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Leading the way

The Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon has become the first hotel to complete and roll out the joint initiative Living Waters Phuket and the Phuket Hotels Association (PHA) Life Bag Project.

By Press Release

Saturday 12 February 2022, 10:00AM

The hotel on Wednesday (Feb 9) handed out 200 Life Bags directly to the Sakhu community, which is their local community in the area around the Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon. Each Life Bag is packed with staple dried and canned foods and household products which feed a family of 4 people, for up to 4 days and costs just 140 baht each bag. 

“If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is that we need more compassion, empathy and community spirit on this planet which needs to start at a local level and build from there. The fantastic job Shaun and his team are doing should be an inspiration to us all and the 200 Life bags to the Sakhu area is the least we could do to support,” said Bret Wilson, GM of the Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon.

Why Life Bags?

With the current economic situation, we are seeing rising COVID-19 cases across Phuket and the surrounding islands, thousands are in community quarantine, many for extended periods of time and there is little to no help being offered. The situation in our villages is at a critical point, and these Life Bags provide staple food and household items to those in need. 

What is the PHA Life Bag Initiative?

Living Waters Phuket are all too familiar with the fact that the local communities need immediate attention, and currently there is an all-time high demand for short-term emergency food relief. 

As a result of this, they engaged with the Phuket Hotels Association to create a campaign where hotels in and around Phuket could donate 100+ Life Bags to their local community. This campaign is a short-term CSR initiative targeted at hotels aiding their own local districts, who are in need of assistance. 

The Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon was quick to understand the local community need and join the cause to help out. As GM Bret Wilson commented further on his support for this initiative: “This Life Bag project ties in with our 9th year Hotel anniversary, and instead of using funds to celebrate with our guests we decided to spend it where it is truly needed, and give back to the community we live in. Seeing the smiles and relief on the local peoples’ faces makes it worthwhile, and we will continue to support these types of initiatives the best we can in Phuket during 2022 and beyond.” 

Living Waters Phuket

Shaun Stenning commented on the initiative, “It’s great to see businesses, foundations and private individuals all combining together to recognise the needs of the local community during this difficult rebuilding time. These sorts of joint effort business, government and Foundation projects should be the cornerstone of how we rebuild Phuket sustainably.”

More To Come

Living Waters Phuket are continuing to work with the Phuket Hotels Association to roll this project out across Phuket and the surrounding islands. They are currently liaising with the local OrBorTor and Village Chiefs to identify critical needs for each hotel’s area.

Further Information on Living Waters Phuket:

Shaun Stenning

+66 (0)93 720 6221

Website – www.livingwatersphuket.com

FacebookLiving Waters Phuket

InstagramLiving Waters Phuket

TwitterLiving Waters_TH

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CaptainJack69 | 12 February 2022 - 10:41:38

200 bags at 140 baht per bag is 28,000 baht. You'll pay that for 4 nights in a basic room at that hotel. Their monthly advertising budget is probably 10 times that amount. Maybe if they'd kept their name out of the media it would be respectable but this is obvious virtue signaling. And to only start now, 2 full years into the pandemic, makes it look even more like a sleazy PR move.


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