fateful journey, and they found themselves running this wonderful cafe together for seven years. Their interest in trekking and yoga in Nepal led to a wider exploration of its hidden treasures, including the ancient healing art of the Himalayan singing bowls. The adventurous duo were accepted as students of Swami Chaitanya Krishna at the Golden Temple Healing Centre in Katmandu, and their lives forever changed.

The Himalayan Art of Healing & Therapy involves many disciplines which find theory and balance in both spiritual and scientific practices. Their experiences and self-healing as practitioners led Ploy to sell the cafe and develop the land she owned behind the business to create Jungala.

Jungala is the Sanskrit word for the jungle, and when you enter this peaceful, forested and fauna rich environment you know its name is spot on. This is the haven where they practice their art and has slowly evolved into a sound healing and meditation centre, with a community focus at its heart.

Ploy and Wolf wanted to create a happy refuge from the busy world outside, a place where people could simply come and sit or co-work. The communal area provides free water, bananas and a friendly space to the life weary.

The Jungala plot also houses buildings for individual therapy and larger group session spaces. It has a developing programme of yoga, including Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga classes.

Ploy and Wolf offer Seven Chakra Meditation sessions on Thursday and Saturday mornings, which are free with a donation option. These hour-long sessions consist of an active part, where individuals chant (Mantra), preform hand pose positions (Mudra), and sound bowls are struck (Yantra) corresponding to the different chakra centres.

This is followed by a passive period, where students lie down to receive beautiful variations in tone and vibrational energy from the Himalayan singing bowls. For those uninitiated in a room full of deep vibrations soothing your body centres, it’s quite the experience, let alone an education. The session is followed by a free tea and plant-based cake gathering for the growing number of attendees to socialise and enjoy the space.

It’s the individual and group therapy sessions that may prove the most beneficial for those with physical health issues or individuals needing emotional or addiction support.


“In individual or couple healing therapies, we first have a consultation to discuss the areas of focus, physical disease or addictions,” explains Ploy. “For each personalised therapy session, we use patterns and variations in the bowls, which are master crafted to correlate to seven planets and chakra healing points on the body.”

The therapy sessions are based in the Vedic and Tibetan traditional principles that everything is interconnected within the resonance of the universe. Specific bowls are placed and struck on different physical areas relating to the consultation, and the healing vibration can be felt entering the body and engaging different areas, both physically and mentally.

“It’s a state of self-healing,” continues Wolf. “We naturally have a range of different brain waves. The bowls activate the deeper theta and delta waves, directly affecting the central nervous and immune systems.”

The experience is a surprisingly tactile, healing sound bath, with an orchestrated range of tones and vibrations entering and triggering areas of your body to different effect.

From the sub-atomic to deep space, our universe is based on waves and frequencies, and whether you’re a scientific scholar or a soul seeker, it’s no giant leap to consider that specific vibration will have different impacts on our being.

And so what to Jungala’s future? Ploy’s vision is clear. “We are looking to develop the programme of activities for the community, from yoga to basic and advanced level courses in sound healing. This can lead to further study trips to Nepal with Master Practitioners, and a deeper understanding of the intrinsic culture that underlies this healing art form.”

“Jungala is all about educating people,” adds Wolf. “The modern world is too focused on the body, and we need to re-connect with the mind and soul too. We have the opportunity to disseminate this knowledge and healing potential.
“Ultimately, we wish to invite people here to our space... maybe we have something for you.”

Jungala’s motto is ‘Harmony in Existence’, and it’s hard to imagine a more symphonious space where you just might find some well needed good vibrations.

For more information, Jungala Phuket can be reached at
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jungalaphuket/
Phone: 094 598 0880
30/68 Kata-Saiyuan Moo1 Rawai 83130

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