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JAMIE'S PHUKET: Going local at Rawai Beach

Tuesday 17 January 2012, 05:19PM

Fishermen build a traditional trap from bamboo and netting in Rawai.

Fishermen build a traditional trap from bamboo and netting in Rawai.

Recently, on the final day of my parents’ holidays, we took a little drive to the south end of Phuket island, carefully watching the weather as the low season delivered up a day of sunshine and showers.

When visiting a more local area, I try to quietly blend in, wander about as unobtrusively as possible (not so simple, since I am 6 foot 3) and get an idea of local life. In the fishing village here in Rawai, there’s just a lot of sitting around; the fishing has all been completed by the early hours of the morning.

There’s not just fish for sale. Phuket people boast of having the best pineapples in Thailand. Sweeter and juicier and not as sour as other pineapples.

You can buy little bags of fruit from fruit stalls all over Phuket, indeed all over Thailand. Normally you pay B10-20 a bag.
Mum and Dad got a bag of pineapple and with the clouds clearing we headed off to Yanui Beach, just a five-minute drive from Rawai.

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