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Man killed in collision at Thepkrasattri U-turn

Man killed in collision at Thepkrasattri U-turn

PHUKET: A 54-year-old man died while attempting to make a U-turn on Thepkrasattri Rd in Srisoonthorn yesterday evening (Nov 20).

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Monday 21 November 2022, 04:56PM

Lt Col Sanit Nookong, Deputy Chief of Thalang Police, said officers arrived at the scene after being informed of a collision between a motorbike and a car at the U-turn in front of the Tra Nok cement outlet.

Officers and rescue workers from the “Two Grandmothers” rescue organisation, attached to the Thepkrasattri Tambon Administrative Organisation (OrBorTor), arrived to find a white Toyota Corolla Cross SUV with heavy damage to its front. The car was bearing red licence plates issued to dealerships, indicating that the car was brand-new.

Nearby was a blue Suzuki motorbike with heavy damage to its front.

The rider, Phon Narapong, 54, from Bo Phut on Koh Samui, was lying on the road with critical injuries.

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Mr Phon was rushed by ambulance to Thalang Hospital. Paramedics administered CPR en route, but were unable to revive him. Mr Phon was formally pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Police confirmed through CCTV footage that Mr Phon had driven his motorbike across the southbound lanes while attempting to make a U-turn. He drove across the path of the oncoming Toyota car, which slammed into the motorbike.

Officers have yet to conclude their investigation into the accident. Police so far have not given any indication of fault in the collision. They have also yet to explain the speed of the Toyota car at the time of impact, or name the driver.

Local reports have noted that the U-turn is well known as a local “black spot” for serious accidents. The U-turn is the site of “countless” accidents that cause the loss of life and property, one report said.

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Timothy | 22 November 2022 - 14:16:43

Fascinated, with all due respect....I don't think harald has shown any signs of being sensible. His luck will run out soon enough. One U-turn too many. Another statistic. 

christysweet | 22 November 2022 - 12:37:18

How about less cars on the roads?  Huh  wouldn't that actually solve  just about every problem, everywhere? 

Kurt | 22 November 2022 - 12:09:06

Everywhere, were authorities feel the need for U-turn, should be a location for traffic lights. Life costing problems solved.

Fascinated | 22 November 2022 - 10:44:19

@Harald, instead of mocking others here take off your sensible head and apply your thai head- within 10km I bet you are typing a different view- if you survive of course. We know and drive defensively- they don't. When's the last time you had to jam on your brakes when someone pulled out of a side Soi without stopping?

Timothy | 22 November 2022 - 10:26:23

Well well. harald the motorbike/road traffic expert has set us all straight. Even though Thailand has over 23,000 deaths and over 340,000 serious injuries from road accidents each year, there is nothing dangerous about the roads here. I'll bet this 51 year old guy was riding for a lot longer than 10 years. U-turns are absolutely dangerous. Every smart person knows this. Laugh all you want. 

christysweet | 22 November 2022 - 10:05:17

The dismal safety culture is rooted in a belief that trains people to accept  all is fated, and anyway they'll come back... maybe in a better situation. So go ahead and drive carelessly because  that accident is going  to happen no mater how careful you are. Almost as big a BS load as the western fantasies.  

JohnC | 22 November 2022 - 08:39:34

Every one of those "u-turns" that have been made to supossedly help traffic flow are black spots. In a country where competent driving skills are sadly lacking these are always going to be dangerous.

harald | 22 November 2022 - 00:04:13

again armchair experts who are also experts in road traffic. Every foreigner who, like me, has been riding my bike here for over 10 years without an accident and rides around 20,000 km a year and finds u-turns completely harmless laughs at such things. he also knows that accidents happen again and again and all over the world

Capricornball | 21 November 2022 - 19:37:55

That stretch of highway is insanely dangerous with everyone driving as fast as they want in both directions, thanks to worthless police. Throw in a few thousand clueless fools and !!!BAMMO!!!, this is what we get. These U-turns need to be signalized all along that highway. Or maybe that is by design...a way to cull idiots from the population.

Fascinated | 21 November 2022 - 19:14:06

The u-turns on the roads here are lethal, as we have seen yet again. Speeding cars don't help and red platers seem to have a feeling of entitlement to show off and drive their new cars too fast. People also tend to try and jump the traffic- 30 seconds patience can mean the difference between life and death.


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