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Brits fined B6,000 in Phuket for illegal family gathering of six

Brits fined B6,000 in Phuket for illegal family gathering of six

PHUKET: Two British nationals in Phuket have been fined B6,000 each for holding an illegal gathering by having a total of only six people at a family gathering at a private home in Baan Layan, Cherng Talay, on Phuket’s west coast.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Tuesday 11 May 2021, 11:49AM

The illegal family gathering that saw two British nationals arrested for ’holding a party’. Photo: Cherng Talay Police

The illegal family gathering that saw two British nationals arrested for ’holding a party’. Photo: Cherng Talay Police

Cherng Talay Police, under command of Chief Col Pirachart Pombunmee and led by Capt Prasan Ketsaro, raided the home at about 5pm Sunday (May 9).

The raid was conducted after a “tip-off by local residents, said the report by Capt Prasan. 

The name of the informant was not revealed.

Also present during the raid were the Cherng Talay subdistrict chief (Kamnan) Jirayut Jirasunthornkul and the village chief (Phu Yai Baan) for Moo 6 Cherng Talay Suchart Yuyen and his assistant Yongyut Khononghai.

The two were arrested at the house* and charged for “acting against the Communicable Diseases Act, B.E. 2558 (2015) and the Phuket Provincial Order No. 2284/2564 Section 5,” Capt Prasan wrote in his report.

Section 5 of Phuket Provincial Order No. 2284/2564 was issued by Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew on Apr 28. The section mandates: “For social activities, all people must refrain gathering for celebration, such as birthday parties, welcome or farewell parties, or others, except traditional events, such as funerals, weddings, or ordination. If the event cannot be postponed, the organiser must strictly follow the disease control measure to reduce the risk to spread the disease.” 

While the report by Capt Prasan did not explain what penalty the two will face, Col Pirachart of the Cherng Talay Police confirmed to The Phuket News this morning (May 11) that both British nationals were taken to Cherng Talay Police Station and fined B6,000 each.

“We are calling for the other four foreigners present at the house on that day to come to the police station and face a charge,” Col Pirachart said.

* The Phuket News is withholding the names of the two British nationals arrested at their request, but notes that the names have been widely published in Thai news reports in English, as provided by the police.

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lelecuneo | 14 May 2021 - 14:50:40

WTF is this??? all name of the Cafee Del Mar party please to be checked and fined....if not this is just pure police stupidity 

hktallday | 13 May 2021 - 09:55:56

outright full attack on foreigners. Did the people that signed off the 3000 strong party thats started all this get named and shamed or just the usual transfer ?

Deepfisher | 12 May 2021 - 16:05:57

If they want to control Covid they have to close all the illegal bars and restaurants that openly sell alcohol to packed customers with no masks or any type of social distance.
Many side Soi restaurants and bars are making big money because they break the law !
Covid will never go !!!

Pascale | 12 May 2021 - 15:47:50

All those super whiner are a bunch of hypocrites who are living a life filled up with total boredom .What a pity !

Pascale | 12 May 2021 - 15:39:59

Another inaccurate reporting by the PN. A look at the video shows that there were more than only 6 people involved at the party. Quite stupid to hold such a party if you are surrounded by many people { Thais and foreigners !} terribly scared by Covid19 . The fearmongers ,who usually would like to shut down the whole island again, are surprisingly those who cry about the Brits being fined the most.

DeKaaskopp | 12 May 2021 - 12:38:29

@Kurt How many person? Don't worry.You would need to have some friends first before thinking about any gathering.555

Kurt | 12 May 2021 - 11:40:53

On Monday-, Tuesday evening markets at HomePro Village Chalong down the stairs of Villa Market stands a mobile cocktail bar with tables. Weekly a group of 6+ foreign friends reunion /sit there on the street with drinks between hundreds of passing by food shoppers. Chalong Police officers pass by, never even give that gathering a look.

Kurt | 12 May 2021 - 11:33:50

So, how many persons may sit on my terrace with a drink and peanuts as the terrace is 10 meters distance from the road in a private project? The whole affair 'smells' as there was something else going on to initiate this raid on a family gathering. A police action, together with district- and village Chiefs?

