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MTrading Forex Partnership Program

In this article, we will talk about the MTrading Forex Partnership Program to provide you with an overview of the program and the rewards of partnering with MTrading. If you’re still not clear about coming on board the program, you will learn all the details you need to know and boost your confidence.

By In Conjunction

Tuesday 9 November 2021, 01:15PM

In this article, we will talk about the MTrading Forex Partnership Program to provide you with an overview of the program and the rewards of partnering with MTrading. If you’re still not clear about coming on board the program, you will learn all the details you need to know and boost your confidence.

How can you earn with MTrading?

The partnership program is designed to give brokers a few opportunities to make more money. Partners can choose from three reward models from the MTrading Partnership Program:

Revenue Share

Expand your investor network to make money every time your referrals trade. Based on the number of active clients you refer to trade with MTrading, you may get a share of up to 60%. The more investors you bring into the platform, the more rewards you earn each time these investors trade.

For example:

The average gold spread is 40 USD per lot, so when your referred clients trade 10 lots, you get 120 USD revenue share.

Revenue per lot (Per Lot)

You can also earn rewards on every lot traded by your referred clients and it can also expand revenue per lot by referring MTrading trading services to interested customers. The more lots your referred clients traded, the more income you get.

For example:

Let’s say your client trades 10 lots per day of the most popular currency pair EUR/USD, in this case, you will receive $50 per day.

CPA Income

Drive traffic to MTrading’s targeted pages to earn up to $275 each time a visitor completes a specific step. Whether registering, opening an account, or starting a deposit, etc, when an action is taken you earn a commission.

For example:

You have invited a total of 10 traders to make an initial deposit of $600. When they trade 6 lots each, you will receive anywhere from $2000 - $3000 as compensation for closing the completed CPA deal.

Instant payouts on the MTrading Partnership Program

Whatever path you choose as a partner, you are sure to earn massively on the platform. You never have to worry about payday as every payment is instant. You can easily access your profits at any time through any of the available payment gateways on the platform.

Types of Partnership

With that said, earning unlimited passive income on MTrading’s Forex Partnership Program is a great opportunity anyone can leverage by becoming a partner.

The program offers a superb program to 4 types of partnership. You are guaranteed to earn all the rewards we’ve covered so far as long as you belong to any of the following partnership types:

QSI International School Phuket

 1.    Education Center

If you regularly organize offline or online trading seminars or have a group of traders who regularly attend your Workshop, MTrading offers funding for supporting events that can accommodate up to 200+ participants and helps with sponsorship. You may also profit from training niches since, after they join the platform through you, perhaps after receiving MTrading training, you will be paid a referral fee. This means that acquiring new consumers on the MTrading platform can result in revenue.

2.  Trading Strategy Provider

Are you a professional trader? If so, you can earn commissions by sharing some good trading techniques with new traders to build a network of successful traders. Depending on the platform you are using to share this strategy, you can convert the number of followers you have to revenues. Just take advantage of MTrading’s partnership programs and increase your social networking following with our partner-specific marketing materials.

3. Trading Software Providers

If you have a team of trading software developers, MTrading will give you the chance to test your software in real market conditions on its platform. You won’t be paying for this, rather if your trading tools are effective, you will partake in the revenue it makes.

4. Advertisers and Bloggers

If you can get a huge audience to feed on this knowledge, having a website and posting blogs on MTrading can become profitable. ​You will be benefiting exceedingly and continually as the traffic you amass is converted to revenue. Just forward traffic to the MTrading platform and you will be rewarded for every trade and movement of the users you refer.

Becoming a Master IB on MTrading Partnership Program

By becoming a master IB, you can make more passive income on the platform.

A master IB is simply an "introducing broker." As an introducing broker or partner invitee, you get to invite other partners to get on the MTrading platform. These other partners who join the platform through your referral are called your SUB-IB. You can earn massively from building a strong sub-IB list.

The amount of money you make is dependent on you and the number of active sub IB accounts under you. This means you earn more from inviting more introducing brokers to join.

You can earn a master IB reward every week from everything your sub-IBs make (as they will also be actively involved in referring other brokers to the program).

Why partner with MTrading? (Advantages of MTrading Partnership Program)

There are great reasons why you should partner with MTrading today:

  •   Weekly payouts and instant withdrawals via local banks.
  •   Three reward models -  Revenue Share Return, Revenue Per Lot, and CPA Income.
  •   Event sponsorship, online marketing, and support.
  •   Featured articles and interviews to build your target audience.
  •   Regularly updated banners and website pages every month.
  •   Copy Trade solution for passive income.
  •   Convenient partner’s room to track the results.
  •   Help and advice in the local language from the Thai service department.

MTrading also provides the best trading conditions as follows:

-      Easy access trading on popular currency pairs, international stocks, market indices, precious metals, and commodities;

-      Leverage up to 1:1000;

-      Low spreads starting from 0 pips;

-      No requotes.

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Sir Burr | 11 November 2021 - 07:51:51

This is not news. This is advertising and frankly it sounds very dodgy.


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