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High season's on its way - the sky's the limit

High season's on its way - the sky's the limit

SAMUI: It seems like only five minutes since Songkran ushered in the monsoon months and the low season for tourism.

Thursday 3 November 2011, 12:38PM

The year has flown by and high season is just around the corner once again.

Thailand has had to overcome some adversity which threatened to impact the overall equilibrium of the travel and tourism sector, but when the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) comes to the rescue with positive statistics, we should pay as much attention to them as we do the negative statements.

When Suraphon Svetasreni of the TAT said in July this year that the amount of tourists visiting Thailand was12.7 per cent up on this time last year, you have to be impressed.

And when he says the domestic tourism climate in Phuket is seeing 40 per cent growth, these aren’t figures to be taken lightly.

The cherry on the top is that 14 million visitors are expected to visit Thailand this year.

Many of the country’s media outlets enjoy focusing on the negatives, because this is how they sell newspapers.

Highlighting the positives and moving forward is the best way to deal with adversity.

High season is on its way, and the TAT is predicting business as usual.

This will come as a relief to local businesses, Thai workers, foreign expatriates and holidaymakers.

Every nation across the planet has experienced problems during the past two years , and the global financial crisis has

affected everyone.

It has been a difficult time for everyone, and only now are the clouds beginning to lift to reveal blue skies.

One sector enjoying good growth is the holiday rental market in Thailand’s major tourist destinations.

Holiday rentals have gone through the roof, proving that the general tourist demographics in Thailand are always evolving.

Pranom Srisar, who owns Thailand Holiday Homes, said tourists were still coming, but rasther than staying in hotels, many were now opting for affordable rental properties.

CMI - Thailand

“We have seen the best growth in the holiday rentals sector since we opened up shop seven years ago,” she said.

“The visitor demographics are changing, but the tourist figures aren’t.” The more educated tourists become, the more they utilise every opportunity available.

“The enquiry rate on our website has more than doubled in the past two years,” said Ms Pranom.

“Even though Thailand has had to deal with many

problems over the past couple of years, both domestically and globally, the market is still strong, especially when

compared to other holiday

destinations across the world.

“In light of the projected TAT figures and our bookings for the high season, it would appear that Thailand is in a healthy position, contrary to what the scare mongers are touting.”

It would seem that much light is coming out of the

darkness, and as the country awaits the start of the

high season, it seems there is a lot to be positive about.

“Those of us who holiday, live or make a living in Thailand can rest easy in the knowledge that it is business as usual.

“Let’s prepare for the peak tourist months and provide visitors with that special

Thailand holiday, which keeps them coming back for more.”

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