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Expat Life: Taking the knee

Sawasdee Krab. When I see the state that the world is in today, I am so glad that I made the decision to retire to live in Thailand when I did.

By Gerald Hogg

Sunday 4 July 2021, 11:00AM

The Australian ice cream that earlier this year was deemed to be offensive by its outdated name. Image: Wikicommons

The Australian ice cream that earlier this year was deemed to be offensive by its outdated name. Image: Wikicommons

In my old homeland, the UK, at the beginning of 2020 they were trying to deal with the Brexit fallout, then they had Megxit to deal with and not to be outdone along came COVID-19 closely followed by BLM riots where the woke brigade took the knee, pulled down historical statues, burnt Union Jack flags and burned and looted shops (some of which were owned by black people already struggling to stay afloat with the COVID pandemic).

All of this rioting was done in the name of George Floyd, who had a long history of crime and drug addiction but who in the woke mob’s opinion was a model citizen of the USA and who should be canonised as the next Mother Teresa. Not dismissing the seriousness of racism in the world today, George Floyd’s only connection to the UK was watching Prince Harry and Megan Markle on CNN tell the world what a racist and ignorant country the UK was and why they had to move to their 9-bedroom, 16-bathroom house in Los Angeles, because of the terrible lives that they endured while living in their palace in Windsor on the outskirts of London.

What happened to George Floyd was a disgrace and a tragedy and the police officer who killed him was eventually tried, found guilty and convicted of his murder and rightly so, but what has a policeman kneeling on a man’s neck for nine minutes in Minneapolis have to do with the City of London 6,500 kilometres away that caused all of the woke warriors to riot, loot and pillage in the UK?

Back in the good-old USA a geriatric with early-stage dementia was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America in January when he took over office from the slightly less geriatric 45th President of the United States of America, who in my opinion had some good policies but a very bad public relations team and an equally bad case of foot in mouth disease.

Next up we have the LBGTQXYZ brigade who have sprung up in many countries around the world announcing that there are a lot more genders out there than just men and women. Looking at the list, there are definitely a lot more genders than I knew about when I was growing up in Middlesbrough in the mid-1960s. In those days it was hard enough going out to a dance and trying to pick up a girl… god knows what I would have ended up taking home if there had been 15 different types of genders on the dance floor. We now have so many different genders including but not limited to, Cisgender, Non-Binary-gender, Gender-neutral, Genderfluid, Pangender, Two-Spirit Gender, Third-Gender, Genderqueer and the one that has been around for years Transgender.

The spin-off of this is children as young as 5-years old with woke parents are having gender transition therapy and men who have transitioned into a woman can now compete as a woman against other women in sport. Imagine if Floyd Mayweather had transitioned into a woman and fought the women’s world champion Hanna Gabriels, the fight would have been all over a few seconds after she put in her mouthguard and stood up from her stool. That may be seen as a fair fight to the Binary Transgender warriors but where is that fair to women competing in sport?

I moved to Australia from England in 1974 and in those days, it was known as a man’s country where it was said that men were men and sheep ran scared, where women were not even allowed entry into public bars, but even the Aussie larrikin ocker is going all out woke with the same shenanigans that are happening in the UK, USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

Earlier this year the Australian company that manufactures the Golden Gaytime ice cream were asked to change its name after being slammed by the LGBTXYZ community as “being offensive” as the word Gaytime was seen as being derogatory to gay people. The name of the ice cream started in 1959 long before the word “gay” started being used to identify homosexual people. It was meant to relay to the public about happy times that you could have when licking it (no pun intended). Now some people are calling Gay “their” LGBT word and they don’t want to share it, they want the Gay word all to themselves. Maybe the term straight razor, Straits of Gibraltar, Singapore Straits, straight talk and straight to the point should be banned from the world atlas and dictionaries as it could be classed as derogatory to heterosexual people.

SAii Laguna Phuket

As if that were not bad enough for the country that I used to call home, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) recently sent an internal memo to their employees asking them to avoid the term paedophile to describe a child sex predator even in cases where offenders had a long history of abusing children to avoid “marginalising anyone” so you can’t call a child molester a paedophile now because it might upset him. It doesn’t matter that the poor child that he molested may be traumatised for life, we must protect the rights of the sick person that committed the offence.

Thailand is not the perfect country to live in, but there again no country is perfect. The politics here may be just as confusing as many other countries but at least the country has not gone woke on us. Thailand has always welcomed gay people to their country and recognised transgender long before it became trendy to do so, just look at the number of ladyboys before COVID plying their trade on Bangla Rd in Patong or at Simon Cabaret. But I can’t see Thai people caring about trying not to offend a child molester, they will call him or her what they are and what they deserve to be called. As for burning flags and tearing down statues, one specific law in Thailand would make anyone think twice with the threat of 15 years in prison, depending on who the statue is depicting. Maybe they should introduce such a law in the UK.

Like I said, Thailand, like all countries in the world, has its problems, but I know which country I prefer living in during these crazy times.

Laew Jer Gan Krab


See Gerald Hogg’s Thailand blog at and on YouTube. After travelling the world as a chef and living in Jamaica, Bermuda, Singapore, the Falkland Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the USA, he retired to Thailand in 2017 where he reinvented himself as an author and whenever COVID permits he travels extensively throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia doing research for his books.

Gerald has written two books in the Thai Died series of books, Thai Died...Murder in Paradise and Thai Died…Bar-Girl as well as five books in his ‘Retirees Travel Guide’ series aimed at retirees and baby boomers. 

His first book in the series ‘The Retire in Thailand Handbook’ was released by London publishers Austin Macauley in 2019. Ged has also written his biography; You Will Never Amount to Anything and an historical novel about the first-time fingerprints were used to gain a murder conviction in the UK in 1905…The Deptford Mask Murders. All of his books are available on Amazon.

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