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Chalong police avoid corruption investigation

Chalong police avoid corruption investigation

PHUKET: According to Chalong Police, as there is no record of a German tourist being fined for illegally riding a motorbike through the Chalong underpass, there is no action to take over the accusation by the tourist that the policeman who stopped him illegally extorted B2,000 from him by the side of the road.

By The Phuket News

Thursday 9 March 2023, 11:50AM

Chalong Police Station. Photo: The Phuket News / file

Chalong Police Station. Photo: The Phuket News / file

Pol Lt Col Jeerasit Noopayan, Chief of Chalong Traffic Police, told The Phuket News that the incident had been investigated and that he had called the German tourist who made the allegation through a video posted online late last month.

The German man in his public explanation of the incident said he was stopped by a policeman immediately after he exited the underpass as he was riding to visit the Big Buddha viewpoint on Feb 20.

The officer explained that it was illegal to ride a motorbike through the underpass. The officer ignored the German tourist’s protests that he saw no traffic sign informing motorists that it was illegal to ride a motorbike through the tunnel.

The officer then asked the tourist to pay B5,000 as the fine.

The German explained that he did not have that much money on him at the time. The officer then asked for B2,000 instead, which could be paid there by the side of the road. The German man agreed.

“We have already asked the German man about this case. The German man admitted that he was riding through the underpass and the police stopped him,” said Lt Col Jeerasit.

“He did not come to the police station. It was just a phone call. He did not mention the arrest and fine,” he added.

According to Lt Col Jeerasit, when he spoke with the German man, the tourist was only concerned with the lack of signage warning people that it is illegal to ride a motorbike through the underpass.

Lt Col Jeerasit was so adamant on this point that he repeated four times when speaking with The Phuket News yesterday (Mar 8).

Thai Residential

“He did not mention the arrest. His concern was only about the prohibition sign that cannot be seen anywhere near the underpass,” Lt Col Jeerasit kept repeating.

Incredibly, Lt Col Jeerasit pointed out that although the German man was recorded in the video posted online, the German man did not post the video online himself, and did not give a translation of his own words recounting the incident, which the German explained in German.

“The person who recorded the video used Google Translate to communicate with him, which can cause some misunderstanding,” Lt Col Jeerasit said, without acknowledging that he himself had spoken to the German man.

“He was not the one who recorded the video and he did not intend to say that the police practiced against the law. He just wants to say that there was no sign prohibiting motorcycles from going through the underpass. The man was not even the person who posted the video,” Lt Col Jeerasit said.

Lt Col Jeerasit did not mention whether or not he actually spoke with the officer involved in the incident.

“We have already checked and there is no record of the arrest of the German man on that day… He did not say where exactly the incident happened [on the phone]. He said he went through an underpass and he did not say which underpass. He only said he was going to the Big Buddha Temple. It is possible that it was the Chalong Underpass, but he did not confirm,” Lt Col Jeerasit told The Phuket News.

Lt Col Jeerasit noted that the offence of going through an underpass with a prohibited vehicle such as a motorcycle incurs a fine of B500.

The Phuket News reminds all motorists that it is illegal to ride a motorbike through any of the five underpasses on the island.

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JohnC | 10 March 2023 - 09:13:34

Another article that clearly shows what an utter disgrace the Phuket police dept really is to their own country. No concern for the truth or stopping brazen shakedowns of gullible tourists.  Only care about covering their own arses so their daily extortion of tourists can continue without interference from honest citizens. Utterly shameless!

Kurt | 10 March 2023 - 07:54:55

Promote a navy man/woman to Rear Admiral and make him/her police chief of Chalong Police Station.

Kurt | 10 March 2023 - 03:07:39

@prab, it seems this particular corrupt Chalong police officer is working hard to save money to buy his next promotion. The thai way to rise in the ranks. The best scrupulous corrupt ones reach the top. And that is Thailand's big problem. Corruption blocks progress.

Kurt | 09 March 2023 - 20:05:41

No record of the german tourist paid B2000,  for something what should be B500, after talking it down from B5000? No fine report and no fine handed in at Chalong RTP station? So, that means the Chalong police officer put the B2000 in his own pocket. It is really a pirate nest, as I wrote previously several times. That this station can avoid corruption investigation is a bloody shame.

Capricornball | 09 March 2023 - 16:53:16

Utter just shows that these corrupt police don't give 1 sh*t about telling a shameless bold-faced lie, and his top priority is protecting the rest of his criminal cronies on the street. It is what Thai police do. No integrity, no concern for right and wrong, and no transparency. All efforts go into dodging the truth in order to continue their dishonest and corrupt activities.

H2538 | 09 March 2023 - 15:42:55

By all means, imagine if they had to impose yellow/red cards on themselves.

Prab | 09 March 2023 - 15:06:27

lol if he pay cash and no receipt sure there will be no sign.  what a farce...
i see that policeman daily at the exit of te tunnel.. i'm going to try to make me stop and record it with my body cam... let see what happen next...

Me First | 09 March 2023 - 14:48:09

The nose in the sh.., they persist in saying that it is not sh.. .

Fascinated | 09 March 2023 - 12:57:38

Good to know that tit was just a 'mis-understanding and the CT cops are squeaky clean (not!). Foxes inside the henhouse investigating themselves. they are renown for these stunts.


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