DeKaaskopp | 12 May 2021 - 10:23:12

@Fascinated   "I did't realise you were their neighbor...."  Lol ! Quite an insane response !  And regarding the place you saw in Kamala:  Did you contact the police already about that ?555  

Sam Thompson | 12 May 2021 - 08:18:45

It is right that the rules are applied evenly and fairly but these rules have to be clear. They need to define [in detail] exactly what they mean e.g. their definition of a 'party' so that innocent and powerless people cannot be railroaded by some vague and subjective interpretation.

Sandbar | 12 May 2021 - 07:52:22

If your are going to entertain. Do it inside curtains closed and no music! What constitutes a gathering? Farangs constitutes a gathering. Dont bother about what the legal quota is, you will never win! Suck it up and pay $ the consequences!

Christy Sweet | 11 May 2021 - 20:26:12

Times this by hundreds of foreigners, Thais and the immigration workers on Layan soi 7  = SARS CoV-2  mutations  are here to stay. The rules are not being taken seriously. Lock it down. And if cops took that pic, then why didn't they haul everyone in then?  

mirthpro | 11 May 2021 - 20:18:16

Police are acting upon an order issued by the Phuket governor that does not specify what constitutes a party, i.e., a specific minimum amount of people gathered. Khun Eakkapop, it is your job to step up your professional duty as investigative journalist and get an answer! 

jsrit | 11 May 2021 - 19:01:30

These politicians and police are sickening. There was no party at all. What a travesty.

Fascinated | 11 May 2021 - 18:59:24

!deK. I did't realise you were their neighbor. With your comment directed at me all becomes clear now. Not like you to troll topics, is it!

Fascinated | 11 May 2021 - 18:57:41

Interesting that some bars on Bang Tao beach, which falls under the auspices of Cherng Talay BiB are serving beer. I walked past a place on the main road in Kamala not an hour ago with at least 1o people outside without masks, albeit not officially open. 

Sam Thompson | 11 May 2021 - 18:07:29

Some proper clarification of these 'ever changing' rules might be appropriate in order to avoid this subjective interpretation and bias

Little Tommy Tucker | 11 May 2021 - 17:52:41

Can the 4 other foreigners, guilty of simply being with friends, report so you can be arrested, and possibly thrown in jail and deported. They were, after all, breaking Covid rules, and thus subject to possible deportation. My advice, leave Thailand can take yourself, and your money, to somewhere else in SE Asia.

DeKaaskopp | 11 May 2021 - 16:33:02

@Fascinated  "sour Thai neighbors"? The snitch could be one of those law abiding expats who constantly complain/whine on here.They like to stick their nose in other peoples business all the time.

DeKaaskopp | 11 May 2021 - 16:24:44

@Nase  And I am sure you watching them all day loooong doing so.Are you taking photos again too? 

Foot | 11 May 2021 - 15:37:25

Imagine how many of these filthy criminal Brits could have been arrested if the police had been wearing their new fancy uniforms.

CaptainJack69 | 11 May 2021 - 14:51:11

Keep those dirty foreigners out. They brought this terrible disease to Thailand and they alone are responsible for its continuing transmission now. They only make up a tiny proportion of the population but they're completely responsible for everything bad that's happening. Phuket's economy is not built entirely on international tourism, is not collapsing, and will be fine post COVID.

Grinandbearit | 11 May 2021 - 14:45:09

What a disgrace! 6 people, all locals, having lunch together on a Sunday, that's a crime is it? Meantime at several beachside restaurants/bars, punters are crowding around the bar and large tables, drinking alcohol with the participation and blessing of you know who.......Where is the covid concern there? Non existent! Nothing to see here! Diabolic!

Capricornball | 11 May 2021 - 14:33:04

Pathetic...I saw the live video of the whole event...with police chief acting like a complete buffoon, accusing these people of partying and being happy. There wasn't even a full cooler of beer.  Disgusting display by police and petty farang-hating neighbors.  And to require the other party goers to go to the station for a fleecing.  Events like this make people dislike the police even more.

timhouston | 11 May 2021 - 14:25:50

Are they really hoping to get tourists now after showing to the world how crazy they can get about this chinese flu?


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