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Mother asks for B100k dog bite compensation

Mother asks for B100k dog bite compensation

PHUKET: The mother of a 15-year-old girl is seeking B100,000 compensation after her daughter was chased and bitten by a dog as she walked to school in Phuket Town yesterday (Mar 10).

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Thursday 11 March 2021, 11:56AM

Chotika Kansuya, 32, filed a complaint to Lt Col Suchart Meelampong of the Phuket City Police yesterday morning, several hours after the incident occurred.

Ms Chotika told police that at about 6:40am yesterday her daughter Panitnan Saelim was walking to Satree Phuket School as normal. Whilst on Klong Bang Yai canal near the Phuket Wittayalai School a dog suddenly ran from a house, chased her, and bit her left leg.

The dog’s owner, who only wanted to be named as “Ms May”, presented herself later in the afternoon to police for questioning and to negotiate the compensation offer.

Ms Chotika asked for B100,000 as compensation but Ms. May did not agree with that number and stated she would prefer to contest the amount in court.

“I do not think it is reasonable number,” she commented.

Ms. May confirmed to police that she has two dogs – a male known as ‘Khan Thong’ and a female called ‘Khan Ngen’ and both are kept chained to the front of her house.

In recounting her version of events to police she recalled she was cooking food for her dogs in the morning when suddenly they started barking.

“I heard the dogs bark then saw a girl walking past my house who seemed afraid of them. I shouted to her to keep walking and not to look at the dogs to draw attention,” Ms. May said.

“As I shouted to the girl, the chain holding Khan Thong the male dog broke off and he chased after the girl.

“He bit the girl on her leg before I was able to catch him.

“It was not a serious bite and only a small wound. If the dog had really meant to attack and bite aggressively then the wound would be much bigger and far more serious,” she added.

“Khan Thong has never bitten anyone before. I haven’t raised my dogs to attack or bite anyone and I have no idea why the chain restraining him managed to break.

"The mother of the girl also told police that I have three dogs, but I have only two,” Ms. May added.

“She also complained that I ignored the dogs which is untrue as I did warn the girl to keep walking and avoid eye contact so as not to attract their attention,” she said.

Phuket City Municipality office Chief (Palad) Chalermporn Piyanarongroj went to examine the house and found only two dogs. He did advise Ms. May to keep the dogs caged in future to avoid any possible repeat incident occurring.

“I will send some officers to visit tomorrow and check Ms. May has addressed the situation and taken my advice to avoid this happening again in future,” Chief Chalermporn said.

He did not confirm whether the case would go to the courts or provide any further clarification on the compensation sought from the victim’s mother.

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Kurt | 12 March 2021 - 09:21:30

Typical Thai 'responsibility avoiding', throw the blame in a idiot nonsense way on the victim. Completely ignoring that she didn't check or the dog was secured 'chained'.  This woman should not be allowed to have 2 chained dogs. She obviously can't handle the responsibility. Her shouting to the girl did trigger the dog!!!! Let her feel that fact in her wallet.

H2538 | 12 March 2021 - 06:25:09

 "I did warn the girl to keep walking and avoid eye contact so as not to attract their attention,” she said." So typically here, blame the victim.

CaptainJack69 | 11 March 2021 - 13:01:47

Really that's only 3000 US dollars, not unreasonable for an attack resulting in physical injury, plus in the US the owner would lose her dogs, her right to own dogs, and the dog that attacked may even be destroyed. 'Owning' dogs is a privilege not a right, it comes with responsibilities. The owner clearly failed there. I bet her neighbors would be thankful too.


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