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Find your yoga: A beginner yogi’s guide to choosing the right class, studio and teacher

Find your yoga: A beginner yogi’s guide to choosing the right class, studio and teacher

Hello. This month I am not talking yoga postures; in­stead, I want to help you find a yoga class that suits you and your lifestyle best. It can be quite daunting when going to a yoga class “cold”. Cold meaning not having any yoga friends dragging you there or hav­ing never set foot in a yoga studio, let alone a cheesy gym yoga class.

By Kim White

Monday 17 June 2019, 10:00AM

You may have to try out a few classes and teachers until you find what works for you.

You may have to try out a few classes and teachers until you find what works for you.

Before first-time yogis step into a yoga studio, many have crazy, precon­ceived ideas of what goes on behind those mysterious doors. Most of the time, the people that are behind those doors are just like you. When you take a step into the right yoga class, you may also find a whole new group of like-minded people to hang with. My first piece of advice for finding your yoga is to ask yourself:

What is the reason you are going?

Are you going to stretch out after your vigorous training? Do you want to build some strength? Are you rehab­bing an injury? Do you need to find some release and relaxation? If you want to get your sweat on and instead turn up to a soft, meditative class, your first experience may leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you are unsure, read the class description or contact the studio beforehand.

Talk with the teacher

Introduce yourself to the teacher that will be guiding you through your class. Ask them questions and share any con­cerns you may have. If they love what they do and are present when teaching, they will be willing to take the time to talk with you. If they do not, well, that could be your answer. What sort of mes­sage is the teacher portraying to the class? Does it match your ethos? What is the lifestyle and behaviour of your teach­er off the mat? Are they an admirable person, someone that will lift you up and support you positively on your journey?

Use online resources

There are some great yoga search engines online that allow you to find classes in your area, such as Yoga Find­er. Most studios also have their own websites that advertise their mission and experience.

Go with your instinct

Once you have attended the class, you will know if it clicks with you. Go with your gut instincts; they are usually right. However, let me point out here that going with your gut before the class and not even trying is a whole dif­ferent story and leads me to my next piece of advice.

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Have an open mind

Don’t let expectations get in they way of you finding something amazing. I will also throw in this well-known saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I was just about to teach a class in my Australian studio when a young surfer boy was sheepishly being dragged up my stairs by his excited girlfriend. This young man was be­ing forced to his first yoga class. He obviously liked this girl because he re­ally did not want to be there. He was petrified that he was going to have to chant weird stuff in front of people, get wrapped up in crystals and glitter, get his body ripped apart and never be able to look at his male friends again.

Long story short, after a free trial week of yoga, he came to me and said, “If I knew that this is what yoga was, I would have come to classes ages ago”. To this day, this is still a very proud moment in my life. I love introducing people to yoga. He and his girlfriend be­came my regular students.

Set some goals and benchmark your progress

This way, you have a guideline to gauge your progress. If there is no progress and you have given 100% ef­fort, perhaps you need to change the teacher or the class.

It may take some time to find your yoga. You may have to try out a few classes and teachers until you find what works for you. Please persevere. I promise you it will be worth it! Yoga is such an amazing practice to have in your life and I wish you all the best in finding your yoga.

Happy stretching.
Metta, Kim oxo

Kim White Yoga

One of the main motivations that drives Kim to teach Yoga is her desire to keep true, real Yoga alive; the propagation of Yoga for Yoga. She strives to achieve this through teaching and helping people fall in love with Yoga everyday. She gives you her yoga mind and yoga heart to guide anyone wishing to traverse the beautiful journey that is Yoga. Teaching group classes, private classes, yoga intensives & retreats across the Island.

Call +66 862 769 174

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